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[#] Mon Jan 27 2020 10:01:25 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Seen on El Reg.  Too good not to repost.

To be fair

While we're on the subject of fairness, I've eased off my criticism of "junk food" in recent years, as it's become increasingly clear that pretty much all "pre-made" food (i.e. not grown in your allotment) is essentially junk anyway, especially the stuff labelled "healthy". Not to mention the fact that the Powers That Be® constantly flip-flop between claiming something is an essential elixir of life and, basically, it'll kill you. In other words, I no longer know what to believe, so I have to assume that all claims, one way or the other, are just speculative bullshit.

Now I just eat whatever. Mostly bacon butties. I've often wondered why there has never been a multinational "Bacon R Us" in the vein of MacDs, Hell, it'd be my No1 feeding trough, if it ever happened. Seriously. Sod those utterly tasteless, virtually fat-free patties of minced beef from Hamburg. Give me huge wads of artery-choking bacon any time. Really, any time. Wake me up at 3AM on a Tuesday, if you like, just make sure you come bearing huge pallets of bacon butties, shrinkwrapped for freshness.

As for the arguably inappropriate use of Windows for, well, pretty much anything other than the PC Desktop, meh! I used to care. I used to stand on my upturned (and now empty) bacon box and scream obscenities at anyone daring to suggest using Windows for display terminals etc., spitting bacon bits onto the crowd (of one ... typically a bemused policeman) as I vented my spleen. But once I realised how much precious bacon I was wasting, in my futile efforts to bring salvation to the unwashed masses, I just gave up and went back to eating bacon full time, thus guaranteeing a short but blissful life.

I mean seriously, who wants to live forever anyway, especially without bacon? This irrational obsession with immortality is ill-conceived. An eternity without bacon isn't a good quality of life, it's a cruel and unusual torture. You might as well say wouldn't it be great to live for 200 years, where every day I have someone driving knitting needles through my eyeballs, while hedgehogs chew on my testicles. Well no actually it wouldn't, now that I think about it.

So bring on the greasemongers, and super-size me!

[#] Tue Jan 28 2020 09:04:34 EST from darknetuser

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That was golden.

But there is some hidden truth inside of that rant, regarding the food hysteria. Closely related to light bulb hysteria. I mean, mercury based low consumption lights used to be the shit aand the fucking saviours of the day, then they started to report they were made of mercury (duh) and were toxic and polluting and dangerous. They started reporting just before they introduced LED in the market by the way.

[#] Tue Jan 28 2020 09:05:21 EST from darknetuser

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Oh, and LEDs are the saviours of the day now, but LEDs in office have such an early failure rate that I honestly believe they are more polluting in the end of the day than mercury lights.

[#] Tue Jan 28 2020 13:15:55 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I've had the pleasure of installing both CFL and LED bulbs back when each of them were fairly new technology. The pair of CFL in my kitchen were still going strong when I removed them 15 years later to replace the fixtures -- but they cost about $20 each at the time (1995). Similarly, the $25 Philips AmbientLED which I bought in 2012 or so is still the main light in my bedroom, working every day with no signs of stopping.

Naturally, both technologies became less reliable when they went mainstream, and the manufacturers introduced the lower cost and planned obsolescence they'd enjoyed with incandescents.

If you can find new-old-stock of the original Philips AmbientLED 17 watt bulb ... buy them.

[#] Sun Feb 02 2020 12:01:27 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Fucking fuckers.

Here's a good leadership lesson: If you treat your volunteers as if they were your most valuable resource, they will respond by becoming your most valuable resource.

On the other hand, if you treat a volunteer who has decades of experience and mad skillz by ignoring, second-guessing, and micromanaging him, he's going to walk. If I wanted to be treated like a dumb pair of hands I would go work for my neighbor's landscaping business.

Learn some fucking respect.

[#] Mon Feb 03 2020 07:56:25 EST from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Some of the most disrespect I've received was when attempting to volunteer my time.... Never done it since.

[#] Tue Feb 04 2020 10:24:44 EST from darknetuser

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Here's a good leadership lesson: If you treat your volunteers as if

they were your most valuable resource, they will respond by becoming

your most valuable resource.

I treat my volunteers as if they were my most valuable resource and it usually does not work very well.

Managing volunteers sucks so much :(

[#] Sun Feb 09 2020 13:14:58 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Someone pointed out to me today that the people who exhausted my patience are all entitled millennials. So there's that.

[#] Mon Feb 10 2020 11:11:50 EST from LoanShark

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What about entitled Gen-Z'ers? Millennials are all in their 30s now.

[#] Sat Feb 15 2020 11:34:07 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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If you go with the widely accepted beginning of birth year 1997 as the beginning of Generation Z ... the antagonists in this case are all millennials.

[#] Sun Feb 16 2020 08:17:58 EST from zooer

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Which Generation are You?

Generation Name Births
Age Today*
Oldest Age
The Lost Generation
The Generation of 1914
1890 1915 105 130
The Interbellum Generation 1901 1913 107 119
The Greatest Generation 1910 1924 96 110
The Silent Generation 1925 1945 75 95
Baby Boomer Generation 1946 1964 56 74
Generation X (Baby Bust) 1965 1979 41 55
1975 1985 35 45
Generation Y, Gen Next
1980 1994 26 40
iGen / Gen Z 1995 2012 8 25
Gen Alpha 2013 2025 1 7

(*age if still alive today)

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