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[#] Thu Mar 14 2024 13:16:03 EDT from Nurb432

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Not had problems like that, losing files. Thankfully.   I do weekly backups, so not end of world event but ya, would be damned annoying. 


Like i mentioned i also have heard that KDE is better than it was, but for me, no reason to go back. Unless im using KDE apps too, its still a waste of resources. And i have found noobies do ok with LXDE "and down here is the menu, with all your stuff... sort of like windows 95 was".

And as much as i hate Microsoft, a start menu of some sort wasn't a bad thing to have.

[#] Thu Mar 21 2024 11:13:49 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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KDE is my daily driver. It's not bloated anymore, and I use it because it can reliably do the "One True Desktop Style" -- a single bar at the bottom of the screen containing both the dock and the panel. The classic "Windows 95" (aka RISC OS, from which it was copied) desktop. I want my computer to look like a computer, not like a phone or a Mac.

For my new machine I was considering one of the smaller ones, but LXDE is being changed to LXQT, and XFCE isn't considered "slim" anymore.

[#] Thu Mar 21 2024 12:49:04 EDT from Nurb432

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Been hearing that for years now.  Sort of like "mainframes are going away"

But, it still installs .. so i dont care ( yet ) 

Thu Mar 21 2024 11:13:49 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
 LXDE is being changed to LXQT, 


[#] Tue Mar 26 2024 07:54:49 EDT from Nurb432

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"stop the world! the eclipse is coming!"

Yawn.  So it gets dark for a few mins during the day.  Unless you are a scientist monitoring the corona, bleh.    You want to see dark, go outside at night. 

Around here, they expect it to be so full of tourists they are shutting down schools and many people are being sent home for the day. And all cops are going to be on duty, etc. We just had our monthly manager tech meeting canceled that was on the 8th.  Not that i was going to go, screw the traffic.  "stock up with food for a couple of days, and gas, due to the influx lines will be horrendous and you dont want to be out at a store"



[#] Sun Apr 07 2024 19:38:51 EDT from zelgomer

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Can we please start blasting socialists? I'm so fed up with these people. I actually don't even know a single one anymore that I would miss or feel remorse for. They just want my stuff, and they try to justify it with "I don't want my children to live in the anarchist dystopia you want!" So your answer to that is that you're entitled to my things and you get complete authority over what I can do or what I can own? If that's your position, then you have chosen to be my enemy and I should get to shoot you as a looter.

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