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[#] Mon Dec 20 2021 13:40:30 EST from Nurb432

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I hear there is more money to be made than at a 'regular' job, however you end up having to work for the Chinese at some point. 

[#] Mon Dec 20 2021 16:01:54 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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Yippie Kie Aye, Franz... 

Yippie kie aye... 


Mon Dec 20 2021 13:29:19 EST from IGnatius T Foobar
I'm pretty sure Ig just wasn't a very good Exchange admin. ;) 

I am an exceptional Exchange admin, Mrs. McLane. And since I'm moving up to global cyberterrorism you should be more polite.


[#] Mon Dec 20 2021 16:02:20 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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The Russians are hiring, too. 


Mon Dec 20 2021 13:40:30 EST from Nurb432



I hear there is more money to be made than at a 'regular' job, however you end up having to work for the Chinese at some point. 


[#] Mon Dec 20 2021 17:01:07 EST from Nurb432

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Yes, but sometimes i wonder, if they are not just a western proxy for China..

Mon Dec 20 2021 04:02:20 PM EST from ParanoidDelusions

The Russians are hiring, too. 



[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 11:52:06 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yes, but sometimes i wonder, if they are not just a western proxy for

*Everyone* is a western proxy for China, in case you haven't noticed. There is so much Chinese money tainting every level of every government and every corporation that we're not getting rid of them easily.

This includes Microsoft (and Apple, and Amazon, and Google). Big Tech cannot be trusted. Stick with Small Tech :)

[#] Thu Dec 23 2021 12:15:26 EST from Nurb432

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Im not.


Tho i do have to admit i fund them, we all do if we buy normal stuff.. . But i do try to buy products 'less tied' to the CCP than others when i can.  ( i do realize they ail are, but some less so than others, like lenovo, or xiaomi, Pine64, etc. )

[#] Sun Jan 02 2022 12:35:08 EST from Nurb432

Subject: Y2K22

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LoL  M$ screwed up again. Glad that isn't my problem to fix.

[#] Sun Jan 02 2022 18:18:25 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Y2K22

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Typical M$ crapware. Exchange has always sucked and always will.

[#] Wed Feb 02 2022 12:03:47 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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You know what ... it's difficult to understand why some software companies are so obnoxious that they feel it's ok to install a service on your computer, that is RESIDENT ALL THE TIME, to do nothing except check for updates to that vendor's software.

I'm looking at you, Adobe and Oracle.

And this practice only seems to be common on Windows. On a real computer you'd just install a cron job to periodically check for updates. And that's only if you haven't managed to install a vendor repo on the machine and your vendor updates get pulled in with system updates.

Windows has a job scheduler, so this is absolutely possible. But these vendors feel it's better to have an "update service" running all the time, with a tray icon to remind you that it's there.

Really, really suboptimal.

[#] Wed Feb 02 2022 17:11:31 EST from Nurb432

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"We have published the latest windows patch to sccm software center for manual install" " if you dont do it by 6pm Friday we will force it" "have a nice day"

6gb.. 6+ hour ETA.. "several reboots"


[#] Fri Feb 11 2022 15:51:55 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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So I figured I'd try out OneNote, since a lot of my cow-orkers use it and I had a bunch of .txt documents sitting around on my desktop with random notes.

Within 24 hours it got into a mode where it refused to sync with the cloud server, and when I tried to fix it, it responded by deleting all of my data.

Just goes to show that M$ hasn't changed a bit. Shitty software, shitty company, someone please nuke Redmond.

[#] Fri Feb 11 2022 17:15:58 EST from Nurb432

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LoL ( not laughing AT you of course, just does not surprise me )

Playing with this VDI today, seems even folders on my desktop ( one is where i toss temp files, just to get them out of my face ) were magically migrated to one-drive. We didnt get a choice.


I heard one of our developers had a similar problem, onedrive didnt support all the source files in his working directories of his current project ( and they use azure devops.. ). During our forced migration it wiped some of them for him instead of asking what to do with them ( i dont remember if it was due to size, or extension ).   At least all my project files are in a sqllite DB, accessed via fossil :)

[#] Sun Feb 13 2022 15:49:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Go ahead and laugh. I should have known better and I deserved what happened.
Fortunately, the source documents were still in my trashcan and I recovered them.

[#] Tue Feb 15 2022 00:06:20 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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I think Microsoft just has you flagged and trolls you. 


[#] Wed Feb 16 2022 00:51:20 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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Read my post in Hardware about Blender. 

It is possible that we might see a fundamental shift in HOW we interface with computing that might finally ACTUALLY make OS platform so irrelevant that these habits of the entrenched incumbents will push adoption of the alternatives you're talking about. 

For decades now *nix/FOSS people have been holding out GIMP as being equal to or more powerful than Photoshop. Honestly - I can achieve the same results in Paint Shop Pro that I can in Photoshop, and often the tools and methods in Paint Shop Pro are superior/easier. 

But - the overall stability, speed/performance, reliability and consistency of Photoshop is unmatched. I understand why Linux geeks create something that LOOKS as impressive as something done by a professional graphic artist on Photoshop, for free, using GIMP, and they think to themselves, "why would the industry pay so much for Photoshop when I can do the same thing with this FOSS application." 

But I also understand why a professional graphic artist, or a corporation with a pool of pro graphic artists, would try GIMP and quickly decide, "Nope. We can't afford to deal with the hassles that this alternative comes with." 

Really, this is the problem that largely kept Office dominant and always prevented LibreOffice and Open Office and other alternatives from breaking into that niche. I know this is an unpopular opinion among Linux fans - but it has been the huge liability for FOSS/Linux based solutions from the start. 

But Blender is actually more powerful than any of the consumer/prosumer level apps that are paid and expensive, and frequently more stable, better supported. I mean, when you get up to pro-level CGI rendering and animation - you're talking about outrageously expensive hardware and software licenses to create feature length CGI effects and films... But Blender (and DAZ and Poser and Carerra and Hexagon and a host of other apps) all have their place in the development process in those pro applications too. They're kind of where the roughing often begins. 

The thing is, there hasn't been a lot of application between people using these tools to make fantasy renders or doing 3D minifig prints for their own personal consumption and full blown Pixar studio animations. 

VR kind of changes the horizon on this - where there is this potential for a huge pool of CONSUMERS wanting customized VR experiences delivered in a more traditional business model... kind of like going to a local architect to design your custom home, or a car restorer to redo your upholstery, or a wedding photographer using Photoshop  - small *business* models become viable - and there needs to be a kind of consistent baseline app that drives that business. 

Blender is well situated to be that... the Photoshop of VR and CGI. Maybe BEST situated to be that. 

But... companies like DAZ3D and Renderosity (who owns Poser now through ingram micro, I think...) and Apple and Microsoft and others - are all trying to develop apps to do this too. Blender has a huge lead now... but at one point Poser dominated the space. Blender is the best mid-range app in 3D modeling right now, the best balance of features and cost and content and tools. If they leverage that lead right - Blender may become the MS-Office of 3D content creation. 

And they've done a lot to move it ahead recently - so it isn't like they don't see the opportunity. The problem is that they don't generate the income of someone like DAZ to put back into training and platform development and R&D. They've just go to be driven by passion for their product. 

If they do end up in that position though - they may end up driving exactly the dynamic you describe. Adobe is absolutely *encumbered* with their "only by subscription because if not, then fuck you, USE GIMP..." model. DAZ is like a drug dealer - "We'll give you the engine, then charge you for the content..." Poser is simply struggling not to go the way of Carerra and Hexagon as "once contenders". 

Blender *should* really be partnering with Nvidia - who is making their $9000 SDK toolkit free to small 3D developers - to drive open, unencumbered CGI platforms that are accessible to small artists and studios. It is a logical partnership to fight against Facebook and Apple and their designs on owning cyberspace/VR. 

And if they are successful in breaking this kind of model in VR - it could very well disrupt that model in meatspace too... where all of these subscription models have become the norm. Even in gaming, DLC - where you buy the game - and then they sell you all the other parts that should have been included in the game - is this basic model of sell them the whole thing, but only open up part of it, and then charge them more to open up the parts that make it really useful/fun/powerful. 

Basically Cisco, Microsoft, Rockstar Games, EA, Apple... they've figured out how to make us pay for the demo version and then pay again to unlock the rest of the features - and convinced us it is a convenience - that we "only have to pay for what we want." 

Like the Tech Industry played a giant Jedi mind trick on the entire consumer and corporate population. 


Tue Feb 15 2022 19:03:49 EST from IGnatius T Foobar
It's probably safe to say that there will always be a tier of computing that is unencumbered. Look at how much you can do with an ARM or RISC-V rig. And it's only improving. Maybe you'll be forced to run Linux but that's a feature, not a problem. Look around -- entire ecosystems are springing up to bypass the establishment.


[#] Wed Feb 16 2022 16:51:35 EST from Nurb432

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I think LibreOffice/etc is a smaller player due to marketing and lock-in. If you are in the Microsoft ecosystem its hard to get out of it, for anything.  Plus millions still have never heard of alternatives. And FUD has been effective, "if its free it has to be bad, or a virus"

Blender i agree is top tier.  It still has some annoyances for the hardcore-pro but its come along way since it came on a single floppy and you paid for a licence.  ( i still have mine :) )

[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 08:15:52 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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I don't think FUD was the problem with the Linux Office alternatives. 

I think lots of companies tried them - and first went, "this is awesome..." 

And then shortly went, "Nope... this won't work." 

They *seemed* awesome. They were not, if you needed interoffice compatibility with locations/partners that are not using the same free Office. 

I try to get that across to Linux people all the time - and few of them get it. Linux Office solutions (and lots of Linux things) work well for a small office that doesn't have a lot of partner interaction. 

But for the large fortune 500 corporations I worked for - most of my career - the *consistency* of MS Office was the *biggest* reason that companies stuck with it. You didn't have to worry about being in NY and having someone from some other company share a powerpoint document and when you go to display it, everything is moved, rescaled, distorted in your Free Office alternative. 

Google apps has increasingly made that evidently less of an issue. But MS Office is still pretty entrenched in the basic corporate culture of most BIG companies - as is the experience of failed experiments with free alternatives. 

This is true of a lot of Linux/FOSS solutions. When you get to a certain number of employees and dealing with lots of different partners - these issues tend to be deal breakers. 

That is probably why Linux does so well with the web/cloud. There is a huge abstraction layer between the end user and the app - as long as you don't mind knowing that your PC has become a dumb terminal and someone else's computer is responsible for doing the work - the experience is very device agnostic and consistent across your different platforms. 



[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 09:36:23 EST from Nurb432

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I donno, using the open formats available and staying away form proprietary ones seemed to work just fine for me between all the suites. All the people i personally talked to was more of the 'its free, it cant be good, is it a virus?'  or 'its not office, and we are supposed to use office' and of course ' what? '

( databases being the one exception )

[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 10:51:25 EST from Nurb432

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"please leave your computer on all weekend" "you are scheduled to have McAfee encryption de-crypted, removed, then re-encrypted with bit-locker encryption." "if your computer no longer boots you will need to call the help desk for a decryption code"  "good luck'



[#] Fri Feb 18 2022 18:23:08 EST from Nurb432

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Oh, and 2/3 of home windows users are just treating theirs as a terminal. and 99% of ipad/android users..  Sure, there might be a local app to make it look pretty on a small screen, but all its doing is accessing cloud data.. it could have been HTML instead.

And to be fair, most of what everyone does on a 'average' basis is online.  Exceptions sure, but most ... So its not a MS bash, in this case.


I honestly see more Linux people having locally installed apps than i do windows and mac.  But even there. so much of it is accessing online data, its a wash.

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