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[#] Mon May 27 2024 19:38:16 EDT from zelgomer

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2024-05-27 21:11 from Nurb432 <>
They could have picked a better statement.

Myself, i dont care his orientation.  But i do care hes a radial
communist authoritarian pig hell bent on destroying this country (
along with his handlers.. )
Mon May 27 2024 17:00:09 EDT from msgrhys

There's a public park in my hometown. In the public restroom "JOE
BIDEN IS GAY" is written in the stalls.

nah, I approve of it as-is. Short and comical. And the gays should be mocked, too.

[#] Tue May 28 2024 09:23:48 EDT from Nurb432

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How's them bananas.

In the America i grew up in, this would have never been thought of, let alone allowed. 


"On Sunday, the 81-year-old president paid a late-night visit to daughter-in-law Hallie Biden’s home. The surprise visit came five days before the nine-year anniversary of Beau Biden’s death — Hallie and Beau were married for 13 years and had two children together.

Adding to the intrigue, the president’s visit came just eight days before Hunter Biden’s high-profile trial on gun charges. The trial is scheduled to commence on June 3, and Hallie Biden is expected to be called as a witness."

[#] Tue May 28 2024 11:50:28 EDT from Nurb432

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News letter from local congressman:  "We will be investigating the exclusion of Cadillac from F1 races"


Ya, glad we dont have anything important going on and can focus time and resources on nonsense. 

[#] Tue May 28 2024 13:56:24 EDT from Nurb432

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Would like to go to some of those anti trump things ( like happened today outside of his trial ) holding a sign ' go home loser dirt-bags ' and wearing a mask ( since that is what they do  ) with a 'bird' on it.  Its free speech, so deal with it ( not a feathered kind.. middle finger kind )



( and De Niro needs to be packed up and shipped out of the country. hes an idiot jerk, and never was a good actor either )

[#] Thu May 30 2024 07:38:18 EDT from Nurb432

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Possibility:  Biden cheats his way into office again this fall.   Gets sworn in so its official, and then he bows out soon after "for health reasons" ( to save face ), leaving Harris as diversity hire #2. "look! finally we get our female president, and shes not evil white!" ( as they cant even cheat her into office shes so unlikable, even to her own party )  They think all the hatred will go with Biden, since that is partially why he was installed: Distract people since he is a generally unlikable POS.

Then the handlers destroy what is left of the country. Which may not be much by fall anyway..  We have confirmed terrorists now that have crossed the border. They are waiting for orders. And the economy collapses this summer anyway, leaving everything in ruin from that angle.

[#] Thu May 30 2024 17:17:49 EDT from msgrhys

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"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine" Obi-Wan Kenobi Donald J. Trump

[#] Thu May 30 2024 18:52:19 EDT from Nurb432

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"Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 felony counts in the Manhattan hush money case for covering up a scheme to corrupt the 2016 election. In a statement to the media, the former president called the unprecedented trial "rigged" following the verdict. He will be sentenced on July 11."


As of this evening we are officially a banana republic. We are lost

[#] Thu May 30 2024 20:44:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Go to hell Joe, and take your kenyan islamofascist boss with you.

I sincerely hope that everyone from Juror #1 to Juror #12 to the judge and the DA and the media right up to Biden and Obama die painfully in car or plane crashes. This is what insurrection REALLY looks like.

May all who watch MSNBC (except to make fun of it) get fast-acting COVID and die from TDS-aggravated heart attacks.

[#] Thu May 30 2024 20:45:20 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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( and De Niro needs to be packed up and shipped out of the country.
hes an idiot jerk, and never was a good actor either )

De Niro needs to be beaten to death with a baseball bat just like he did to that dude in the one movie.

All hollywood liberals do.

[#] Fri May 31 2024 07:24:12 EDT from Nurb432

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But dont forget, O is not the top of the chain by any stretch of the imagination. Hes just a pawn in a larger project.  While he is not senile like Joe is, in reality he's just a racist Muslim dumbass, he could not orchestrate his way out of a paper bag on his own. everything he has done has been via direction from above him. 

Thu May 30 2024 20:44:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Go to hell Joe, and take your kenyan islamofascist boss with you.


[#] Fri May 31 2024 08:25:02 EDT from Nurb432

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I do wonder tho, how many of them voted to convict out of fear. Even if they were not directly threatened, if they are the least bit aware of what is going on around them, they know there was a risk to themselves and their family if they didnt obey the narrative. 


Thu May 30 2024 20:44:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

I sincerely hope that everyone from Juror #1 to Juror #12 


[#] Fri May 31 2024 09:42:02 EDT from Nurb432

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"Trump site crashes due to flood of donations."  Or it was a DDoS. Doubt they would admit that if it was the case, too many donations sounds better.  And along those lines, i am surprised the admin does not have anything Trump does on-line flooded into oblivion. You know the NSA can do that, with zero ties back to them.

[#] Fri May 31 2024 10:10:54 EDT from Nurb432

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Sometimes when i'm bored i will read comments people put out on stories. Mostly for the comedic value, as even if i agree with them they are often lunatics. Until today, most of the places id would read at were mostly right leaning, with they occasional leftist freak tossed in. But mostly they stayed away, knowing they were not welcome.  Today, after the verdict they have been over run with leftists.  I guess now that America is dead, they have no reason to hide anymore.  And there are more out there than people realize.

Aside from their vocal interference I expect the violence of the left to blossom now as well. What do they have to fear now? The entire system has been lost to their side and it was proven last night.

[#] Fri May 31 2024 10:33:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I do wonder tho, how many of them voted to convict out of fear. Even

Ah yes, the OJ Simpson effect.

[#] Fri May 31 2024 19:09:03 EDT from Nurb432

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Whitehouse bulletin:  5/31/2024 20:00 EST.


Due to the imminent threat to our American democracy by this group, as of this evening i, your president have taken steps to ensure safety and order.  I have declared that MAGA is an illegal domestic terrorist group, and all members, including their leader, a convicted felon, as domestic terrorists of immediate threat.

All members must immediately turn themselves in for processing. I have authorized the maximum penalty for said terrorists, immediate and unconditional execution.  All assets for members are to be seized immediately.

I am, by executive order, transferring all state national guard into service to find and bring all members to justice immediately. 

I ask for your assistance in this, patriots, by notifying local authorities of all MAGA terrorists that have not turned themselves in by noon Saturday.

Due to the risk and severity of this threat to our great nation, i have also suspended all federal, state and local elections until further notice. 




I of course am joking. I hope.

[#] Sun Jun 02 2024 07:33:26 EDT from Nurb432

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Senate Republicans vow to 'freeze' the government and no longer cooperate with Democrats on anything other than basic citizen safety.

They talk big. Bets on if it even lasts the weekend before they fold?



[#] Sun Jun 02 2024 14:00:47 EDT from Nurb432

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Wow, even that scumbag RINO Mitt slammed the trial ... 



[#] Sun Jun 02 2024 15:51:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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There's a sense even among far-left democrats like Romney that they went too far. They crossed the Rubicon. And I do believe that everyone involved, -- Bragg, Merchan, Biden, Obama, and especially the entire cast of The View -- have committed the highest level of treason and sedition and have absolutely earned the death penalty.

I'm still voting for the Outlaw. Quite proudly.

[#] Sun Jun 02 2024 16:03:44 EDT from Nurb432

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My main concern is now they have went after him and 'won', who is next?

  • Political leaders who support him?
  • Citizen donors ( like happened to the trucker fund stuff in Canada )?
  • Run-of-the-mill Trump supporters?   
  • Generic registered Republicans?
  • Everyone? ( spawn the coming 'mass event' i have been predicting, enact martial law and total crack down of everyone and everything )



Now that they proved they can and will take down the top and dont give a flying F about the law to everyone, the rest of us have no chance to fight back.  ( the still ongoing Jan 6 fiasco was just testing the waters )

[#] Sun Jun 02 2024 21:38:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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And people laughed at Scott Adams when he predicted that "republicans and conservatives will be hunted."

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