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[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:33:15 EST from rss

Subject: Theodore Roosevelt

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On this day in 1884, future President Theodore Roosevelt’s wife and mother die, only hours apart. Roosevelt was at work in the New York state legislature attempting to get a government reform bill passed when he was summoned home by his family. He returned home to find his mother, Mittie, had ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:16:51 EST from rss

Subject: First trainload of oranges leaves Los Angeles

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Destined to become one of the state’s major exports, the first trainload of oranges grown by southern California farmers leaves Los Angeles via the transcontinental railroad. The Spanish had established Los Angeles, one of the oldest cities in the Far West, in 1781 to help colonize the region. For ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 12:10:35 EST from rss

Subject: The Boz Ball celebrates Dickens

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On this day, fans of Charles Dickens organize the Boz Ball, an elite party for the celebrated writer who had arrived in the United States in January for a five-month tour. (Dickens’ earliest works had been published under the pseudonym Boz.) Only members of New York’s aristocracy were invited to ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:56:45 EST from rss

Subject: Hedda Hopper

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On this day in 1938, the former silent film actress Hedda Hopper pens the first installment of what would become her tremendously influential gossip column in the Los Angeles Times. Born Elda Furry in 1890, she was the fifth of nine children of Quaker parents living in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:44:36 EST from rss

Subject: Tornadoes sweep through southern Georgia

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On this day in 2000, a series of tornadoes moves through southern Georgia, wreaking havoc and killing 18 people. The storm system that swept across the southeastern United States on February 14 was highly unusual. Tornadoes in the United States typically strike on spring afternoons because they are ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:29:49 EST from rss

Subject: The St. Valentine

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Fourmen dressed as police officers enter gangster Bugs Moran’s headquarters on North Clark Street in Chicago, line seven of Moran’s henchmen against a wall, and shoot them to death. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, as it is now called, was the culmination of a gang war between arch rivals Al ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:02:03 EST from rss

Subject: Sandinistas agree to free elections

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At a meeting of the presidents of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, the leftist Sandinista government of Nicaragua agrees to free a number of political prisoners and hold free elections within a year; in return, Honduras promises to close bases being used by ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:47:34 EST from rss

Subject: Sherman enters Meridian, Mississippi

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On this day in 1864, Union General William T. Sherman enters Meridian, Mississippi, during a winter campaign that served as a precursor to Sherman’s March to the Sea campaign in Georgia. This often-overlooked Mississippi campaign was the first attempt by the Union at total warfare, a strike aimed ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:46:18 EST from rss

Subject: Toyota patriarch born

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Sakichi Toyoda, whose textile machinery company spawned the Toyota Motor Corporation, is born in Japan on February 14, 1867. In 2008, Toyota surpassed the American auto giant General Motors (GM) to become the world’s largest automaker. Referred to as Japan’s Thomas Edison, Sakichi Toyoda invented a ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:29:55 EST from rss

Subject: Patriots defeat Loyalists at Kettle Creek

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A Patriot militia force of 340 led by Colonel Andrew Pickens of South Carolina with Colonel John Dooly and Lieutenant Colonel Elijah Clarke of Georgia defeats a larger force of 700 Loyalist militia commanded by Colonel James Boyd on this day in 1779 at Kettle Creek, Georgia. The Patriots attempted ...

[#] Thu Nov 05 2009 06:35:47 EST from rss

Subject: Wilson presents draft covenant for League of Nations

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In a plenary session of the Versailles peace conference on this day in 1919, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson presents the draft of the covenant for the League of Nations prepared by a League commission that had been established two weeks earlier. The commission, which was set up on January 25 and ...

[#] Thu Nov 05 2009 06:28:10 EST from rss

Subject: Battle of the Kasserine Pass

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On this day, German General Erwin Rommel and his Afrika Korps launch an offensive against an Allied defensive line in Tunisia, North Africa. The Kasserine Pass was the site of the United States’ first major battle defeat of the war. General Erwin Rommel was dispatched to North Africa in February ...

[#] Wed Apr 13 2011 13:38:58 EDT from rss

Subject: U.S. figure skating team killed in plane crash

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On this day in 1961, the entire 18-member U.S. figure skating team is killed in a plane crash in Berg-Kampenhout, Belgium. The team was on its way to the 1961 World Figure Skating Championships in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Among those killed in the crash was 16-year-old Laurence Owen, who had won ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:28:20 EST from rss

Subject: Japan celebrates major victory in the Pacific

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In one of the greatest defeats in British military history, Britain’s supposedly impregnable Singapore fortress surrenders to Japanese forces after a weeklong siege. More than 60,000 British, Australian, and Indian soldiers were taken prisoner, joining 70,000 other Allied soldiers captured during ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:25:15 EST from rss

Subject: Canada adopts maple leaf flag

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In accordance with a formal proclamation by Queen Elizabeth II of England, a new Canadian national flag is raised above Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Beginning in 1610, Lower Canada, a new British colony, flew Great Britain’s Union Jack, or Royal Union Flag. In 1763, as a result ...

[#] Wed Jan 27 2010 07:39:33 EST from rss

Subject: Victory at last for Earnhardt at Daytona

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On February 15, 1998, after 20 years of trying, racing great Dale Earnhardt Sr. finally wins his first Daytona 500, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) season opener and an event dubbed the “Super Bowl of stock car racing.” Driving his black No. 3 Chevrolet, Earnhardt ...

[#] Tue Nov 24 2009 13:04:52 EST from rss

Subject: The Maine explodes

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A massive explosion of unknown origin sinks the battleship USS Maine in Cuba’s Havana harbor, killing 260 of the fewer than 400 American crew members aboard. One of the first American battleships, the Maine weighed more than 6,000 tons and was built at a cost of more than $2 million. Ostensibly on ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 06:17:13 EST from rss

Subject: Mutiny breaks out among Indian soldiers in Singapore

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In Singapore on this day in 1915, Indian soldiers launch the first large-scale mutiny of World War I. Some 800 soldiers in the Indian army’s 5th Light Infantry Brigade broke out of their barracks on the afternoon of February 15 and killed several British officers before moving on to other areas ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:54:09 EST from rss

Subject: DeGaulle offers to help end Vietnam War

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In response to a letter from Ho Chi Minh asking that French President Charles De Gaulle use his influence to “prevent perfidious new maneuvers” by the United States in Southeast Asia, De Gaulle states that France is willing to do all that it could to end the war. As outlined by De Gaulle, the ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:53:54 EST from rss

Subject: Chicago Eight defense attorneys sentenced

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As the jury continues to deliberate in the trial of the Chicago Eight, defense attorneys William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass and three of the defendants are sentenced to prison for contempt of court. The trial for eight antiwar activists charged with the responsibility for the violent ...

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