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[#] Mon Oct 13 2014 10:53:36 EDT from fleeb

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And, hopefully, the bricks are yellow due to gold, and not piss.

[#] Mon Oct 13 2014 21:02:06 EDT from fleeb

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Looks like the drinking-water-loudly guy has noticed that it bugs me. He caught me rubbing my ears whenever he drinks from his bottle.

If I didn't, though, I'd have to strangle him. That sound drives me nuts.

[#] Tue Oct 14 2014 09:53:16 EDT from athos-mn

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Currently actively trying to switch jobs. The place I work for now merged with another company 18 months ago, and it's killing me. They moved me to a job they knew I wasn't a good fit for, and am now punishing me for not "thriving" (gosh, wonder why???). I'm currently in another office for a most definate temporary job, that despite 60-140 minute commute is SO MUCH more enjoyable than my normal job.

But looking for work sucks, especially now. Nobody wants to do after-hours interviews (although after-hours work is part of my job no matter where I go), even though I'm currently employed (no, my boss will never be suspicious when I need to go away for four hours). Blech.

[#] Tue Oct 14 2014 10:42:32 EDT from dothebart

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demanding a letter of reference is a common way to give a heads up to the boss.

If theres a definite interest in your employment, this may lead to improving your work conditions eventually...

[#] Tue Oct 14 2014 11:52:35 EDT from fleeb

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I'm not sure what to suggest.

Are you able to work from home, or work odd hours such that you can squeeze an interview into the end of a day?

[#] Tue Oct 14 2014 15:08:05 EDT from fleeb

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What a complete waste of time this meeting is turning out to be for me.

Same as last week.

[#] Tue Oct 14 2014 15:38:36 EDT from fleeb

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Yep, completely wasted a little over 30 mins, with more of this tomorrow.

[#] Tue Oct 14 2014 17:21:31 EDT from athos-mn

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The bright side of this is the office I'm currently at is managed by a former co-worker, who is cool with my leaving for interviews - but the four-hour time commitment seems extreme to me on a first interview, and I don't want to test his patience by leaving for half-a-day on a regular basis. Not much I can do, though, I guess.

[#] Wed Oct 15 2014 16:10:17 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Tue Oct 14 2014 10:42:32 AM EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

demanding a letter of reference is a common way to give a heads up to the boss.


Demanding a letter of reference is a common way of getting them to fire you before you quit.

[#] Wed Oct 15 2014 16:22:12 EDT from vince-q

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Demanding a letter of reference is a common way of getting them to
fire you before you quit.

...unless you are a Physics teacher. That gives you the ability to make all sorts of outrageous demands and - actually - get most of them met! <evil grin>

[#] Mon Nov 03 2014 15:24:30 EST from fleeb

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I had the honor of introducing one of our managers to

[#] Thu Nov 06 2014 08:42:28 EST from fleeb

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Hmmm... we closing our office for an extra six days over the next two months without having warned the employees earlier in the year that they'll have to take time out of their saved vacation (if they have any) to do it.

In my case, it puts me in the red... I haven't worked here long enough to save enough days to accomodate their enforced, mandatory vacation.

I think this is a new low in corporate strategies to fuck over their employees.

[#] Thu Nov 06 2014 11:34:12 EST from anonymous

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Feh. Being forced to take time off and complaining...
Who are you, Sheldon Cooper?

[#] Thu Nov 06 2014 11:36:02 EST from athos-mn

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It's a problem if you had other plans for the time off, or won't get paid for it.

[#] Thu Nov 06 2014 13:32:57 EST from fleeb

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Maybe I didn't explain the problem clearly enough.

They are not giving me time off. They're forcing me to take the time I wish to acrue for vacation and spend it at a time of their choosing rather than mine.

If this were a matter of having two weeks of vacation saved up and they're telling me that I cannot have any more until I use what I have, no problem.
I get that. Well, at least if they don't deny me the opportunity to take vacation so I can spend what I've saved, I'm okay with it.

But here, I haven't worked long enough to acrue much vacation time at all.
Yet, they're forcing me to take time I haven't saved, putting me in the red (I will owe them vacation days). If they opted to fire me, I'd probably have to take them to court to fight for the pay they would take from me because they forced me to go negative on my vacation days.

[#] Thu Nov 06 2014 17:56:44 EST from vince-q

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Do you have a contract of any sort?
Are you hourly? Per-diem?
In what state is your workplace? Is it the same as the state in which you live?

This may very well be illegal, but unless you feel very secure in your job then fighting it may find you unemployed.

[#] Thu Nov 06 2014 21:51:04 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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The thing I'm not understanding is why? If they're forcing everyone to take paid vacation, it doesn't save them any money?

[#] Fri Nov 07 2014 02:34:27 EST from dothebart

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I guess they close down these days since they don't expect any business?

We had the same on 3 days; the one carnival  day however was only free without holidays if one would show up the first half of the day and join the party ;-)

[#] Fri Nov 07 2014 06:06:55 EST from fleeb

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I live in a state where contract cannot compel either party to enforce employment... I can leave anytime I want, and they can fire me anytime they want, without cause.

I work where I live (at least as far as the state is concerned). So that's okay.

I'm not going to fight it, unless they fire me then demand that I pay them for the time off I took that they forced me to take. And, even then, I shouldn't think there's a crazy amount of money involved over a few days. It's mostly for the principle.

But, it does make me feel just a tad less loyal than I might otherwise have felt towards my employer.

[#] Fri Nov 07 2014 10:59:01 EST from LoanShark

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oh, it could be a lot worse.

strange decision, though, to close down a software company. doubtless you all have a bunch of work that you need to catch up on, so it doesn't feel like this is to their advantage, unless there's something I'm not seeing.

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