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[#] Tue Aug 26 2014 22:10:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I've been online in one way or another since 1982. Those of us who had computers in the Before Time took a lot of abuse but had a lot of fun. :)

[#] Sun Sep 07 2014 16:44:11 EDT from the_mgt

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@dothebart: more of the above


“Total Eclipse of Descartes”

“Don’t You (Foucault About Me"

“U Kant Touch This”

“Hit Me Baby Wittgenstein”

“Camus Feel the Love Tonight?”

“Get the Party Sartred”

“Forever Jung”

“I Kissed Hegel (And I Liked It)”

“Ain’t No Montaigne High Enough”

“Pop, Locke & Drop It”

“Bataille Will Always Love You”

“My Milkshake Brings All the Baudrillard”

“Rousseau Vain (You Probably Think This Song is About You)”

“Love Voltaire Us Apart”

“Psycho Schiller”


[#] Tue Oct 28 2014 11:56:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Quote of the day:

"If you got an 'A' in Questioning Authority, you flunked."

-- David Burge (IowaHawk)

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 16:41:40 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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"There are, it has been said, two types of people in the world. There are those who say: this glass is half full. And then there are those who say: this glass is half empty. The world belongs, however, to those who can look at the glass and say: What's up with this glass? Excuse me? Excuse me? This is my glass? I don't think so. My glass was full! And it was a bigger glass!"
-- Terry Pratchett

[#] Tue Dec 30 2014 15:26:47 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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"I'll be right back!"

-- Godot

[#] Tue Dec 30 2014 22:35:55 EST from vince-q

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"I'll be right back!"

-- Lloyd (Dumb and Dumber)

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 08:32:10 EST from fleeb

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"I'll be right back!"

-- Quasimodo's hump

[#] Fri Jan 02 2015 09:48:49 EST from zooer

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I will be Write back...

I will be Wright back...

I will be right Bach....

Ohhhh the list goes on.

[#] Sat Jan 10 2015 13:43:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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This is a great one.

"Whenever a pundit uses the term 'the real victims' that's your cue to ignore them. Forever."

-- David Burge (aka IowaHawk)

[#] Fri Mar 13 2015 11:14:40 EDT from LoanShark

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We have a task before us which must be speedily performed. We know that it will be ruinous to make delay. The most important crisis of our life calls, trumpet-tongued, for immediate energy and action. ... It must, it shall be undertaken to-day, and
yet we put it off until to-morrow, and why? There is no answer, except that we feel perverse, using the word with no comprehension of the principle. ... [Then] The clock strikes, and is the knell of our welfare. At the same time, it is the
chanticleer-note to the ghost that has so long overawed us. It fliesbdisappearsbwe are free. The old energy returns. We will labor now. Alas, it is too late!

--Poe, "The Imp of the Perverse"

[#] Fri Mar 13 2015 13:18:02 EDT from vince-q

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Wow, if you read that aloud with the "proper accents and inflections" it almost sounds like JFK!

I wonder....

[#] Fri Mar 13 2015 14:49:36 EDT from LoanShark

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But here was a rare opportunity for stupidity even more flagrant and glorious.

Now, Bob, who'd been observing Jack carefully for many years, had observed that when these moments arrived, Jack was almost invariably possessed by something that Bob had heard about in Church called the Imp of the Perverse. Bob was convinced that the Imp of the Perverse rode invisibly on Jack's shoulder whispering bad ideas into his ear, and that the only counterbalance was Bob himself, standing alongsides counseling good sense, prudence, caution, and other Puritan virtues.

But Bob was in England.


--neal stephenson, "Quicksilver"

[#] Wed Jun 24 2015 15:25:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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"It's not a back door, it's a 'staff entrance' ok?"

[#] Fri Oct 23 2015 09:56:13 EDT from zooer

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 "Ignorance grows faster than knowledge." 

[#] Mon Dec 14 2015 16:55:17 EST from zooer

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The invention of print, however, made it easier to manipulate public opinion, and the film and the radio carried the process further. With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end. Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough to be worth watching, could be kept for twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and in the sound of official propaganda, with all other channels of communication closed. The possibility of enforcing not only complete obedience to the will of the State, but complete uniformity of opinion on all subjects, now existed for the first time. 

-Orwell, 1984, part III chapter 1.


[#] Sat Feb 27 2016 00:18:00 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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"Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing.
He knows exactly what he's doing. Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing. Let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing. He knows exactly what he's doing." -- Marco Rubio

[#] Wed May 11 2016 20:46:22 EDT from zooer

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Don't drink the milk.... it's spoiled.

[#] Tue May 31 2016 08:22:26 EDT from zooer

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[#] Thu Aug 25 2016 08:19:33 EDT from fleeb

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"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- for ever."

-- George Orwell, 1984

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