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[#] Mon Jan 15 2018 09:51:09 EST from Ladyhawke

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Too true!  Tho I have to admit to guiltily enjoying certain psy-thrillers when I'm awake....

[#] Mon Jan 22 2018 13:41:29 EST from fleeb <>

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I figure if I'm having nightmares, my right brain is trying to get my left brain to pay attention to something... that it's trying to shout at me the best way it knows how.

Unfortunately, teasing the meaning out of a nightmare can be tricky.

[#] Mon Feb 19 2018 12:27:46 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeah, sometimes dreams aren't disturbing but they're just *weird*

And you wake up thinking, "what the heck was *that* all about?"

[#] Fri May 11 2018 09:37:13 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I was dressed as Bear in the Big Blue House (not Big Butt Bear) and had some balloons tied to me, which helps with lift but I can fly anyway so it's just a bit of an assist. Towards the end of the flight there was an amusement park with a race track, and Grelf was there doing some sort of surgery. I noticed that he dropped a scalpel in a place where someone could accidentally get hurt by it so I picked it up. He complained that it's going to take all day to clean it and started yelling at me and my sister about how we always do that. I flew up to the roof so I could sulk there by myself, but the kids, who were getting their picture taken in the backyard, saw me there, so Aahz and one of my other friends came up to talk, so I flew away. And they *followed* me. I said "wait a minute, how are *you* flying?" Aahz said "I'm just doing it to annoy you" and the other one said "I just do what I want." Then the damn alarm clock ended the dream.

What the heck *was* that all about? Earlier in the night I was dreaming about scouring the backstage of an auditorium trying to find all of the cables and connectors to set up properly to play some music with their sound system, and we finished getting everything together just in time as people started arriving, and at that point we realized we didn't leave enough time to come up with some music to play, so we just left the curtain closed and wandered around the building.

I need to drink more.

[#] Fri May 11 2018 10:20:32 EDT from wizard of aahz

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That was awesome. You know I arranged for you to have that dream just to annoy you.

[#] Fri May 11 2018 12:43:54 EDT from LoanShark <>

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If grelf is doing surgery, dropped scalpels are the least of your worries.

[#] Tue Jun 26 2018 15:03:56 EDT from zooer

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Is there someone in the uncensored community that is on CPAP therapy?

I just wanted to know if their routine of ordering supplies has turned into a nightmare.  (TGFO)

[#] Tue Jun 26 2018 20:36:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I have a relative who uses a CPAP. What do you need to know?

[#] Tue Jun 26 2018 22:18:55 EDT from zooer

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I wanted to know if ordering supplies has become a nightmare.  

[#] Mon Jul 09 2018 10:21:01 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I asked, and she told me that it's exactly the opposite of a nightmare.  Every now and then they call her and ask if her supplies need to be topped up, and they send whatever is needed.

However, this is with Medicare.  Might be different with an HMO.

[#] Mon Jul 09 2018 19:30:16 EDT from zooer

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Maybe I need to switch from a local company to a mail order company. The local company was stellar for many years, fantastic people fantastic service. The past few months it has turned to crap. I believe they were bought out by another company, this new company wants very little supplies locally and wants to ship everything from a central warehouse. I used to be able to walk in to the local office, pick the items up.  I could order in the a.m., pick them up in the afternoon or the next day.  Now it can take two or three weeks before my ordered supplies arrive.  I have tried to find out what is going on but I don't get any answers. 

[#] Thu Aug 08 2019 17:57:57 EDT from zooer

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Channeling IGnat's clock discussion.  

I mentioned that I don't use a clock or my phone near the bed because my CPAP machine has an alarm clock which I rarely use but it is nice to have.  The hose connection to my CPAP machine cracked, the CPAP machine needs to be replaced.  The supply company I deal with no longer sells the brand CPAP with the alarm clocks, so I will no longer have an alarm clock. 

I would love to rant about all the bullshit that has been going on with my CPAP supplies, I thought it was going to get better but it hasn't.

[#] Thu Aug 08 2019 21:42:06 EDT from darknetuser

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So this is a room for talking about sleep stuff?


I have all sort of crazy dreams. Let's pull one of the latter ones.


I was in a barn feeding a horse which, in my dream, I loved dearly. The horse told me that she was no horse, but a demon who had come up from Hell in the form of a horse in order to bring destruction to mankind. She told me that she was sharing the truth with me because I loved her, and since I loved her, there was only one thing I could do now that I knew the truth.


Join her, go to the streets in the night to kidnap kids, and sacrifice them in bloody night rituals in the barn to her.


Since I loved this horse and I hate kids, the rest of the dream was me chasing children and putting them in a jail.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2019 08:56:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Sounds like you should do a development deal with Disney. They eat that stuff up.

[#] Fri Aug 09 2019 09:37:22 EDT from darknetuser

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There is no way I am joining up with Disney. They used to rock, now they only make remakes of their own stuff and cover political propaganda.


Besides, I already got a publisher for my wild ideas :)

[#] Sun Aug 11 2019 10:54:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Heh. People ask if I'm a Disney fan. I tell them I'm a *Walt* Disney fan.

[#] Sun Aug 11 2019 13:14:21 EDT from darknetuser

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Well, I used to like many of the classic movies. Most were plagiarizing popular tales or stories from other people. Maybe they were good precisely because of that. I think Disney went down the drain for me aroun d the time they stopped actualcartoonish animation and switched to pure CGI. It is not that the films were bad because they were CGI although I prefer cartoonish but that the films themselves were no longer interesting for me.
Then they started buying competing studios and turning everything into political propaganda. Man, that Black Panther movie was 76% placing blame on the Western civilitation.

[#] Tue Aug 20 2019 15:35:57 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Disney went down the drain for a lot of reasons, but the slide really accelerated when someone decided to stop drawing things "the way Walt would have" -- which stayed in place for many years after his death.

Their last animated feature to receive the nod from Walt himself was "The Aristocats" (which happens to be my favorite). After that ... for the next 20 years or so they at least *looked* like Disney, but even that is gone now.

As for the propaganda ... it goes without saying that it's DINO (Disney In Name Only). Walt would be horrified that the company that bears his name is now run by people identical to the Nazis he once made propaganda films against.

[#] Wed Aug 21 2019 09:09:05 EDT from darknetuser

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The Aristocats was a really nice film.
I grew with the Disney Renaissance, so I feel ok with many Disney films of the 90s. They feel quite different from the old, old pieces, but I find many of them to be very good.
But yes, once they stopped drawing things and went full CGI, the whole thing started crashing even harder.

[#] Sun Aug 25 2019 18:12:58 EDT from zooer

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Wed Aug 21 2019 09:09:05 AM EDT from darknetuser @ Uncensored
The Aristocrats was a really nice film. 

The Aristocrats joke?

My grand-nephew was watching The Junglebook... I forgot the detail and the style of the original type of animation.

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