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[#] Tue Jun 10 2014 15:29:16 EDT from fleeb

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Such pills exist, but most parents don't want to really use them.

I mean, cyanide has been around a while now.

[#] Tue Jun 10 2014 16:17:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I find that putting them in a shallow pan of simmering water accomplishes the same effect.

(This *is* the "braising kids" room, isn't it?)

[#] Wed Jun 11 2014 02:08:41 EDT from vince-q

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diagnosis of ADHD is wrong. Lazy parents and teachers just want a
magic pill that makes the "problem" appear to go away.

There is a magic way of making the "problem" go away.

A yardstick.

Ask any Nun.

[#] Wed Jun 11 2014 17:28:49 EDT from triLcat

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The question isn't "what's the diagnosis?" 
That's fine if there actually is a pill that can solve the problem, but honestly, even when you're talking about purely physiological problems, there's a large gap between having a diagnosis and having a treatment.

(Which is why I was completely thrilled to discover that my son was screaming because of worms. Pinworms may be the single easiest to treat problem there is, medically-speaking.) 

Anyway - my point is that if Shazam's son doesn't get along well in a regular classroom, it's probably wise to send him somewhere that has a different approach towards education.

I would be more concerned with how the school can help him than with how they handle his particular label.


[#] Wed Jun 25 2014 15:23:14 EDT from triLcat

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Baby's eviction notice has been served. I go in for induction July 13th!

[#] Wed Jun 25 2014 15:24:26 EDT from fleeb

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I hope it goes smoothly.

[#] Wed Jun 25 2014 15:46:36 EDT from triLcat

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thanks :)

[#] Thu Jun 26 2014 13:35:51 EDT from vince-q

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Eviction notices.
Induction notices and notices to report.
What is this, Selective Service??? ;)

[#] Thu Jun 26 2014 17:03:05 EDT from triLcat

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pretty much

[#] Mon Jun 30 2014 18:34:28 EDT from triLcat

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...and now I get why they need a freaking label

without a label, the principal had free reign to beat up on her kid...

Screw that! 

[#] Mon Jun 30 2014 19:46:05 EDT from the_mgt

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Wow. I don't even know where to start.

1) No principal in a civilized country spanks children.

1b) If he gets caught he should have better have left for a secure place in some bunker in an uncivilized country. And stay there.

2) Boys hate bluejeans because they restrict the freedom of your precious parts. I'd rather attest a mental condition to any boy who likes to wear them.

3) Gluten is overrated. Dairies probably too. Sugar is what I would try to avoid and is much more widespread across the whole food palette. To quote famous nutrition expert Vincent Vega here: "They fucking drown them in that shit!"

4) Never post pictures of your child on the internet. Ever. Especially not when you write about how special he is.

My gf is an art teacher, we are very much looking forward to the discussions about "proper coloring techniques" with other art teachers when our son goes to school. Our son is still in kindergarten, but he counts till 25 mostly without errors, begins to dig simplest math and knows the letters of his name and a hand full of other simple words. No reading skills yet, but he recognizes words in videogames, like "Start", "Last round", etc. He can write his name, but it is a simple one. I wouldn't never call it autism, it is rather a combination of a loving but overachieving family and his curiosity, which we nourish instead of diminishing it. It is no magic and I do not even think he is much smarter than other kids. I guess most parents simply do not give a flying shit about their child's development, as long as it keeps calm and doesn't annoy them.

[#] Mon Jun 30 2014 20:45:50 EDT from LoanShark

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2) Boys hate bluejeans because they restrict the freedom of your
precious parts. I'd rather attest a mental condition to any boy who
likes to wear them.

not if they're sized correctly, lol

[#] Mon Jun 30 2014 20:46:37 EDT from LoanShark

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4) Never post pictures of your child on the internet. Ever.
Especially not when you write about how special he is.

winner, winner, chicken dinner.

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 00:33:21 EDT from triLcat

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this kid is growing up the good old US of A.


[#] Fri Jul 04 2014 09:53:28 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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not if they're sized correctly, lol

Yes. That.

Maybe if the kid accidentally put on a pair of girls' jeans it would be a problem, but jeans intended for men and boys are sewn with room for a "package" -- quite intentionally.

[#] Sun Jul 06 2014 10:45:55 EDT from Sig

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A behind-the-scenes look at my firstborn's epic film, Humans vs. Meat-Eaters:

I spent most of yesterday with him piecing together all of the footage and selecting epic soundtrack clips. All together, it is about 21 minutes. I won't lie; pacing is a little tedious toward the end. But now it's packaged in a nice DVD with menus and a deleted scenes/outtakes track, and today or tomrorow we'll design the DVD case artwork. I feel for all of the people that he is going to make watch this thing over the next few weeks, but I'll definitely save it for when he brings the first girl home.

[#] Fri Jul 25 2014 10:13:46 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Anyone hear back yet from TriLcat's on her latest kiddie adventure?

[#] Sat Jul 26 2014 07:06:30 EDT from dothebart

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afaik she noted on FB that everything went well.

[#] Mon Jan 04 2016 22:48:41 EST from ax25

Subject: Over in the Linux room -

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There was a post by ryan42 where he says (in regards to Ian Murdock's apparent suicide):

"..I have known a few highly intellectual people who because of the circumstances of their upbringing never really had a situation in their lives where they were subject to forced compliance to authority. I'm not sure if that applies to Murdock but I can certinaly see how the situation may have quickly escalated if it did."

Does anybody else have trepidation from the fact that kids are not able to have a minor scrape with the law any more.  It would seem that it is quite different from when I was a kid.  Not that I had no fear, but rather that I had some minor incidents with some police growing up that made me realize that things would probably work out just fine given time.

It seems like there is too much an us vs. them attitude growing these days with police / schools, along with a zero tolerance mindset that leaves no room for good judgement. 

[#] Wed Jan 06 2016 12:46:40 EST from vince-q

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You can blame that "us v. them attitude" squarely on the racist pig in the White House, Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

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