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[#] Tue Aug 01 2017 17:46:17 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Web services written *by* the 419 scammers! Now they won't have to phish because every bit of private information you enter is automatically sent to a centralized cloud service in Nigeria.

[#] Sat Aug 12 2017 19:16:12 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I know this is going to come as a surprise to some of you, but news is starting to come out confirming that Google is evil.

[#] Sat Aug 12 2017 21:00:54 EDT from kc5tja

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All publicly traded companies, regardless of size, is evil by definition (all hail the stock holders!). It's just a matter of how evil scales with size.

[#] Sun Aug 13 2017 13:43:26 EDT from zooer

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Several years ago when I said "Google was evil" you insisted that google was saintly and did no wrong.

[#] Sun Aug 13 2017 21:27:06 EDT from kc5tja

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Me? I don't recall saying that. I do recall saying they were *least* evil.

[#] Wed Aug 16 2017 12:39:01 EDT from nonservator

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March on Google cancelled due to credible threats of violence.

[#] Thu Aug 17 2017 18:37:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Me? I don't recall saying that. I do recall saying they were *least*


Was that addressed to you or me? Either way I think we are in agreement.

When Google was touting "don't be evil" it was said and heard as "don't be like Microsoft" and at the time it was true. Also the company was not politically connected to anyone at the time.

Now ... the idea that Google, Facebook, and Twitter now have the power to be "thought police" and have made it clear that they're actively interested in abusing that power ... that takes things to a whole new level. Any wrongthink is labeled "hate speech" or "not advertiser friendly" or whatever, and either removed or demonetized.

Beware the savage jaw ... of 1984

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