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[#] Mon Sep 13 2021 11:02:02 EDT from nonservator

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I would trust friend A's word that friend B was who they said they were. I would not trust GloboHomoXYZCorp.

[#] Mon Sep 13 2021 12:23:09 EDT from Nurb432

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In a perfect world, ya. but we dont live in a perfect world.  you will trust company x. we demand it. 

[#] Mon Sep 13 2021 15:06:15 EDT from LoanShark

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Or you will use certificate pinning if you don't. But that's not always easy to implement.

[#] Mon Sep 13 2021 15:10:01 EDT from LoanShark

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pinning considered "more risk than reward"

[#] Tue Sep 14 2021 09:34:27 EDT from nonservator

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I'm just not gonna do it, is all

[#] Sun Sep 19 2021 12:22:03 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Daytime grocery shoppers

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Today, some *** and her child, flying out of a isle at top speed, ran into someone with her overflowing cart, didnt even say anything just hit out of the way ( in effect ) and ran.

Another woman, went to the 'prepack cut meat' area, where they put those 1 pound bags of popular meats and cheeses. Instead of standing in line, she was grabbing random handfuls of meat and cheese, at least 20 pounds before i pushed her out of the way and got my little 1 pound of chicken.   Great, you want lots of meat, go stand in line, dont take the 'quick grab' and empty it.. 

[#] Thu Sep 30 2021 16:21:27 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Is this "drive like a moron day"?

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In 20 miles on way home:
  • Guy slightly in front of me in other lane about got t-boned from a guy that ran a light that had NOT just turned. ( id have been collateral damage due to speed and direction as the other guy would have spun into me if he had been hit )
  • Few miles more, guy got tired of a slow semi, and drove on the sidewalk to get around him.
  • Then a car sticking out of a house.. ( several police.. etc )
  • 2 more red lights ran..
  • A go cart.. driving down the middle of state road 135 ( major state road around here. 4+ lanes )
  • oh and a school bus that smelled like pot...
Far worse than normal.

[#] Fri Oct 08 2021 02:05:15 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

Subject: Re: Is this "drive like a moron day"?

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Same here. I don't have bullet points - but there were a ton of morons on the road today. Almost got hit in the parking lot - and predicted the guy was going to do it before he did, so I had already started evasive maneuvers when he attempted to. 

He pulled up next to me once we got out on the street, wouldn't look at me, his girlfriend looked over at me for just an instant and quickly rolled her eyes in a total, "OMG, I know... he is an idiot!" way. I *saw* her yelling at him as I swerved around him. 


Thu Sep 30 2021 16:21:27 EDT from Nurb432 Subject: Is this "drive like a moron day"?
Far worse than normal.


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