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[#] Fri Mar 22 2024 07:45:35 EDT from Nurb432

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wtf. some new law in Kalifornia, that mug shots are not to be made available to the public or something? 

 Its freaking public record and a public safety issue ( if they are adults at least, children, its debatable. However, I tend to lean towards the crime in that case to be the determining factor. )

[#] Fri Mar 22 2024 12:50:24 EDT from Nurb432

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Marjorie Taylor Greene has filed a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson...  And while i agree in principle as hes already proven to cave and needs gone, my concern is that its possible to end up with a democrat speaker due to the current population, then we are even more f-ed than him remaining speaker until the elections, when i hope the demographic changes in congress..  

[#] Fri Mar 22 2024 16:48:23 EDT from Nurb432

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And another $1.x trillion gone.  Of course they passed it, cant derail the gravy train.   We are at what now $15T in the hole?

[#] Fri Mar 22 2024 16:52:21 EDT from Nurb432

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So NYC fined Trump 500M. Really inexplicably out of line.

Unless, you read his required campaign finance disclosure..  low and behold it was about the same that Trump had in the "bank" to spend on the campaign..  Even when he wins on appeal, it still hurts the campaign in the mean time.. 

[#] Sun Mar 24 2024 09:56:52 EDT from Nurb432

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I suspect next week NYC will seize Trump Tower. They will tear the sign down the same day just to piss him off. Then in a year or so he will win it back in appeals. Of course they will drag those hearings out as long as they can.

I bet they turn it into an illegal migrant shelter, and destroy the place in a matter of weeks. might even let it literally burn to the ground "sorry, but the newcomers accidentally stared a fire, and we just didnt have the manpower to put it out.  But hey, court said, you get it back so here is the key its yours again.. lolololol"  then decades of suits to recover the cost of restoration 


I really hope after all this is done, he liquidates everything and heads out of town. I realize its his "home" he loved the city, bla bla, but its not the same town anymore, and will never recover. its time to pack up and move on, nothing else for the sake of his family. ( just saw today the mayor was meeting with drug dealers, to ask them not to sell drugs at the local burger joint.. wtf. ). 

[#] Mon Mar 25 2024 14:44:02 EDT from Nurb432

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So i was not expecting.   Applet court reduced it down to 175 milion, which im sure he has cash for in a box in the closet.   I guess they are afraid if this getting to SCOTUS and the entire thing being shut down.


Sad part is even after he wins in appellate, since its 'bond' i think he loses it regardless.  I remember a time years and years ago i bailed a friend out of jail.  I though i got my $ back when he showed to court..   but no, its a payment for the privilege of being out.

[#] Tue Mar 26 2024 14:14:29 EDT from msgrhys

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Mark Dice can’t go a week without bitching about Ben Shapiro.

[#] Thu Mar 28 2024 19:30:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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"For an organisation to exist, has to expel entropy into its environment. Republics are bad at this, so they eventually die, and their death throes are apt to be horrifying and catastrophic.

I think we will eventually figure out something better than aristocracy and divine right under God, but right now, that is the leading edge of social technology.

The corporate form and private military companies organised in the corporate form may perhaps give us a hint of the next step in social technology.

A republic starts out with a very limited franchise, but the limits are accident of war and politics, so are difficult to defend morally, and bad people always want to include more bad people, with the current invasion being the ultimate conclusion of this, and it is hard to argue against inclusion, when your current limits are rather arbitrary and accidental. And there is never a concentrated and powerful interest with the capability and power to defend the existing limits.

Aristocracy started out as men with very swift swords who had the moral and intellectual capability to keep the peace with each other. They needed to have capitalism, because they needed advanced weaponry — armor and horses capable of carrying an armored man into battle being the high tech of its time, so in time became rule by gentlemen — men who could be relied on to refrain from killing another gentleman. Which is what qualified them as gentle."

   -- brother Jim (spelling and grammar corrected by me)


[#] Thu Mar 28 2024 20:11:14 EDT from zelgomer

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These monarchy people have a very special kind of selective memory.

[#] Fri Mar 29 2024 09:54:05 EDT from Nurb432

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Bet she is pro-choice, and a huge hypocrite:


"A New Jersey Democrat is facing calls to resign after mocking Easter with an ill-advised rainbow-colored meme that offended many Christians. Glen Rock Borough Councilwoman Paula Gilligan shared a meme on Instagram last week that stated: 'Easter eggs are aborted chicken babies that are painted in drag for small children to worship.'  Local residents responded by demanding an apology from the councilwoman, with some insisting that Gilligan step down from Glen Rock’s all-Democrat, all-female council."

[#] Sat Mar 30 2024 13:55:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Take back the rainbow. Genesis 9:13

[#] Sat Mar 30 2024 14:08:00 EDT from Nurb432

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"The collapse of the Baltimore bridge is just yet another indicator of the collapse of the American infrastructure and we need more ( tax payer ) funding as its an emergency/crisis/etc...."


Um, while i do agree we do have some issues that need addressed ( with current funding, stop sending it away ), the bridge was hit by a freaking bazillion ton ship head on..  it didnt just spontaneously collapse one afternoon..

[#] Sat Mar 30 2024 20:06:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I heard that the captain had exemplary performance, contacting emergency services immediately and getting the bridge shut down in less than 180 seconds after the ship lost power.

The hitlerleft is trying to politicize it by lionizing the illegal aliens who were painting the bridge and died in the accident, but that's hardly relevant.
The lives of American motorists are worth far more than the lives of people who deserved to have been shot when they were trying to invade the country.

[#] Sun Mar 31 2024 07:59:55 EDT from Nurb432

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ya i heard that too "we lost 6 immigrants  so we need to continue to freely allow them in" ( slightly paraphrased and they left out the illegal part, tho i suspected since they were pro-invasion )  I dont, but even if i agreed,"ok, let in 6 more in, vetted of course", not "we lost 6 we need millions to be allowed in"

And i also do think the captain did his job well, with the nearly instant mayday call, tho its odd they were running straight towards the supports when the power went out.  Would think that would not be normal practice, just in case of events like this ( power, engine failure, etc..  dont set up for accidents ).  Its too bad we will never hear the truth of what took out the power for such a short period of time. ( or believe what we hear ),

[#] Mon Apr 01 2024 03:41:28 EDT from darknetuser

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2024-03-28 20:11 from zelgomer
These monarchy people have a very special kind of selective memory.

Monarchy had nothnging to do with it. Ultimately, monarchy destroyed the feudal system by becoming too powerful for the nobles to handle.

[#] Mon Apr 01 2024 13:55:12 EDT from Nurb432

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AOC.  A former bar tender, who had no assets, has been working in congress for what, 4 or 5 years now? Their salary is ~150k.

Shes worth nearly 30 million now.

What a crock. 

[#] Mon Apr 01 2024 20:17:44 EDT from Nurb432

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At some point i ended up singing up for some Trump news letter thing, tied to the now defunct parler ( but they still mail out stuff... ).  Might see something once a week, so its not a big deal.

Just got one tonight " i am suspending my campaign "  then in the body, " just kidding, happy April  fools day"

lol, sort of expected that sort of joke from him.

[#] Wed Apr 03 2024 15:56:32 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Shes worth nearly 30 million now.

She's an actress. Famous actors make big bucks. That's how Hollywashington works.

[#] Sat Apr 06 2024 09:44:10 EDT from Nurb432

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Some democrats are actually claiming that the earthquake was caused by 'man made climate change'.

....and they call MAGA a cult..... 

[#] Wed Apr 10 2024 16:57:49 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Sunny Hostin, one of the cackling harpies of "The View", actually blamed the earthquake and the eclipse on climate change.  Such an outrageous position that she actually had to be corrected by one of her fellow harpies.

How completely brain damaged do you have to be to say something so ridiculous that Whoopi Goldberg is the voice of reason?!?

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