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[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 12:46:58 EDT from LoanShark

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Feeling insecure? Nothing a little SSL fascism won't cure.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 12:48:09 EDT from LoanShark

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Gee, I'm really gonna miss Fred Phelps. </saidByNoOne>

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 13:34:27 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Let's hope his fellow religious bigot Dan Barker meets the same fate soon.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 14:03:09 EDT from fleeb

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I've heard Mr. Phelps will not have a funeral. Probably to deny people the opportunity to return in kind.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 14:42:56 EDT from zooer

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You can still pay your respects outside the church.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 15:24:27 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Ha.  I'd almost rather he have the funeral - and have no one show up at all.  Let everyone see how truly irrelevant, hateful (hated), and little missed he will be.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 19:03:08 EDT from interrupt

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damn those are the only rooms i could be alone in :D

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 20:30:47 EDT from zooer

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Considering his church was mostly made up of his family members I don't think anyone but family would show up.
I read somewhere a couple of gay guys purchased the house across the street from the church and went all out.
They painted the house in rainbow colors, etc.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 22:18:54 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, yeah, I've seen a picture of that house. Very confronting.

[#] Thu Mar 20 2014 23:08:03 EDT from ax25

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Wow, even the bug:

[#] Fri Mar 21 2014 10:22:07 EDT from zooer

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....>shakes head<....

I really don't give a damn but the 'over the top please notice me!' crap drives me crazy. Live your life, I
don't care, but please stop acting like you are so special and we need to care about you.

[#] Fri Mar 21 2014 10:28:00 EDT from fleeb

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I'm not particularly enamoured of that, either.

[#] Sun Mar 23 2014 13:27:32 EDT from Jon Oringer

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Hello again. 

[#] Sun Mar 23 2014 13:51:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Wow, blast from the past. From what I've heard you've come a long way since the chaotic days of old.

[#] Sun Mar 23 2014 14:51:58 EDT from Jon Oringer

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When I turned 14, I decided it was time to funnel my disruptive tendencies into building something..

Last time I posted here was 25 years ago.. and I was 13.

Glad to see the oringerism app doesn't exist any longer :) or does it?


[#] Mon Mar 24 2014 07:29:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Nope, that's long gone. Like a gig, man. :)

Really really nice to see all that energy channeled into success. Sometimes we need to see these stories to reaffirm our faith in the goodness of humanity.

[#] Tue Mar 25 2014 17:14:13 EDT from Randy Pike

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well here I am

[#] Tue Mar 25 2014 23:22:51 EDT from zooer

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Welcome Commander Pike

[#] Tue Mar 25 2014 23:31:29 EDT from ax25

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Flash one green light for "that's cool with me".

[#] Wed Mar 26 2014 02:18:20 EDT from Ziggy

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I'm 16. And I have this fascination for the older technologies that none of the new ones can give me... I can't be satisfied with the new tablets or smart phones or anything, I think, until I have my fill of what it used to be like. What it was before it is now. Because all I really have to fit with that time are dead BBSes, which I wonder what they were like when they actually had activity... And a bunch of older tech... Completely obsolete now... Tape drives, floppy disks, hell, the CD Drive will be completely obsolete after too long...

I just feel like I want to find something... Else... Out there... Besides the modern forums, the chat sites, the fancy looking websites, the supercomputers worth less than a car, and the video games that make slightly slow children question reality...
So here I am on a BBS, lol... Yep...

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