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[#] Wed Oct 02 2019 22:01:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Really getting tired of having dreams that the dystopian future I worried about 30 years ago had actually come to exist. When I wake up it can sometimes take quite a number of minutes to get my brain wired back into the present, where things are actually pretty good.

I blame all of the usual suspects. No reason why, I just do.

[#] Thu Oct 03 2019 11:07:53 EDT from darknetuser @ Uncensored

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I just keep getting dreams about killing stuff. Which is great.

I had this dream in which somebody poisoned a king, and there was a prophecy that if the king died, Ragnark would come. So I was charged to find the poisoner and beat the recipe of the antidote out of him.

Finding the poisoner turned out to involve junping from roof to roof assassins creed style, punching random people until somebody told me the main advisor of the king was the culprit. So I arrived to his palace with my sword and my mission.

The palace turned out to be guarded by killer robots who shot laser beams from their eyes, and the traitor himself was mounted in a combat mecha, and there was an epic fight in which I slashed robots left and right and got to capture the bastard and get the antidote from him, then I chopped his head like a real hero.

I returned to the throne room with the antidote, but the king died just as I arrived. At that very moment, a thunder cracked the sky and a quake shaked the earth. In the long distance it was heard the voice or Surtur (viking emon of fire) screaming that Ragnark had arrived and the world was about to end.

One of the courtesans explaimed "Look, a Viking army is comming to aid us in this last war!" And it was true. A large Viking fleet was lining up in order to fight the forces of destruction to the bitter end.

Then I woke up.

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