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[#] Wed Dec 10 2014 09:38:03 EST from fleeb

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The Defense INFOrmation School. Military journalists go through their school for journalism before serving active duty.

[#] Wed Dec 10 2014 09:40:04 EST from fleeb

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Unrelated, apparently my project now has funding. As a monatized project, I no longer have to worry about the thing getting pulled and finding myself out of work for the foreseeable future.

I think this means I need to move closer to my job.

[#] Wed Dec 10 2014 09:57:51 EST from fleeb

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Incidentally, if someone here feels really comfortable with some of the scary places in an operating system (linux, Windows, Solaris... whatever...) and wouldn't mind doing some work that kinda skirts on the edges of hacking, and wouldn't mind moving to Maryland (near Annapolis), shoot me a private mail here as we have a pressing need.

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 01:18:28 EST from anonymous

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How far is that from the Farm?.....

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 06:33:54 EST from fleeb

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The Farm? Where Michael takes people for the Topeka Kansas Better Business Bureau?

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 07:45:28 EST from anonymous

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Does Hank Kimball show up making sure everything is running properly?

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 08:31:15 EST from fleeb

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Ha... as if *anybody* showed up to make sure everything is running properly.

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 11:04:33 EST from anonymous

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2014-12-11 06:33 from fleeb @uncnsrd

The Farm? Where Michael takes people for the Topeka Kansas Better
Business Bureau?

The Farm: that infamous facility owned by a particular 3-letter group.
It's in Virginia...

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 11:20:43 EST from fleeb

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Yeah, it's close to Northern Virginia. Hell, everything is close to each other in southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, DC...

[#] Tue Dec 30 2014 19:36:23 EST from Sig

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I had the in-person interview about two weeks ago. It went well in many respects, but I don't think I was quite what they were looking for. Good experience, though; I hadn't had a job interview in a civilian context since 2003.

[#] Thu Jan 01 2015 14:40:57 EST from Sig

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Work is trying to keep me happy. In the context of their desire to pay for an industry certification, I told them that probably wouldn't be a very good investment because I didn't plan to stay long-term; it would be a heck of a resume point. (Not the IT industry; this would be as a certified anti money laundering specialist.)

That didn't go over well, but the general conclusion was that as I wasn't actively looking for new work (I'm not), and the cost was not prohibitive, they would likely see value from me getting it regardless and still supported my doing it. That's kind of nice. I would feel bad if I got the cert and then a job opportunity fell in my lap, but less so if they are clear on the possible consequences.

I've actually applied for three jobs in the last six months or so, all on the prompting of people on the inside. The first one didn't get me any contact at all (and that with the inside friend giving them my resume after prompting

them to create the position with me in mind). The second netted me a phone interview but nothing further. The third got me in the door and past a panel interview, but with no subsequent contact. At this rate, fourth time's the charm.

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 08:30:06 EST from fleeb

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It's nice that they're trying to keep you happy, and I think it's cool that you aren't being a dick to them as you look for work elsewhere.

Who knows... maybe something will change to make you want to stay where you are. I forget (or perhaps never knew) your reasons for wanting to leave in the first place.

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 18:39:56 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Most arrangements for employer-funded industry certification carry a requirement that you either remain employed with them for a certain period of time or pay for the cert upon leaving (the less douchey ones will pro rate it).

I am in general not a fan of certs though. They tend to produce paper tigers who can't actually to anything.

[#] Sat Jan 03 2015 10:58:34 EST from Sig

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I generally feel the same way about certs. I have a CEH from EC-Council that is not worth the paper on which it is printed, but it was the quickest/cheapest way to meet a specific DoD requirement. My only other cert is my A+, grandfathered from the days when it still had DOS portions.

In this case, it would be useful because I otherwise have no way to demonstrate any knowledge or competence. The relevant portions of my work product should be declassified in a few decades.

There are a lot of reasons I'm planning to move on. I don't have a lot of confidence in the decision-making of the people running the joint. There isn't much room for professional growth there; I've done pretty much everything I can do, and am not willing to be stagnant for a decade until I get a full-time military retirement. (I plan to stay in the National Guard, but not on active duty.) I'll need a "real" career sooner or later; I'd rather start at age 36 than age 46, especially since the drill weekend pay can offset the pay hit of starting in a new field.

But there are good reasons to maintain good relationships while I make a graceful exit. It's a small community, and I'll be working with some of these people "one weekend a month" for another decade or more. And I genuinely like most of the people involved and don't want to make work harder for them than is already necessary.

[#] Sat Jan 03 2015 11:11:33 EST from Sig

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I responded to a Craigslist ad for an editing contract the other day. They sent me a sample of about 15 multiple choice questions with explanatory answers. "No medical knowledge required," they didn't want me changing any medical terminology, but
simply make grammar and spelling fixes to make it read clearly. I gather it was for a study guide or some such.

The problem is that some of the content was so bad that I really couldn't be certain what the writer was trying to say, and when you're talking about which drugs to prescribe for which symptoms, the context really matters.

I highlighted everything I needed checked to ensure answer integrity (after having converted it into English), and then had to think long and hard about how to answer their request: how long would it take, and how much would I charge to go through
1000 of such things?

It's always weird trying to value
your own time for something like this. What am I worth? (Far more than anyone will ever pay me. But only to me.) What's reasonable for what they're asking me to do? How much time will it REALLY take? If it takes a lot longer (perhaps because
the material is even worse), what might I have to do to cover my commitments? What if (to pick aq random but completely relevant example from my life right now) my hard drive craps itself and I am booting from a Mint USB drive for my OSing needs?
Something else?

I suggested a price that I thought was reasonable that accounted for my time estimate; if anything, it was probably a little low. But I also gave myself two weeks to do it; my estimate is probably 50 hours of work. I won't lose any sleep if they
decline; I've certainly got other things I could be doing with that time. But the money would be nice.

[#] Mon Jan 05 2015 09:13:26 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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But there are good reasons to maintain good relationships while I make

a graceful exit. It's a small community, and I'll be working with some

Well duh. Burning bridges is *never* a good idea, no matter how badly in need of aggressive cluestick therapy some people are.

[#] Mon Jan 12 2015 11:07:06 EST from fleeb

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Some of you already know this from G+, but last Thursday, I received an Emmy for my work in closed captioning.

Or, more accurately, the company I worked for (XOrbit) received the Emmy for the work I did in closed captioning. It's pretty much the same thing, except I don't get to keep the spiffy statue they give for such efforts.

It'll be a hell of a resume builder, though.

It's nice to have your work recognized. So much work went into that, I'm very happy to see it get noticed.

[#] Mon Jan 12 2015 19:39:10 EST from Ladyhawke

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Congrats, Fleeby!

[#] Tue Jan 13 2015 00:05:00 EST from ax25

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Nice Fleeb.  It is nice to be recognized now and then eh.

[#] Tue Jan 13 2015 09:49:51 EST from fleeb

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It is nice, yes.

Now, to keep this from swelling my head such that nobody can stand me anymore.

(Wait, did I hear someone in the peanut gallery say, "too late"?)

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