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[#] Mon Sep 20 2021 22:10:36 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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This is absolutely how you do it. And in practical application - it started with escapist fiction. Comics and Sci Fi, gaming, computer gaming, finally mainstream cinema... and it is almost all driven by LGBT+ activism. All of the Identity Politics in ALL of these groups was introduced by the LGBT community agitating for "representation" - and BLM and AntiFA and actually, the Church of Satan, are all part of this too.

But really it is *socialists* who infiltrated the LGBT community and then aimed them at these groups. They got the LGBT community to become activists promoting their interests, then they did the same thing with PoC, feminism, Atheism.

Here is when you know your niche tribe is in trouble - when suddenly people aren't "A SciFi fan, or a FRP fan, or a Computer Fan, or a Comics fan..."

But instead, they are a "LGBT TG POC Comics books fan..." When they start adding modifiers in front of their fandom - they've arrived, and soon you'll be getting called a gatekeeper and driven out of the community you nurtured in obscurity for 4 decades.

And once they get a big enough presence and enough high level control in each community, they start directing everyone there - who understands the penalty for non-compliance is exile from this community that is core to their identity - toward specific targets.

That is another problem with the Internet - It used to be that the disenfranchised weirdos didn't have a united voice, where the popular and accepted were all united, each on a local level.

The Internet made the outcasts and misfits realize they were legion - and that even if they thought they were alone in their local community - no, there was a whole ARMY of people who liked dressing up as My Little Pony and buggering one another. And that gave them power and a voice.

And it turns out, that is a terrible thing.


Mon Sep 20 2021 08:44:51 EDT from darknetuser
We are losing the culture war, and we will all pay for it one way or

another.  Unfortunately I don't know how to fight a culture war. 

I'm a computer nerd.  I've never been very popular, nor have I ever

been very good at convincing others to adopt my ideas or opinions of


The way you fight a culture war is as follows:

You pick a bunch of strategic groups an infiltrate them. I am not talking about big groups such as "Military" or "Moviemaking", but small groups such as "The Local Chess Club". Then, you use those groups for political dealings. "I will support your urbanism plan if you give us a handout for purchasing 200 chess boards."

At some point, the sum of the groups you control is so big that you may start taking bids. You support the party that gives you more of what you want.

The trick is to use, in the begining, groups that are not recognizeable as political entities. Everybody knows chess is apolitic, right? So it is easy to move into a Chess club and overtake it because there won't be resistence. They are not politic so they won't care much if somebody shows up with a don't thread on me shirt. This allows you to bring more of your friends until the Club belongs to you.

Except you should try not to be very obvious until it is too late for the normal Chess club members to react.

The issue in these cases is having friends to begin with, so you can start with the infiltration. You can also create your own group from scratch if need be but that is more work and you still needs friends on board with the plan.

Once you are big enough you are an economic power on your own. There is people who depends on you. Maybe they need your club to exist because you are the only place in the area where they can play Chess. Maybe you are the main consumer of Chess pieces in the State, so boardgame factories depend on you to survive and will defend you to the death. This is the endgame point because in that moment you have a whole lot of people fighting for your political goals and funding your political goals even if they don't have any special interest in them.

I am in local politics, and THIS is the handbook.

Now what you have to do is find people enough, with free time enough, to do it. There is a reason why the left is always poaching for students: they have a lot of energy and a lot of spare time, so they provide a lot of bang for the buck if you manage to recruit one.


[#] Sun Sep 26 2021 16:15:54 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: anti-gun people deserve to be shot.

[#] Sat Oct 09 2021 11:13:56 EDT from Nurb432

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Garage clean/purge continues.

Ran across a sardine can of 7.62x39 stripper clips buried under a box of computer books ( no wonder i didnt see it there ).  Nice to find ammo instead of expend it...


Books get donated of course. 

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