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[#] Mon Jul 02 2018 13:57:22 EDT from kc5tja

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If you don't mind falling asleep, I'm more or less video blogging its progress from zero to working computer. is the video channel I'm maintaining for this purpose. I have a 3rd episode recorded and is waiting to be uploaded; I just ran out of time today. I'll try getting it uploaded later tonight after work.

[#] Mon Jul 09 2018 15:20:15 EDT from fleeb <>

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I beat diabetes.

Last Nov, in time for Thanksgiving, I learned I had diabetes. I put myself on a diet to reverse it.

Last week, the results of the blood work performed that week came in, and I kicked its ass. I'm so not diabetic now.

I went from 230 lbs in Nov to 160 lbs now, and I do feel considerably better.

[#] Mon Jul 09 2018 15:47:24 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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That's a HUGE achievement. Congratulations.

I lost nearly 100 lbs. It's NOT easy.

[#] Mon Jul 09 2018 19:31:40 EDT from zooer

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Fantastic guys.  Congratulations on your accomplishment! 

[#] Tue Jul 10 2018 07:39:36 EDT from fleeb <>

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Thanks, all.

It's a test of one's willpower, to be sure. At the office, Friday is bagel and donut day, and I had to smell that every time I walked into the breakroom, testing my will to resist it, heh.

Funny thing is, I could safely eat those now, but I intend to continue avoiding them. I think the tricky bit, at this point, is figuring out how much I can properly eat without losing or gaining weight.

[#] Tue Jul 10 2018 14:48:09 EDT from kc5tja

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Congratulations! That is definitely not a small achievement.

My small achievement, on the other hand, is that I signed up for a gym where the personnel there actually take the time to train you. Like everyone's heard of using rollers to roll out muscle tissue and working out kinks and stuff. How many people actually spend an *hour* doing that, in pain, with tears welling up because it hurts so much? It's cliche; it reminded me of those kung fu movies where they hyper-stretch new students, but at the end of it all, it was worth it and required. My legs are sore from just the rolling, but hot damn if the coach wasn't right -- they are far more limber than they were before, and overall I feel substantially better.

(He says, at this gym, average new-comers spend about a month just learning how to properly roll and for the pain to subside as the body gets used to the process. *NO* 24-hour fitness ever told me any of these things.)

[#] Wed Jul 11 2018 05:54:27 EDT from fleeb <>

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Huh... that sounds interesting, kc5tja.

I don't know if we have a gym in the area quite like that. But then, knowing the people in this area, it'd only get abused somehow. The folks here aren't the nicest individuals you could have as neighbors. When I retire, I definitely will move from this place.

"Rolling"? Is this some form of massage?

[#] Wed Jul 11 2018 10:42:34 EDT from LoanShark <>

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Foam rollers. Particularly useful for the iliotibial band.

Body weight massage is helpful the same way. There's a technique where you can put most of your body weight on your elbow, and use that to massage your partners gluetes/hamstrings/IT band. Builds lots of pressure.

[#] Thu Jul 12 2018 13:21:08 EDT from kc5tja

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Rolling, in this case, was not on foam, but on PVC pipe covered in a thin carpet. These were definitely quite hard. It also relies on body weight, not just for calves, but thighs and back as well.

I also learned yesterday some neck stretching using the same roller that frankly almost put me to sleep snoring. I walked into the gym with a migrane, and walked out without one. (Though it came back later in the day.) That's how effective those stretches and rolls were. No doctor has helped before.
No chiropractor. No diet (save for the keto diet). Nothing.

I'm quite pleased with this gym. For the price I thought I was paying the typical bay area rich-part-of-town tax, but I can see that they're worth more than I had expected.

[#] Mon Jul 16 2018 19:34:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Oh my ... you live in the SF Bay area? How do you afford to eat?

[#] Wed Jul 18 2018 13:32:34 EDT from fleeb <>

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Huh... I didn't think of that.

Move to the SF Bay area for an enforced diet.

[#] Wed Jul 18 2018 14:57:32 EDT from kc5tja

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I have a job?

[#] Sat Jul 21 2018 19:26:31 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Well yes, but I keep hearing that the cost of living in that area exceeds the income of all except the ultra-elite.

Oh, and also that people poop in the streets. But that might just be hearsay.

[#] Sun Jul 22 2018 14:10:36 EDT from zooer

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I think it was the elite poop in the street and the cost of living exceeds the people.  

[#] Sun Jul 22 2018 14:11:37 EDT from zooer

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the income of the people.   

(Now that citadel isn't networked you can add the edit feature.)

[#] Tue Jul 24 2018 14:38:45 EDT from fleeb <>

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Grats on finding work, kc5tja!

[#] Thu Jul 26 2018 18:02:21 EDT from kc5tja

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2018-07-21 19:26 from IGnatius T Foobar
Well yes, but I keep hearing that the cost of living in that area
exceeds the income of all except the ultra-elite.

True only if you live in San Francisco proper. The suburban areas (e.g., Hayward, Oakland, etc.; but don't tell them I call them that) are substantially more affordable. Still expensive, mind you, but you can get by.

That said, if your idea of a good job is working at the local OSH, you're either retired from normal work-a-day stuff anyway, or a teenager still waiting to hear back from Stanford University or Berkeley on admission status. If you really hit rock bottom, you end up moving into the red regions of California, where cost of living is extremely affordable, but you then have to put up with rampant crime, every other home being a meth lab, etc. Basically, the further east you go in California, the cheaper it becomes, up until you reach the Nevada border, where again prices rise due to it being a campers mecca.

[#] Thu Jul 26 2018 18:03:54 EDT from kc5tja

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Oh, and also that people poop in the streets. But that might just be


That also happens in SF. Not *as* much in the outer cities. Most of the homeless folks that I've spoken with seem to be ex-military, however. There are a few technical folks that have lost their homes, but they're relatively rare.

[#] Thu Jul 26 2018 18:04:42 EDT from kc5tja

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I may be looking again soon, depending on how the company's recent take-over pans out. Comes with the territory though.

[#] Sun Aug 05 2018 18:40:18 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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My small achievement for today: I finally got my pressure washer running again.

The last time I had it running was spring of last year.  It had been getting harder and harder to start, and then one day it stopped cold dead while it was running.  I ass-umed it had a problem with the fuel intake, perhaps a blockage that finally turned into a full clog.  But after my injury last year I didn't come back to it for the rest of the year.

Yesterday I took the whole damn thing apart.  I disassembled and cleaned the fuel tank, the carburetor, and the throttle body.  No joy.

If I wasn't such a bonehead, I might have tried replacing the $5 spark plug at the beginning of the weekend.  That fixed it immediately.  But at least now I know everything is clean.

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