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[#] Mon Mar 15 2021 18:02:00 EDT from Nurb432

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If you are a RISC-V fan.. this is affordable.   I will get a gen2 when they have a separate GPU.

[#] Sat Mar 20 2021 10:20:20 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: ARM CPU Porn

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Was moving around some boxes today today so drug them out..            Overkill? Can you tell i'm a fan?   :)

All 64bit arm : 4 - RK3399s 2  - 4G Jetson Nanos, A Jetson NX  and a Jetson TX1

2 of the RKs used to be my servers. One has a 2TB m.2 and was my main file serer, the other was running 'services' like openvpn, tor, citadel, guacamole, etc.   Great little boxes. 

The loose board on top, a RockPI 4c  must be one of the worst designed dev boards i have ever seen.  CPU is on the bottom, ( thus the huge heat sink ) making it really tough to stuck a fan on it. .and the m.2 slot points OUTWARDS from the side.. so your ssd sticks out the side of the thing unless you use some sort of adapter with a cable to wrap it back under the board. Sure its a a 'dev board' but makes it really hard to use it in a product, or even in a safe manner. Does have replaceable emmc, and thought it was going to be a less costly alternative for the other RKs back when they were still servers. But no, due to the stupid design and needing extra parts, no dice. 

Of course my Pinebook pro is a RK3399, really fond of that chip. Even if it does a run a bit warm. 


And ya that is the Rocinante sitting there, begging to be painted...