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[#] Tue Mar 28 2023 10:18:20 EDT from darknetuser

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I was reading some real love story. The ever evil US government managed to separate a group of mustangs and give them all away in adoption. An activist group managed to track and reunite the lead stallion with his lovemare, who was pregnant with his foal. They also located one of the stallion's daughters, and the owner donated her so she could reunite with her family.

So much cry.

You really need to love your horse in order to let her go that way. I don't know if I could do it because I am a selfish bastard. Then, I think my horses love me so much they would not let go of me XD

[#] Fri Apr 14 2023 09:40:29 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Heh. When I was a kid, I briefly entertained the idea that all I
needed to know about women, I had already learned from cats.

Seen one pussy, you've seen them all?

Oh wait, sorry, wrong room.

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