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[#] Fri Aug 26 2016 10:42:48 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Today I learned that "single source of truth" is actually a technical term.
Because I'm doing a lot of integration work right now I'm hearing it a lot and thought it was just a trendy phrase that people have been throwing around.
Turns out it's more or less official industry terminology.

[#] Fri Aug 26 2016 10:43:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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(By the way ... as someone once told me ... "You learn something new every day, or you die stupid.")

[#] Fri Aug 26 2016 11:06:00 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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SSOT is pretty common term if you hang out with database guys....

[#] Fri Aug 26 2016 17:45:40 EDT from the_mgt

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Database guys are the funniest. As a philosopher, I feel right home there, with all the quirky lingo. I realized the connection far too late in my university years.

I had the weirdest prejudices about how boring database stuff was. Until I went to some lectures and fell in love.

What I relearned today: how fun it is to eat at a restaurant with philosophy profs.

[#] Fri Aug 26 2016 19:59:47 EDT from zooer

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Did it go anything like this? 

[#] Sat Aug 27 2016 06:39:22 EDT from the_mgt

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Nope, it is more like applying technical terminology to every day life stuff. A bit like computer guys nerding out. 

[#] Sun Aug 28 2016 16:55:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Database guys are some of the most rigid, inflexible people I've ever met.
SSOT isn't just a technical term for them, it's a way of life. And we're not even talking about data, we're talking about "there's ONE way to do it and don't you dare challenge my book learning with your real world pragmatism."

Oh, and TIL that there's a Pikachu somewhere in Riverdale and I'm probably going to end up making a trip there just to catch him.

[#] Sat Oct 08 2016 13:24:25 EDT from nristen

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I have found that relational db people fit that description however nosql people are the opposite extreme.

[#] Mon Oct 10 2016 06:21:55 EDT from the_mgt

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At least the database/information systems department here at the university is populated by the most relaxed and sympathetic guys of all the ones I have gotten to know. The theoretical informatics guys have a stick up their ass and some are outright assholes. The other departments have various degrees of stubbornness and other fugly character traits. Almost non of them is fun to deal with. The head of the operating systems department is nice and really competent, but those are rare. 

[#] Tue Oct 11 2016 08:25:00 EDT from fleeb

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Today, I learned that a Note7 can be put out by a condominium under the right conditions.

[#] Sun Oct 16 2016 19:06:40 EDT from zooer

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There is a difference between 'hot dog buns' and 'frankfurter buns'


[#] Tue Oct 18 2016 19:04:15 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Fascinating, Zoo....  And what is that difference, for inquiring minds?

[#] Tue Oct 18 2016 23:20:49 EDT from zooer

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I am sure you have seen both types. I thought it was each bakery had their own way of making them, I didn't know that each style had a name.  Hot dog buns have more of a round or curved shape and are are sliced from the side.  They look more like a sub roll.  Frankfurter buns have a more squared off shape and open from the top, have more of a pocket and are more expensive.


[#] Wed Oct 19 2016 07:23:11 EDT from zooer

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....  The hot dog buns are brown on both sides and the top, the frankfurter roll is white on both sides and browned on the top, a crust similar to a slice of bread.

[#] Wed Oct 19 2016 08:13:17 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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And it appears that one comes in a package of 8 while the other comes in a package of 6.

Actually the one labeled "frankfurter" simply looks like the style you'd find in New England.  I've seen lobster rolls in that style.

[#] Wed Oct 19 2016 09:47:11 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Agree, IG, think I've mostly just seen the frankfurter type, though we've always called them hot dog buns here.

[#] Wed Oct 19 2016 11:21:10 EDT from zooer

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Yes, frankfurter rolls are more expensive, not only are there two less buns per package, the package of six frankfurter rolls is more expensive than the package of eight hot dog buns.


[#] Wed Oct 19 2016 14:21:28 EDT from the_mgt

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Because german engineering!

Sad thing: We don't get Frankfurter rolls here, only crappy Hotdog rolls.

[#] Thu Oct 20 2016 06:57:01 EDT from fleeb

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misread: 'creepy hotdog trolls'

[#] Thu Oct 20 2016 12:52:37 EDT from zooer

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That would make a great Halloween costume.

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