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[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 08:02:56 EDT from mo

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*tries to hide the other ace of clubs up sleeve* B*gger! Hahemm!




[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 08:22:43 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Wait a minute ... it looks like the *whole* *deck* is made up of Ace of Clubs cards. Or was it Ace of Base? All Your Base? Ah whatever, just gimme another beer and we'll play with this deck anyway.

[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 10:40:28 EDT from zooer

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IF you are all the ace of clubs you are all the dealer.

[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 18:30:10 EDT from mo

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Takes deck in hand shuffles deftley and throws over right shoulder.


Hey word on the street is the price of aspirin has trebbled since last week.


[#] Tue Apr 01 2014 16:27:04 EDT from mo

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*Turn and catch cards, continue deftly shuffling*



"Is this your card?"  *turns the ace of diamonds/Pamela Anderson in a bikini* :/

[#] Tue Apr 01 2014 20:57:16 EDT from ax25

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Wha... Howdja know?

[#] Thu Apr 03 2014 11:47:35 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Well there is the small matter of that "Ronco Club To Ace Converter Machine" sitting behind mo's chair.

[#] Wed Apr 09 2014 15:48:25 EDT from mo

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Finishes beer - places glass on table in triumph!!


Looks over shoulder. Puts a shilling in the Ronco aceconeverter-walkman.


*out pops a little three fingered metal hand on the end of a metal-hose-like arm, which keeps extending out of the machine-and tips me out of my chair*

A tin voice form behind me barks "Take a walk!"



[#] Thu Apr 10 2014 00:11:04 EDT from ax25

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I smash the robot out of bewilderment and fear, and then collapse to the floor breathing rapidly and heavily. 

[#] Fri Apr 11 2014 17:07:15 EDT from mo

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Orders 2 bottles of beer.  Someone whisks by plucking the money from my hand (which is a relief, because my arm aches from holding it in the air).

Crawl over to  AX25 pulling caps off beer bottles. We drink our beer. The bar is getting busy, there are nobbly knees everywhere.


[#] Mon Apr 14 2014 22:47:31 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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What's a "nobbly knee" ?

[#] Wed Apr 16 2014 02:39:41 EDT from mo

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*wishes, not so many men in the bar were wearing shorts , so i can't see their nobbly kneecaps. Is quiten taken with the ladies knobbly bits though*


[#] Thu Apr 17 2014 11:41:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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<< turns the dial from "Anchor" back to "Ship" >>

<< the room shakes and wobbles a bit >>

I've recently returned from Buffalo and I haven't had enough wings.

[#] Thu Apr 17 2014 15:05:14 EDT from Shazam

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I've been drinking too much wine lately. Need a bed, to sleep it off. Does the pub have a bed? Or should I just collapse here on the floor?

[#] Thu Apr 17 2014 17:59:45 EDT from ax25

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The floor seems nice enough.  A bit sticky, but nice enough.

[#] Thu Apr 17 2014 19:13:38 EDT from zooer

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How come you didn't stop by on your way home from Buffalo.

(I posted the other message in the wrong room)

[#] Tue Apr 22 2014 07:28:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Buffalo had a meatspace "Anchor Bar" at which we ate buffalo wings. Ever seen a buffalo with wings? Me neither. We must have eaten them all.

[#] Wed Apr 23 2014 02:19:51 EDT from mo

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St Georges day today! Not that anyone really makes a big deal of it in England, bt if we did we might get another day off work? The Irish hava a day of work on their patron saints day. I think maybe it's because no-one really has a clue who St George is? Anyway good on him! *raises glass* (bugger it's empty-was full of yoghurt a minute ago.


Its also Shakespeare's birthday today! B) He's 450 today!



[#] Wed Apr 23 2014 12:43:39 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Aren't we supposed to smash a dragon-shaped pinata that is filled with glitter, or something?

[#] Wed Apr 23 2014 22:59:21 EDT from ax25

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I am smashed, and not in drag.  Wait, wha?

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