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[#] Wed Jul 28 2021 16:38:47 EDT from Nurb432

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My Eldo, if you pulled the radio, the engine would quit.  So if your radio gets stolen, to add insult to injury, you are now stranded. 



[#] Thu Jul 29 2021 00:11:11 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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The fancy pants stuff is part of the problem. Everything goes through the entertainment unit. I'm pretty convinced there is a wire that isn't making a good connection - and it is probably the fiber optics - but the guy who is helping me install thinks I'm full of shit. We broke the "latch" on the clip that holds the fiber optics in - and he just crazy glued it there - but I suspect it has too much flex. Something is going on. 
Gonna have to pull the entire dash apart, pull it out, check all the wires, put it back in... We're getting quick at it. They've come a long way at making it more modular - but it is still fraught with complications. 



Wed Jul 28 2021 16:37:46 EDT from Nurb432

Fancy pants stuff...


The Fiero has power mirrors..   We dont even get power steering :)   ( it was coming in 1990.. )


[#] Mon Aug 02 2021 14:53:45 EDT from LoanShark

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2021-07-28 13:55 from ParanoidDelusions
So... this is related to cars *and* the IoT discussions - but I'll
put it here. 


Things are getting pretty ridiculous these days. You Kids, Get Off My Lawn.

So shortly after I bought my 2017 F30, I noticed somebody had cracked my headlight lens in the parking lot. I eventually got around to getting this fixed at the dealer. Apparently it's quite complicated just to fix a headlight lens. At a minimum, you have to replace the whole reflector assembly, and you're talking about disassembling the front fender, I guess. But if there's any water damage to the control module, you have to replace the control module. And this talks to some central control unit over the CAN bus, I guess. So it's basically a networked device, and you can't just plug a new one in, it also has to be coded in via ISTA+.

Mine is a 2017, so at least it has CarPlay natively, although not Android Auto. CarPlay worked fine for the first several months, but with this car it's only Wireless CarPlay, it doesn't support Carplay-over-USB. About a month ago I started getting random disconnects and reconnects, often triggered an attempt to start navigation on the phone (which is the whole reason to use CarPlay in the first place.) And the Bluetooth integration does not work reliably either.

Until last month I was using an iPhone SE, 1st generation. I've been noticing for a while now that it gets quite hot when it's navigating in Apple Maps. And remember how Apple deliberately reduces the CPU speed of older iPhones that have degraded battery capacity? Might explain the connection dropouts.

Upgrading to an iPhone 12 Mini seems to have solved the problem. My girlfriend's iPhone 12 had also been working fine.

[#] Mon Aug 02 2021 14:55:31 EDT from LoanShark

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that should have read, "often triggered BY an attempt"

[#] Mon Aug 02 2021 15:06:25 EDT from Nurb432

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Its going to be funny in a decade or two when the internet gets shut off and the upcoming generations wnt even know how to use a real map..    


[#] Mon Aug 02 2021 15:52:15 EDT from LoanShark

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at least you can't turn the map upside down on the nav system.

oh wait -- you can...

[#] Fri Aug 06 2021 19:15:50 EDT from Nurb432

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Engineer#1 : Lets use metric for this car.


Engineer#2: That's a great idea, easy for our repair guys to decide the tools they need.


Engineer#3: Lets stick in 3 random SAE sizes every so often, just to screw with them.


Engineer#1: LoL


Engineer #2: ya lets do it. LoL

[#] Sat Aug 07 2021 10:05:30 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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The LDVS cable wasn't properly seated. The guy who put it in for me, he is great at car disassembly and all that - but not so good at hooking up molex style PC connectors. 

Seated it firmly, felt the connection slide in and grab - you know the feeling... and all those problems went away. 

The alarm is still going off randomly - but only when I am within range of the car *and* my BT and Wireless are on in the car and it is armed. If I disable radios on the car, the issue goes away. 

I think it has to do with the phone hopping between the signal from the car and wifi at the location I'm in. That is my best guess. 



[#] Sun Aug 08 2021 11:04:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's like you've got all of the complexity of a KITT but without any of the cool stuff.

[#] Tue Aug 10 2021 18:03:33 EDT from Nurb432

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Could go in a lot of rooms.. but i chose here :P

What a mess. I saw the signs long before it slowed and bailed off, went home thru town.


[#] Fri Aug 20 2021 09:26:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Heh. A few years ago we lost a data center in Pennsylvania because of something like that. One line drooped low enough to be snagged by a train, and on the very same day another line on a diverse route got chewed up by a squirrel.
It's the kind of thing you'd never expect to all have happen at the same time.

[#] Tue Aug 24 2021 19:15:40 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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We lost a datacenter in India because a monkey got fried on the electrical wires going into the building. 

This is evidently a fairly frequent problem. 


[#] Tue Aug 24 2021 19:19:18 EDT from Nurb432

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LoL ( poor animal tho. )

[#] Wed Aug 25 2021 15:13:06 EDT from LoanShark

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They're gonna need a new monkey.

[#] Sun Sep 05 2021 16:44:41 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: First hybrid ( early 1900s )

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I know, youtube, sorry, but man this is interesting.   Not a fan of his humor, but as a car guy, lot of respect. This car is freaking amazing.  With less than perhaps 10 in existence, i dont think id be driving it around town like that..  Id be terrified. 

He also has the car i almost almost kill for,  a chrysler turbine..  i think less than 10 of those are left too. I dont think any of the 'converted' 1965 coronets are left. Only seen that referenced once in my life, in an old car turbine book.  Had a picture so it wasn't rumor.  ya, i'm a fan of turbines :)

[#] Sun Sep 05 2021 19:55:18 EDT from Nurb432

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Seems that i lost a 'bow strap' on my jeep top. FInally ripped. Both have been fraying for years. Been too lazy to replace them. They are not critical, but the do keep the top 'tight' when up. ( and i guess keeps the wind noise down too. But its a jeep, its going to be noisy so i never really cared )

"time to order a couple new ones"  Head off to my normal jeep store..  even aftermarket is an average of 45 bucks a PIECE.  what... the...hell.. its just a 3' long 2" wide poly web-strap..   same stuff you get in a ratchet strap or a tow strap.  they are freaking insane.


Sure , they cut it to length and drill holes for you, but i can buy 30 feet of the stuff for 15 dollars.

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