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[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 12:08:48 EST from rss

Subject: Colette is born

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On this day, French author Colette (born Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette) is born in a small town in Burgundy, France. Raised in the country, Colette married writer and critic Henri Gauthier-Villars and moved to Paris, where she began writing. She published her earliest writings, a racy series of novels ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:55:59 EST from rss

Subject: Clint Eastwood honored by Directors Guild of America

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On this day in 2006, Clint Eastwood becomes only the 31st filmmaker in 70 years of Directors Guild of America (DGA) history to be given the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Eastwood accepted his award from DGA President Michael Apted at the 58th Annual DGA Awards ceremony, held at the ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:42:22 EST from rss

Subject: Challenger lost after liftoff

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The space shuttle Challenger is lost just after liftoff on this day in 1986, killing the seven astronauts aboard. The Challenger was the second shuttle built by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It took its first flight into space on April 4, 1983, and made a total of nine ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:28:48 EST from rss

Subject: Killer couple strikes the heartland

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On this day in 1958, Charles Starkweather, a 19-year-old high-school dropout from Lincoln, Nebraska, and his 14-year-old girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate, kill a Lincoln businessman, his wife and their maid, as part of a murderous crime spree that began a week earlier and would ultimately leave 10 ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:02:19 EST from rss

Subject: Soviets shoot down U.S. jet

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The U.S. State Department angrily accuses the Soviet Union of shooting down an American jet that strayed into East German airspace. Three U.S. officers aboard the plane were killed in the incident. The Soviets responded with charges that the flight was a “gross provocation,” and the incident was an ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:47:52 EST from rss

Subject: Thomas Hindman born

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On this day in 1828, Confederate General Thomas Carmichael Hindman is born in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hindman was raised in Alabama and educated in New York and New Jersey. His family moved to a Mississippi plantation, and he returned from the North to study law. His studies were interrupted by ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:46:03 EST from rss

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The economic health of Detroit has long been linked to the auto industry. Nicknamed the “Motor City,” Detroit was the world’s fastest-growing city between 1900 and 1930, according to an April 2009 report in the National Review Online, which noted that: “Detroit’s population currently stands at ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:28:26 EST from rss

Subject: British plan to isolate New England

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John Burgoyne, poet, playwright and British general, submits an ill-fated plan to the British government to isolate New England from the other colonies on this day in 1777. Burgoyne’s plan revolved around an invasion of 8,000 British troops from Canada, who would move southward through New York by ...

[#] Thu Nov 05 2009 06:28:20 EST from rss

Subject: Burma Road is reopened

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On this day, part of the 717-mile “Burma Road” from Lashio, Burma to Kunming in southwest China is reopened by the Allies, permitting supplies to flow back into China. At the outbreak of war between Japan and China in 1937, when Japan began its occupation of China’s seacoast, China began building a ...

[#] Wed Jul 21 2010 11:37:22 EDT from rss

Subject: Liliuokalani proclaimed queen of Hawaii

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Following the death of her brother, King Kalakaua, Liliuokalani becomes the last monarch of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii, first settled by Polynesian voyagers sometime in the eighth century, saw a massive influx of American settlers during the 19th century, most coming to exploit Hawaii’s ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:28:38 EST from rss

Subject: King George III dies

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Ten years after mental illness forced him to retire from public life, King George III, the British king who lost the American colonies, dies at the age of 82. In 1760, 20-year-old George succeeded his grandfather, George II, as king of Great Britain and Ireland. Although he hoped to govern more ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:25:57 EST from rss

Subject: Divided Kansas enters the Union

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The territory of Kansas is admitted into the Union as the 34th state, or the 28th state if the secession of eight Southern states over the previous six weeks is taken into account. Kansas, deeply divided over the issue of slavery, was granted statehood as a free state in a gesture of support for ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:25:55 EST from rss

Subject: Deng Xiaoping and Jimmy Carter sign accords

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On January 29, 1979, Deng Xiaoping, deputy premier of China, meets President Jimmy Carter, and together they sign historic new accords that reverse decades of U.S. opposition to the People’s Republic of China. Deng Xiaoping lived out a full and complete transformation of China. The son of a ...

[#] Wed Jan 27 2010 07:39:38 EST from rss

Subject: William McKinley, first U.S. president to ride in a car, is born

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On this day in 1843, William McKinley, who will become the 25th American president and the first to ride in an automobile, is born in Niles, Ohio. McKinley served in the White House from 1897 to 1901, a time when the American automotive industry was in its infancy. During his presidency, McKinley ...

[#] Tue Nov 24 2009 13:05:00 EST from rss

Subject: U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame elects first members

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On January 29, 1936, the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame elects its first members in Cooperstown, New York: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Matthewson and Walter Johnson. The Hall of Fame actually had its beginnings in 1935, when plans were made to build a museum devoted to baseball and its ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 06:16:40 EST from rss

Subject: German lieutenant Erwin Rommel leads daring mission in France

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On January 29, 1915, in the Argonne region of France, German lieutenant Erwin Rommel leads his company in the daring capture of four French block-houses, the structures used on the front to house artillery positions. Rommel crept through the French wire first and then called for the rest of his ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:57:08 EST from rss

Subject: President Johnson requests additional funds

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In his annual budget message, President Lyndon B. Johnson asks for $26.3 billion to continue the Vietnam War, and announces an increase in taxes. The war was becoming very expensive, both in terms of lives and national treasure. Johnson had been given a glowing report on progress in the war from ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:54:23 EST from rss

Subject: Fighting continues in South Vietnam

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The fighting continues in South Vietnam despite the cease-fire that was initiated on January 28, 1973, under the provisions of the Paris Peace Accords. This latest fighting was part of the ongoing battles that followed the brief lull of the cease-fire. The Peace Accords had left an estimated ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:36:49 EST from rss

Subject: Baseball Hall of Fame inducts first members

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On this day in 1936, in Cooperstown, New York, the Baseball Hall of Fame announces the election of five charter members: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. The idea of a Baseball Hall of Fame began gathering steam in 1935, when members of the Clark Foundation in ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:33:36 EST from rss

Subject: William McKinley is born

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On this day in 1843, future President William McKinley is born in Niles, Ohio. McKinley fought bravely as a Union infantryman in the Civil War and was awarded a battlefield commission by Union officer and fellow future President Rutherford B. Hayes. After the war, McKinley passed the bar and ...

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