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[#] Wed Feb 19 2020 11:39:13 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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That joke is da bomb!

[#] Mon Mar 30 2020 11:13:29 EDT from mm9

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Slovakia here. thx

[#] Mon Mar 30 2020 16:32:36 EDT from zooer

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Wed Feb 19 2020 06:59:45 AM EST from zooer @ Uncensored

Here is a pro tip to anyone taking a flight in the next few weeks.

Casually mention to the people next to you that you have been stuck on a flight with a bunch of Chinese tourists.  

Mention that the air was so dry in the cabin everyone was coughing and how that air gets circulated.

Fake a loud nasty hacking cough into your hands, snuffle a few times, say "woa, that doesn't feel right" and then rub the arm rest back and forth a few times.  BAM! you have control of the arm rest for the remainder of the flight.  


A month and a half later and you would be arrested for domestic terrorism for doing that.

[#] Mon Mar 30 2020 16:34:29 EDT from zooer

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Mon Mar 30 2020 11:13:29 AM EDT from mm9 @ Uncensored
Slovakia here. thx

Oh wow!  Slovakia is my favorite country that shares a northern border with Hungry!

[#] Fri Jul 03 2020 08:58:41 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Mention that the air was so dry in the cabin everyone was coughing
and how that air gets circulated.

Funny thing about that. The air on a commercial flight actually does not get circulated. The air coming out if the vents is outside air, pressurized by the jet engines. It has plenty of oxygen and is perfectly breathable once pressurized.

This is not to say, of course, that being packed in with lots of other people during a plague is a good idea.

[#] Tue Sep 29 2020 14:23:19 EDT from LoanShark

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totalled the car because some jerk was driving like a lunatic and messing with people.

i suspect that with everything going on in the world today, tempers are very short and fuckery is at an all-time high. not the time to provoke people or toy with road-ragers; this can lead to irrational, aggressive behavior.

[#] Tue Sep 29 2020 15:17:48 EDT from zooer

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I am sorry to hear about that.

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