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[#] Thu Dec 19 2013 07:44:21 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Apple wants to be Cray?

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geez, look at the wannabe-hip-and-trendy new Mac "pro"

It looks like a trash can, actually.  (If you can't see the photo, go to )

Seymour Cray used a round cabinet design to minimize the wiring distance between any two points in the chassis.  Apple's round design is just ... some sort of artsy-trash kind of thing that would look more appropriate in an art show than on a computer user's desk.

And at $3000 (which does not include a keyboard or mouse, and certainly not a monitor) it's probably twice the cost of a non-fruity computer of equal power.

[#] Thu Dec 19 2013 10:00:39 EST from Ladyhawke

Subject: Re: Apple wants to be Cray?

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Well, agreed it's a bit ugly, but you have to admire the innovation behind it.  Plus, 70% cooler is nothing to sneeze at....

[#] Thu Dec 19 2013 15:47:43 EST from the_mgt

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Yes, trashcan like, but on the other hand, is there any microsoft workstation that is beautiful or does not look like something that hosts the hardware that manages an assembly line?

From what I read, you can easily turn this trashcan around in order to reach the ports on the backside, which are lit, too. Comparing that to your usual yoga/digging under the table in the dust routine...

Anyway, haters gonna hate and I wouldn't want to buy a machine in this price class anyway.

[#] Thu Dec 19 2013 16:14:02 EST from zooer

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Fill it with water and add flowers.

[#] Thu Dec 19 2013 16:43:28 EST from dothebart

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seems as if that can serve a lot of screen real estate?

[#] Thu Dec 19 2013 18:52:51 EST from Ladyhawke

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Quote of the Day:

Thu Dec 19 2013 03:47:43 PM EST from the_mgt @ Uncensored

<...>your usual yoga/digging under the table in the dust routine...


[#] Sun Dec 22 2013 18:14:35 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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that to your usual yoga/digging under the table in the dust

Speak for yourself. I have a full size server rack next to my desk.

[#] Mon Dec 23 2013 05:11:19 EST from the_mgt

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Seems I wasn't the only one thinking that this Macintrash was turnable. It isn't. Still, the ports have illumination.

And I saw server racks with messed up cables, too. But my experience with workstations/desktops is, that there are tw kinds of people:

1. OCD nerds which fix every single cable to everything solid in reach with these plastic cable fixers. Wanna move the machine 5cm to the right? Nope, connected to the table/heating/apprentice.

2. Idiots that weave every cable around every other cable in vicinity. Wanna move the machine? Not without disconnecting every single cord and untying the gordian knot.

[#] Mon Dec 23 2013 11:38:08 EST from Shazam

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I'm pretty sure that cabels weave themselves around each other to make one huge knot when they're left unwatched for too long.

[#] Tue Dec 24 2013 11:30:24 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I am a proud member of the first group.  To be honest, I wish I could have a computer without a floating keyboard.  Built in to the desk would be preferable.  Nothing must move, ever.

[#] Tue Dec 24 2013 13:56:53 EST from wizard of aahz

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As long as that keyboard was clicky. Very important!

[#] Thu Dec 26 2013 10:41:08 EST from Ladyhawke

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Dear's IG's dream *does* exist! 

[#] Thu Dec 26 2013 13:10:19 EST from dothebart

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I guess its a screenshot from the first tron movie.

[#] Thu Dec 26 2013 22:51:01 EST from ax25

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ding, ding, ding... We have a winner!

[#] Sat Dec 28 2013 11:07:05 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Would you be disappointed if I said I didn't like it?

Glass desks are not really my thing. And as Aahz pointed out, that keyboard isn't clicky.

Maybe if the entire thing were one big Android tablet it might be *slightly* usable :)

[#] Sun Dec 29 2013 22:00:43 EST from ax25

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Nah, just popped in to my head when the discussion turned to computers in desks and all.

[#] Thu Sep 11 2014 15:26:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I know nobody noticed, but Apple released some new products this week. One was a smartwatch with ho-hum specs, and the other was a non-Android phone with a slightly larger screen than their previous non-Android phone.

If this is the best they can do without Steve Jobs ... they're toast.

[#] Thu Sep 11 2014 15:32:04 EDT from fleeb

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Yeah, saw some bits of a video with the watch.


[#] Thu Sep 11 2014 15:37:50 EDT from zooer

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But U2 released an album on I.... i... imusic thing. and it was free, but I don't have a compatable computer so
I couldn't download it.

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