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[#] Fri Oct 02 2020 13:34:39 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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And now we know the left makes assassination attempts when they are desperate enough.

[#] Mon Oct 05 2020 16:02:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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h/t American Thinker:

Lin Wood, a high-profile lawyer representing Nick Sandman and Kyle Rittenhouse, tweeted, “Many leaders in administration of @realDonaldTrump are quarantined by what almost appears to almost be targeted strike of Covid-19.” He later tweeted, “There are no coincidences. Zero. None. Hard stop.” Deanna Lorraine, who ran for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, also picked up the theme of a “targeted strike” in her tweet, “Does anyone else find it odd that no prominent Democrats have had the virus but the list of Republicans goes on and on?”  And Omar Navarro, a Republican politician in California, developed the theme: “1.RBG dies. 2. Trump announces he will nominate new justice before election. 3. Pelosi makes “Arrow in our quivers comment to stop him.” Week later Trump, his top aide, his campaign manager, two Senators all come down with COVID 5. Schumer immediately requests to delay nomination.” He added, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

[#] Mon Oct 05 2020 18:40:40 EDT from zooer

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Could it be because all the republicans meet without democrats? It takes one infected person to spread it to the rest of the group. 

If the list of infected republicans did not meet in person within the past two weeks your idea would make more sense.

[#] Thu Oct 08 2020 09:39:26 EDT from zooer

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Remember when Trump was rolling his eyes, making faces and talking under his breath during his debate with Hillary?  People said it was classless and childish.  (It was) They are praising Harris for her eye rolls, faces and comments. It is still classless. 
When a fly landed on Pence democrats said flies are attracted to shit.... I 100% agree.
My 180° rule, when "our side" does it, it is okay.  

[#] Thu Oct 08 2020 17:35:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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A fly landing on someone is ha ha funny.  No big deal.

What is more interesting is that Pence's performance at the debate was so perfect. so eviscerating of KKK Amala Harris, so completely devoid of gaffes or lies, that the ONLY thing the communist socialist left-wing media was able to pick on was the fly landing on him.

I am also quite happy that Mr. Pence took the time to debunk the Fine People Hoax when KKK Amala brought it up.  Mr. Trump should be more proactive about that as well.

[#] Fri Oct 09 2020 18:22:34 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok folks, new thing.

Retroactive to the first debate, and continuing through all remaining debates, the debates shall now be correctly referred to as "Biden rallies". That is, after all, what they are, when they are "moderated" by Chris Wallace and other far-left pinko commie liberals.

[#] Sun Oct 11 2020 11:52:23 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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If I didn't know better, I'd swear the fly was computer generated. The Democrats had fly swatters on their site so fast in was unbelievable.

[#] Thu Oct 15 2020 14:00:54 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Twitter and Facebook are now banning people for linking to this story:

It's the New York Post, a completely legitimate newspaper (probably the only non-communist paper in NYC). The bombshell revelations revealed by the discovery of Hunter Biden's old laptop ought to be putting all of the Bidens, Obamas, and Clintons directly into prison. But the tyrants of Twitter and Facebook (basically the IT department of the democrat party) have decided that they're going to censor this story. They're even shutting down accounts.

This is the agenda of the left laid bare. It isn't even subtle anymore.

Anyone who is aligned with the tyrants of Silicon Valley, the entire mainstream media, nearly all of the colleges and universities, and a political party that attracts ~60 million votes annually ... has no business calling themselves the "resistance". These are absolutely basic communist thug strategies.

[#] Fri Oct 16 2020 10:05:14 EDT from zooer

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Anyone with any sense of decency knows that Biden is as corrupt as they come, nothing will come of this.

Your best hope is that in two years the republicans will regain control of the senate and the house, impeach Biden and Harris will become president.  

[#] Fri Oct 16 2020 14:22:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Out *best* hope is that President Trump wins re-election by a margin larger than that by which the democrats will cheat.

Otherwise, Biden gets replaced by Harris in the first half of 2021 without any action at all from the Republicans. He's a trojan horse candidate and everyone knows it.

[#] Fri Oct 16 2020 22:23:31 EDT from zooer

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Your best possible scenario is that in two years the republicans will regain control of the senate and the house, impeach Biden and Harris will become president. 

[#] Sun Oct 18 2020 18:40:26 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Important announcement

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I think you're mistaken, and I know why.

I realize that many if not most of you are still undecided on this election and are waiting for me to make an official endorsement of one candidate or the other. I am humbled and honored by your deferrment to my extraordinary wisdom as an unbiased and 100% independent voter and analyst. So here goes.

On one hand we have a Mr. Joe Biden, whose hometown charm and happy-go-lucky Alzheimer's are attractive to some. While in office he was a steadfast advocate for white supremacist groups, a reliable supporter of socialized medicine, and a loyal member of the domestic terrorist group called The Obama Administration.

On the other hand we have a Mr. Donald J. Trump, a man with a big mouth, a big brain, and a big heart. While in office he brought about unprecendented rises in security and prosperity, while remaining equally as loyal to constituents of every race, gender, and religion. His loyalty to all of the American people instead of the political establishment is admirable.

Therefore, as a 100% independent voter who has only voted for one democrat and one republican in a presidential election in my entire lifetime (Romney in 2012 and Trump in 2016), I have decided to give my endorsement to Mr. Trump.
I will be voting for him and I trust that you all will join me. I have chosen Mr. Trump because no other candidate LOVES America and its citizens as much as he does -- and as they say, hate has no home here.

[#] Mon Oct 19 2020 15:46:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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In other news, Joe Zedong has been in hiding for days and intends to remain in hiding at least until President Trump debates against Kristen Welker this coming Thursday. Will he emerge from his safe space, or is this deliberate?

It is, after all, a possibility that LaptopGate was deliberately created by the dems as an excuse to get rid of Joe and put KKK Amala at the top of the ticket *before* election day.

[#] Tue Oct 20 2020 08:10:27 EDT from zooer

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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You have to make it better than that.  Biden steps down, Harris has to step down and Pelosi as leader of the House will become president.

[#] Tue Oct 20 2020 18:40:06 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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You're thinking of plan B.

Plan A: fraudulent Biden votes exceed authentic Trump votes by a margin wide enough that it is not feasible for the election to be contested. Trump is forced to concede. Some time after that, Biden is replaced by Harris. It doesn't matter whether it happens before inauguration day or after, and it doesn't matter whether Biden steps down willingly, unwillingly, or dead; the effect is the same.

Plan B: fraudulent Biden votes approach or exceed authentic Trump votes by a margin small enough for either party to contest the election results. Pelosi and other minions of Satan keep the circus active until inauguration day, at which point Pelosi is able to unilaterally select the new president (possibly herself, possibly one of her own minions; it doesn't really matter). This is probably the plan they are expecting to execute at this point.

Plan C: the election is contested but ends up being decided by the Supreme Court. With RBG now burning in hell, this is no longer an plan that they want to execute.
It is also the reason that the MSM (including social media) has been programming its sheeple with the myth that Amy Barrett is a child molester.

Plan D: an absolute Trump landslide of 90% or more is adjusted after democrat cheating to a comfortable victory of around 60%, enough that it is not feasible for the election to be contested. The democrats continue their tantrum another four years, and the republic collapses on 2025-jan-20 instead of 2017-jan-20 as originally planned.

[#] Tue Oct 20 2020 19:17:43 EDT from zooer

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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This will get your britches burning, "Early votes in Texas have already surpassed all the statewide ballots cast for Trump in 2016."


A bit misleading of a headline, it doesn't mean all the early voters voted for Biden.

[#] Tue Oct 20 2020 22:51:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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I've seen that sentiment repeated elsewhere as well. I'm not sure how anyone could come to the conclusion that high voter turnout (early or otherwise) indicates good or bad news for any candidate. It's just turnout, nothing more or less.

By the way, I've already made peace with the possibility that Satan's minions in the demoKKKrat party could come back into power as early this year. If they do, it will simply mean that the republic collapsed in November 2008 and the last four years have been nothing more than one last heroic effort to stay alive.

What's happening right now is not sustainable. The 2016 election season basically never ended. It's like Eternal September except with idiots flooding political discourse instead of Usenet. The big trouble started during the Obama years, but the media kept quiet. Then when Trump arrived on the scene, the media made it a point to keep everyone hysterical all day, every day, permanently. They're already crowing about a "return to normalcy" if the demoKKKrats return to power. It won't be, of course, but they'll stop whipping everyone up into hysteria all the time.

Distrust of the media has never been so high, and it's even high among the people who are aligned with Satan and other Democrats. It is my sincere hope that the legacy media will collapse under the weight of its own hypocrisy and dishonesty. It is also my sincere hope that a nuclear weapon will detonate in Hollywood and kill everyone there.

[#] Wed Oct 21 2020 12:14:21 EDT from zooer

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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In 2016 I noticed many Trump signs.  Although I am not traveling as I did four years ago I see far less Trump signs.  I have noticed some Biden signs.  What I see a lot of are signs for the local elections and those favor the democrat politicians.


[#] Thu Oct 22 2020 21:13:51 EDT from zooer

Subject: Re: Important announcement

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What is everyone seeing in their travels?

[#] Sun Nov 01 2020 07:24:31 EST from zooer

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Remember, the single most horrifying thing about the election is that if Joe Biden wins, Barbra Streisand will sing "Happy Days Are Here Again"


Vote wisely people.

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