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[#] Fri May 15 2015 11:17:19 EDT from vince-q @ Uncensored

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"Hoagies are served on a Freshly Baked French Bun, grilled with
garlic butter. Add to that mayo, Italian dressing, lettuce, tomatoes,

onions and your choice of meat and melted cheese. Served with chips."

You never never never EVER use "melted" cheese on a hoagie.
And you never use "french" rolls either. If you cannot find a genuine Italian hard-crust roll, you can make the sandwich with a French roll, since they are the right size and usually have at least a semblance of a crispy (but not hard) crust. But it is only an approximation - "close enough for government work" - but not authentic Italian.

"Italian dressing"?? In my family the ONLY dressing (for salads and hoagies alike) is oil & vinegar. Since that is, in many restaurants, considered a dressing (and it is certainly Italian [and Greek]) I suppose that "Italian dressing" is "ok" - but not the nonsense sold in bottles. Make that yourself by dripping a bit of olive oil over the innards of the sandwich and then red wine vinegar to taste. Forget the "crap in a bottle." It is not authentic; more important, it does not taste good - ruins the hoagie.

And I'm Italian - both sides of the family tree - all the way to "the boat."

--Don Vincenzo

[#] Fri May 15 2015 11:19:07 EDT from vince-q @ Uncensored

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2015-05-15 08:00 from wizard of aahz @uncnsrd

That cannot be correct. It would be a po'boy in Louisiana.

Been to Lafayette (LA). They have hoagies there.
I do believe the "po'boy" comes close, but it is a dressing thing. Not a hoagie.

[#] Fri May 15 2015 12:56:14 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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Hmmmmm, here they always ask "Oil and vinegar?" never "Italian dressing?"

[#] Fri May 15 2015 14:54:38 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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* Piss off everyone in the world, to the point where you get on every
watch list there is
* Harass the authorities, to the point where you automatically get a
body cavity search every time

Check, and check.
I've tested hot for "military-grade explosives" three of the last 4 times i've been through security.
The last time I went through I had an ankle bracelet on. Did mention something about it being illegal to have sex with goats when the agent inquired about the device.

[#] Fri May 15 2015 22:32:14 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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When I flew the last time I asked for a pat down instead of the machine. The TSA whined, and asked me why I
didn't want to do it.

[#] Mon May 18 2015 09:29:00 EDT from wizard of aahz @ Uncensored

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Been to Lafayette (LA). They have hoagies there.
I do believe the "po'boy" comes close, but it is a dressing thing. Not

a hoagie.

I've spent a good amount of time in Louisiana. If they're calling it a hoagie.. Don't eat there.

[#] Mon May 18 2015 11:16:09 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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How to make the perfect sandwich:

1) Get your favorite kind of bread or roll.
2) Get your favorite meats.
3) Get your favorite cheeses.
4) Get your favorite veggies.
5) Get your favorite condiments.
6) Assemble it anyway you want.
7) Enjoy.

[#] Wed May 20 2015 21:48:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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That must be some sort of weird local custom where you are. Around here it is *imperative* to use ingredients that you don't like.

[#] Fri May 22 2015 19:41:17 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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Yeah, that "custom" is called FREEDOM, you people from 150 miles of NY city and its communist region don't
understand that.

[#] Sun May 24 2015 12:23:48 EDT from vince-q @ Uncensored

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2015-05-22 19:41 from zooer @uncnsrd
Yeah, that "custom" is called FREEDOM, you people from 150 miles of NY city
and its communist region don't
understand that.

Some of us in and/or from that region understand it far more than *you* will ever know.

<evil grin>

[#] Tue Jun 09 2015 17:16:59 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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There's a big culture mismatch. But they're trying to fix it. The wrong way.

[#] Sat Aug 08 2015 16:46:28 EDT from madshib @ Uncensored

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Thu May 14 2015 09:43:32 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
(Adjust as needed for the fact that the word "hoagie" is unknown outside eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey.)

(Go ahead, incite the flame war over what a large sandwich is properly called...)

My dad used to tell me that the hoagie was invented when folks were selling sandwiches to the workers around the naval yard south of Philadelphia after the Depression. I was also told that they were called Hoggies for this reason.

Subs and Grinders are terms coined elsewhere and seemingly more appropriate being a Jersey guy myself. A hoagie is prepared on a soft roll and served cold where as Grinders seem to always be hot and subs are a clever imposter of the hoagie. It is fun to travel and see other state's versions of this iconic sandwich. Even within Jersey itself, imposters can be found in shore towns and gas stations all over but I have never found a bigger imposter than in West Virginia. I am sure it was simply a comedy of errors that contributed to it's heightened level of horror that Elvira herself would've been sure to advertise on Saturday nights. Most certainly not a hoagie.

I can say that one of the best (and worse) spin-offs hails from Cleveland Ohio at a place called "Mr. Hero". This had a half stale soft roll with minimal amount of ingredients, lots of Mayo and fried Bologna. Interesting drunk food for sure! Again, not a hoagie.

Also found in New Jersey is a terrible place claiming to hoagies called "Mr. Sub". Unless you are in college, drunk or under the influence of a mind altering substance, surly you can up your experience by buying a sandwich in a vending machine or the next available Wawa and skip this terrible choice..

[#] Sat Aug 08 2015 20:11:09 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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Odd, it was near a naval yard yet it was called a "hoggie" not a sub?

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