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[#] Fri Mar 08 2019 14:30:37 EST from fleeb

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[#] Fri Mar 08 2019 14:38:40 EST from wizard of aahz

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Who you calling regular?

[#] Mon Mar 11 2019 16:34:08 EDT from Freakdog

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Of course there is...but you have to park at the corner of 5th and Jabip, in the middle of East Butt F**k.

[#] Wed Mar 13 2019 14:09:35 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I usually expect the refrigerator to just work too.

Well you just wait until they unionize ... then YOU will be keeping THEIR food cold.

[#] Wed Mar 20 2019 13:58:02 EDT from fleeb

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I have a neighbor who has often and nearly regularly made ridiculously loud noises, sometimes in the middle of the night, from her condominium upstairs.
I put up with it for a year expecting that she was just moving in, and needed to get her affairs in order. But it became apparent that it wasn't going to stop.

So, I politely pointed out that the quiet hours are 10-6, and that they're pretty loud, etc.

Nothing. Wouldn't change their behavior.

They occasionally wake me with this nonsense... and I'm a pretty sound sleeper.

So, a couple of days ago, after a previous evening of loud thudding noises followed by a full day of fucking obnoxiously loud crap, only to not be able to fall asleep at 9pm, when I last heard this 10:10pm thud, I snapped.

I grabbed a dining room chair, went upstairs, sat in front of her door, and rang her doorbell.


She answered the door, and while we chatted, I continued to ring her doorbell.

I explained that I was beyond angry, and I rejected each of her excuses or attempts to deflate the situation. I maintained a steady scowl, and continued to ring her doorbell.

Incidentally, not exactly related to any of this, I find even her doorbell annoying. Like mine, hers is one of those mechanical jobs with a chime, but when ServPro reinstalled it, they fucked it up (as is their way), so it makes more of a 'thunk, clunk' sort of sound instead of a nice little chime. Which sucks, as I was sorta hoping I could at least enjoy the chime of her doorbell as I rang it. Absolutely no satisfaction in any of this.

I eventually grabbed my chair and went downstairs.

It's been pretty quiet for the last couple of days. I don't expect it to stay that way, though, so I'm trying to think of other creative solutions to this problem.

I want to install speakers that somehow aim mosquito sounds into her condominium.
Nothing loud... but something that gets under your skin and makes you want to leave, but prevents you from figuring out where the sound came from.

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