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[#] Wed May 08 2024 16:01:12 EDT from Nurb432

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"Biden wobbles at door of AirForce One"

I really wish the media would focus on his lack of mental ability instead. I honestly dont care if he cant stand at all or didnt even have legs...... as long as his brain was not fried from senility and drugs to make him appear coherent.  Physical ability has zero to do with ability to lead.  

I also cant 'make fun' of physical abilities, as we will all get old, and any one of us could have an accident at any age, leaving us in bad physical shape.


( of course he's on the wrong side of EVERY issue for supporting Americans and our future, but you get my point )

[#] Sun May 12 2024 13:01:43 EDT from Nurb432

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LoL does anyone actually believe this nonsense anymore? Bunch of criminals. Our founders would be ashamed.


"House Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., is drafting articles of impeachment against President Biden after he withheld aid to Israel. 

[#] Sun May 12 2024 20:14:20 EDT from msgrhys

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[#] Mon May 13 2024 21:43:51 EDT from msgrhys

Subject: Inflation

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[#] Mon May 13 2024 23:37:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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How does that work with the state ballots? A redo? Party just gets to install their favorite without having to meet requirements? Will it be totally uncharted territory. Or total chaos and it all falls apart ( if it hasn't by then anyway ). 

It would end up being a "brokered convention."

Of course, for the dems every convention is essentially a brokered convention, since the candidacy of their favorite insider is virtually guaranteed by the presence of "superdelegates."

[#] Tue May 14 2024 16:32:00 EDT from Nurb432

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LoL Hunter B. has a book.... 

[#] Wed May 15 2024 20:35:48 EDT from Nurb432

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They are letting Biden debate Trump now, before the DNC meet, so that they can get Trump to 'play his hand' and then replace Biden and planned. Then when asked for another debate with the new candidate: "sorry you had  your debate" and run with trying to counter in the media all that he said in the debates earlier.. And use the topics that resonated with the people as their own.

[#] Thu May 16 2024 18:44:31 EDT from msgrhys

Subject: Using Biden's own statement against him

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[#] Fri May 17 2024 10:31:56 EDT from Nurb432

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Of course she denied it, cant show any weakness to the media..  "might lose" cant even joke..    Sad thing is California is so far gone, they might actually elect her, so she can shovel the last few bits of dirt onto their grave. Really wish the rest of us could vote them out of the union, and erect a wall.  ( and of course give the good ones a window to escape.. i realize not EVERYONE is bad there, but the majority is. The state as a unit is lost )


"Vice President Kamala Harris might have lofty future ambitions if President Joe Biden loses his office to former President Donald Trump this fall: California’s governorship.

Harris “joked to friends” that she would run for governor in the Golden State when Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) vacates the office in 2026, according to Politico. 

Harris’s camp has denied the reports."

[#] Sat May 18 2024 17:34:37 EDT from msgrhys

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Some Muslim once said giving a woman power is like giving a gun to a monkey. Even if you are a member of the Repeal the 19th crowd you should be able to understand that is an exaggeration at best, and utter baloney at worst.


Meanwhile leftists are determined to not be outdone:




[#] Sat May 18 2024 18:01:28 EDT from Nurb432

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All part of the narrative to disarm and dis-freedom us.  They are warming up the trains as we speak.

Sat May 18 2024 17:34:37 EDT from msgrhys





[#] Sat May 18 2024 19:46:26 EDT from Nurb432

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Pretty sure debates will be canceled now.  "Trump demands drug test"  They wont allow that.


Which is just as well. they will be rigged anyway. Just like the last election, and just like the coming one. 

[#] Tue May 21 2024 18:27:13 EDT from Nurb432

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"Defense rests"

Bets on when they come back with a guilty verdict? Days? Minutes?

[#] Wed May 22 2024 07:40:33 EDT from Nurb432

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"court docs reveal Biden's DOJ authorized 'deadly force' in Mar-a-Lago raid"

[#] Wed May 22 2024 11:49:44 EDT from Nurb432

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Surprised it wasn't envelops full of fentanyl..  These people need to get a life or GTFO of the country. 


"The Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., was placed on lockdown early Wednesday morning after two vials of blood were found in a suspicious package received by the RNC, U.S. Capitol Police confirmed. "

[#] Fri May 24 2024 09:02:01 EDT from Nurb432

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"Trump makes bold prediction: If we win this state, 'we take over the country'


ya that wont be taken out of context by the leftstream media..   

[#] Sun May 26 2024 16:10:09 EDT from Nurb432

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Judge in Trumps case tells jury they "dont have to agree to convict him".  Really? Break the rule of law for optics? Should that not be grounds for his disbarment?  

Even more reason for it to be overturned on appeal. These people are scumbags and need to be expelled from the country. 

[#] Mon May 27 2024 07:57:12 EDT from Nurb432

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So we all know this planned influx of illegals serves a few obvious purposes:

  • Population increase in particular areas to manipulate voting and keep a particular party in power
  • Increase the chaos, which also ( normally ) supports the same party in the poles. ( not this time ). 
  • Possible 'mass event'  so as to take control over the population, and again, manipulate voting ( and just due to thirst for power ).
  • Typical wealth distribution.  While the handouts is a lot, its trivial compared to the funds given to the 'human rights foundations' and 'service management entities' for the 'unfairly oppressed migrants'   ( IE political donors and club members )

But while sitting in the dark last night, ( power outage ahead of some storms.. that never did quite make it to us.. strangely ) after watching 1/2 of a so-so AI apocalypse scifi type movie had a thought of another possible longer term goal.

Get the citizens angry enough about the illegals among us, to the point we agree to mandatory biometric identity systems for all citizens and real immigrants, and institute random checkpoints, and real time tracking.   " in the name of security and safety "

Make it easier to weed out the undesirable segment of population when the time comes.  You know, the ones that vote 'wrong', or believe in freedom and liberty.. 

[#] Mon May 27 2024 17:00:09 EDT from msgrhys

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There's a public park in my hometown. In the public restroom "JOE BIDEN IS GAY" is written in the stalls.

[#] Mon May 27 2024 17:11:59 EDT from Nurb432

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They could have picked a better statement.

Myself, i dont care his orientation.  But i do care hes a radial communist authoritarian pig hell bent on destroying this country ( along with his handlers.. )

Mon May 27 2024 17:00:09 EDT from msgrhys

There's a public park in my hometown. In the public restroom "JOE BIDEN IS GAY" is written in the stalls.


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