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[#] Thu May 05 2016 14:18:18 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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Several months ago, I think it might have been in November I was traveling. Before going into the hotel my CPAP machine sat in the cold car. When my CPAP machine didn't power up right away I thought it was a condensation issue.  I waited about an hour and my machine came back to life.  Same thing when I returned home but not as bad.  In March the same thing, took a trip and my machine did not power up, but this time it didn't power back on for several hours, l sometime in the night.  I slept without the machine the first night (Friday into Sat). I called the sleep center on Monday. I thought they said I could buy a new machine for a discount.  My insurance wouldn't allow for a new machine at this time, and it was no longer under warranty.  I was on the phone with them, I didn't understand what they were explaining.  The guy who knows the most was in the background explaining to the person I was talking to.  I was missing some details somewhere. This discount was part of an upgrade buy-back program.  The company doesn't repair machines, just sells you a new machine at a discount.

When we had the new electrical panel installed at the house that power was turned off.  My CPAP machine never came back to life.  I had researched "CPAP machine not powering on" after the first problem, and most people said it was condensation.  I tried a search again and found out there was a recall on the machine for a power problem like I was having.  The sleep center didn't know about it, I didn't get a notice about it even though I registered the machine. The recall notice said the recall period was over.  

My sleep center offered me the discounted machine and they would see what the company/insurance would do.  They said the other brand of machine was much more expensive.  The discounted machine was the same make/model number but upgraded firmware. I went with that, -I-have-not-reached- I can not reach my deductible (thanks Obamacare!) so I would probably have to pay the full, but discounted price.

I received a call today, the sleep center said the company would replace the machine for free.  yip!  (THANKS DONALD TRUMP!)

[#] Fri May 20 2016 08:41:28 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Last night I dreamt that my best friend was driving our minivan. Sideways.
I don't quite know how he pulled that off.

[#] Fri May 20 2016 13:34:44 EDT from ryan42 @ Uncensored

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I've had my minivan sideways on a two-lane road before after hydroplaning. Not an experience I want to repeat any time soon.

[#] Mon Jun 13 2016 15:13:08 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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I don't know if this belongs in rant or the Dark Third.

When my father was ill he needed oxygen, my CPAP supplies are handled by that same department.  At one time they were fantastic, outstanding service, always.  Our local hospitals have merged and with that a lot of changes. Some of the people in the sleep center are the same but they are under a different department.  They no longer want you to pick up the supplies from them, they want to mail you the supplies.  This was an option before but they are no longer mailed locally, they are mail from a different state.

Last month I received a letter telling me about a wonderful new reorder system that will be implement.  It involves an automated system calling you!  Everybody loves automated phone systems, and this one calls me!  I have no idea how they would know when I need supplies but apparently they do.  I think that would be great if a grocery store knew it was time and called me when I needed milk.  At the bottom of the letter they said "We know you'll love the ease of the new ordering program as much as we do...."  Just that pisses me off.  Somebody telling me I will like something.  

I did get the phone call, the automated voice on the other end said that "If this is Zooer press 1, if not press 2 and we will wait while you get him."  I just hung up.  I have to reorder supplies when it is convenient for an automated system?


[#] Thu Jul 07 2016 12:43:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Maybe you should do a "sleep study" where you call the director of customers service at his or her home in the middle of the night, every night.

[#] Wed Aug 03 2016 09:54:15 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Everyone sleeping so well they don't remember their dreams at all?

Last night was a weird one ... I had a fingernail that was overgrown ... but it was overgrown on the wrong end and starting to overlap the finger.
When I lifted it up to try to figure out how to trim it, I found that it was held down with small metal springs. And I couldn't remember when I had the fingernail-hold-down-tendons replaced with prosthetics.

[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 13:21:43 EST from Shazam @ Uncensored

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Last Saturday I heard a voice in my dream that I have 40 days left to live. My dreams are always weird though, but it did get me to thinking about if I really did only have 40 days left to live, what would I do differently? So I thought about it and decided nothing. Each day of my "normal" life makes me happy so I'll just keep it up. And if I DO manage to keep living, then good. I'll have more enjoyment of more days. 


Still, I remember waking up being bummed out about it. 

[#] Tue Dec 27 2016 15:18:09 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Well, it's been more than 40 days, so ... what are the results?  Did you live?  If not, how did you die?

[#] Mon Feb 13 2017 12:12:18 EST from Shazam @ Uncensored

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Hey, I'm happy to see my dreams ARE just a bunch of nonsense, just like I always suspected.  

Still, they can really leave me shaken up sometimes. Lately every morning I wake up with this strong desire to keep dreaming because whatever was going on in the dream felt super important, but I can never ever remember anything about the dream afterwards. I guess for the best. I should pay more attention to reality. I'm starting to think that my waking hours are actually real, and relevant, and actions I take while awake having long lasting consequences. With scary things like that to live with, who needs nightmares?

[#] Thu Feb 16 2017 13:47:10 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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I generally feel dreams, if I can remember them, help me gain insights into the half of my mind that only communicates via images and sensations... the part of my mind that doesn't speak in words.

Those insights, for me, tend to be interesting.

[#] Wed Mar 01 2017 12:30:54 EST from Shazam @ Uncensored

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I'm still waking up every morning feeling desperate to remember what was in my dreams, but completely unable to do so. I bet I would find them interesting too. Oh well!

The most frustrating part is this sense that some part of my own brain is actively working hard at hiding it from me. 

[#] Thu Mar 16 2017 05:14:56 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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I keep dreaming about Zeph lately. Weird, convoluted dreams, where things happen the way I had somehow hoped they would instead of the way they did, and where I'm still in  college, and I'm not sick yet...