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[#] Tue Jul 24 2018 15:31:27 EDT from wizard of aahz

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It's not a good day to be missing three staff people...

[#] Mon Jul 30 2018 23:43:32 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Did you try looking for them behind the couch? That's where missing socks tend to go. Maybe your missing staff people are there too.

[#] Tue Jul 31 2018 07:41:19 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Was missing an adjective or a verb?

[#] Wed Aug 01 2018 09:13:29 EDT from fleeb <>

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What does a three staff person look like? Do they have a particularly amazing vocal range, for which treble and bass clefs inadquately describe them?

[#] Wed Aug 01 2018 10:26:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I suppose you can add the Supertreble Clef, the Squeaky Clef, and the Ultrasonic Clef, if you have Mariah Carey working for you.

[#] Mon Aug 06 2018 14:11:30 EDT from fleeb <>

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Heh... 'Squeaky Clef'... I like that...

[#] Sun Sep 23 2018 06:46:29 EDT from nonservator

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It's great to run into people you knew from high school and realize that they always were cunts and pricks, and now that you're grown up, you don't have to pretend to like them any more.


Slightly longer version: Some people don't need alcohol, or any drug, to be cunts and pricks. Or to gaslight you so blatantly they're sitting there literally doing the exact thing they're accusing you of. And it quickly becomes apparent when someone has no respect for you and isn't seeking to communicate or understand you, but is wholly focused on playing petty little gamma power games of dominance and displaying their utter contempt not only for the facts you present, but even your opinions. Counter my facts with your own sources - that's one thing, but asking me my opinion and then telling me I'm stupid to have that opinion? Up to that point, I had thought I was having a normal, rational conversation; I was asked questions, and I answered. If they get tired of the discussion at any point, they can say so, instead of playing bullshit passive-aggressive games and accusing me of being "upset", or monomaniacal, or whatever. I try to provide nuance so I don't get misinterpreted, and try to finish my sentences, and he interrupts me to accuse me of interrupting? Fuck shit all over that. And later someone else tells me "Well, you *were* upset..." I wasn't "upset" until some prick lied to my face telling me I was obviously upset, and the more I denied it, the more that proved I really was "upset"? That was the point at which I laughed, told him "fuck you", and was done. That's not even high school bullshit - that's grade school bullshit, and a grown man who raised a family apparently doesn't feel one lick of shame resorting to these cocksucking tactics.


If only I could have realized all this back then. But it's never too late to improve your life by jettisoning some cunt from a helicopter, even if it's only a metaphorical one.

[#] Tue Sep 25 2018 09:55:18 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeesh. As I tell people all the time: there's a time and a place for junior high school drama; it's called F*c*book, keep it there.

[#] Thu Oct 11 2018 15:40:46 EDT from zooer

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It isn't Halloween yet! 

[#] Fri Oct 12 2018 14:11:24 EDT from fleeb <>

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It's *always* Halloween.

Live the nightmare!

[#] Sat Oct 13 2018 15:51:50 EDT from arabella

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Halloween, is a special time for me.

Christmas, not so much.

[#] Thu Oct 25 2018 10:04:32 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The local Sears store put up their Christmas stuff in October.  The universe punished them by closing the store.


[#] Tue Feb 19 2019 14:36:27 EST from triLcat

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Let's say I bought a fridge ten years ago, and now the manufacturer says "sorry, this fridge is too old, we're going to remotely disable the temperature control and the freezer."

So I bought a fitbit ultra a bunch of years ago, and as of november 2018, there's no way to synch it with the computer, so you can't see your sleep monitoring, cannot reset the clock, etc. 


I'm seriously peeved. 

[#] Tue Feb 19 2019 21:01:28 EST from zooer

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It is funny you think a recently manufactured refrigerator would last ten years. 

I had to replace a microwave recently, the manufacture date was Aug 2003. The key pad was starting to break apart, one of the wheels on the turntable kept coming off and the inside paint was starting to peel.  It was probably the last decent thing GE made, I was happy to get 16 years out of it.  It still worked, but cosmetically it was failing.  I picked up another GE microwave, this unit feels very flimsy 

I see Quicken has moved to the "software as a service" model.  I really don't want my information "on the cloud".

[#] Wed Feb 20 2019 09:17:00 EST from wizard of aahz

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Quicken has been cloud based for a while now. Maintaining and supporting 72 versions of your software is painful. Having one version used by all is much easier.

[#] Thu Feb 28 2019 09:57:11 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Let's say I bought a fridge ten years ago, and now the manufacturer
says "sorry, this fridge is too old, we're going to remotely disable
the temperature control and the freezer."

You're using this analogy as a deliberately extreme example ... but it isn't as extreme as you think.

Imagine a refrigerator that costs $2,000 (going with US dollars here, as I'm not familiar with your currency). Maybe it lasts ten years, maybe it lasts 20-25 years if it's a good one and you get lucky.

Now it's time to replace the refrigerator, and you can find the same model, same capacity, almost the same set of features ... but it costs $500 for five years of "refrigerator as a service". After five years you are expected to either pay again or return the appliance. It enters a grace period during which a big red warning box is flashing on its screen. After a few more weeks the ice maker and interior lights stop working. Then finally there is melted ice cream on your floor. You didn't buy a refrigerator; you subscribed to Refrigerator As A Service, and you stopped paying for that service.

This cost model already exists in some industries. I'd wager it's coming to consumer goods soon.

[#] Thu Feb 28 2019 11:32:59 EST from Ragnar Danneskjold

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It only makes sense if you can play accounting games. Otherwise the model sucks for consumers.

[#] Thu Mar 07 2019 13:16:50 EST from fleeb

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A refrigerator is to software as an apple is to happiness.

You can physically touch the refrigerator. You can't physically touch software.

Once someone has built the refrigerator, it continues to do what the refrigerator was built to do for as long as you keep power flowing into it, until it breaks down, probably in over a decade.

Once someone has built the software you use, it has to get updated because some variable outside the software shifted, and the software has to account for this shift in order to keep working properly. And its environment is way more shifty than the refrigerator's environment, because it isn't physical.
You can avoid updating the software for a while, and maybe it'll keep working, but it won't last 10 years before something in it breaks down in a way to prevent you from using it.

So, the refrigerator breaks. You generally replace it, unless it broke far earlier than the 10-20 years you expect it to live, in which case you might pay someone to repair it. Either way, you wind up spending hundreds of dollars to address it.

When the software breaks, you have nobody to go to to fix it except whoever made the software. And whoever made it has a real expense, keeping the folks around who can fix it. When fixed, it simultaneously helps everyone experiencing the problem, rather than just one person (like the refrigerator), but there are many more problems because of the shifting environment around it. It can be more difficult to fix the problem because of the weird environment its in, but because of how many people get helped, the reward is better (for both those fixing it, and those who benefit from the fix).

You could subscribe to a refrigerator repair service, but why? It doesn't break often enough to warrant such a cost. OTOH, some people do actually do this very thing, except it's called a warrantee extension. It's often a rip-off, though, as it winds up working like insurance, and only providing a warrantee for specific areas of it breaking rather than ensuring the whole damned thing keeps working, which is what you'd prefer.

Meanwhile, you pay for a software subscription. It updates occasionally, but it keeps working. Maybe you find a problem at some point, and you point at it and say, "Hey, this isn't right." Then they fix it. For lots of people.
But you don't pay any more for getting the damned thing to work again.

So now you just quibble over the price. Too much for that software service?
Maybe. I dunno.

But I think you might get a better value out of it than the fake warrantee extension for your frigerator, in that you expect the software to Just Work, at least for how it was designed, and you don't have to think about any fucking exception clauses or the like.

[#] Thu Mar 07 2019 17:15:17 EST from wizard of aahz

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I usually expect the refrigerator to just work too.

[#] Fri Mar 08 2019 13:34:49 EST from zooer

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Parking lots have:
Handicap parking
Pickup/ordered on-line parking
Mothers with small children and mothers to be parking
veterans parking
senior parking
electric/hybrid car parking

Is there parking for regular shoppers anymore?

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