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[#] Fri May 17 2019 11:42:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I looked on their site ... they don't have one that fits a Tacoma.

[#] Fri May 17 2019 15:28:29 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Try this:

[#] Tue May 21 2019 22:45:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I put together a dossier on the previous owner of my truck, based on odds and ends the dealershit forgot to remove from the glove compartment.

He's 77 years old, listens to Neil Diamond, likes dogs and cats, and got dumped by his insurance company after they paid out $750 to fix the front bumper a couple of years ago. He may also have a heart condition. As far as I can tell, he isn't dead.

That may explain why a four year old truck only has about 24,000 miles on it.

[#] Wed May 22 2019 09:50:13 EDT from zooer

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I think there is a video of the truck and its previous owner on the GTOger channel.

Maybe it is a video of the current owner... he is known to visit web hosting parking lots.

[#] Sat Jun 15 2019 08:57:35 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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One of the great events in motorsports is about to start - the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Too bad it's in France.

[#] Sat Aug 10 2019 14:54:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I just took my truck to get a wash and oil change.

What they saw ... an Italian-looking guy with a pickup truck dirty with yard waste and a few garden tools sitting in the bed.

They took VERY good care of me. I'm not saying they thought I was a landscape contractor, but ... actually yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

[#] Sun Aug 11 2019 11:37:47 EDT from wizard of aahz

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The loaded gunracks helped too I'm sure.

[#] Thu Aug 15 2019 09:12:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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My people do not put guns on display. And besides, they'd get wet in the car wash.

[#] Mon Sep 30 2019 20:48:17 EDT from zooer

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I don't remember in which room we were talking about electric cars.  The electric car of the 70s



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[#] Wed Dec 31 1969 19:00:00 EST from <>

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[#] Mon Oct 07 2019 09:29:37 EDT from zooer

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Did you assume your car's vehicle class?  If it identifies itself as an SUV you should treat it as one. 

[#] Mon Oct 07 2019 09:35:30 EDT from zooer

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It is a CSUV, Compact Sports Utility Vehicle.  It is similar to an SUV without all the things you would need in an SUV.

[#] Mon Oct 07 2019 11:02:49 EDT from wizard of aahz

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That's how I describe the Toyota Rav 4.. Total tin can with nothing going for it.

[#] Mon Oct 07 2019 12:35:18 EDT from LoanShark

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2019-10-06 23:59 from IGnatius T Foobar
While traveling last week I rented a car. The rental place asked me if

I would like to drive "a small SUV" and I said sure, why not. The
vehicle I ended up with was a Hyundai Tucson.

Damned if I know why the only two engine choices are a 2.0L at 164hp and a 1.6L turbo at 175hp. These barely differ. An engine that small will always sound labored when you ask for moderate acceleration.

At least is't better than a base Subaru Crosstrek. (I'm so done with Subarus.)

[#] Wed Oct 09 2019 13:40:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It is a CSUV, Compact Sports Utility Vehicle.  It is similar to an
SUV without all the things you would need in an SUV.

Then just go buy the damn Prius already. If you're going to buy an SUV, buy one that has some heft and power. Better yet, join the pickup truck club.
I'm glad I did :)

When I see a "crossover" I think "enough with this crap, everyone knows that what the world really wants is to have station wagons again".

[#] Wed Oct 09 2019 15:19:00 EDT from pandora

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[#] Wed Oct 09 2019 17:30:33 EDT from LoanShark

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of doom

[#] Wed Oct 09 2019 23:58:46 EDT from wizard of aahz

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My "station wagon" can carry 7 quite comfortably and even some cargo on top of that. I'm quite happy with it. The back seat is much more comfortable than the pseudo back seat in my dad's wagon when I was 7 or 8.

[#] Thu Oct 10 2019 00:21:15 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Does it have third row seating? That can be handy. On the other hand that sounds suspiciously like a minivan.

[#] Thu Oct 10 2019 12:49:21 EDT from wizard of aahz

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IT does have third row seating. And is not a minivan.

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