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[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:44:30 EST from rss

Subject: Comedian killed in Corvair crash

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On this day in 1962, Ernie Kovacs, a comedian who hosted his own television shows during the 1950s and is said to have influenced such TV hosts as Johnny Carson and David Letterman, dies at the age of 42 after crashing his Chevrolet Corvair into a telephone pole in Los Angeles, California, while ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:28:28 EST from rss

Subject: British raid Prudence Island in Narragansett Bay

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In the early morning hours of January 13, 1776, British forces raid Prudence Island, Rhode Island, in an effort to steal a large quantity of sheep. But, upon landing on the island’s southern beaches, the British were ambushed by fifteen Minutemen from Rhode Island’s Second Company led by Captain ...

[#] Thu Nov 05 2009 06:28:01 EST from rss

Subject: Allies promise prosecution of war criminals

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On this day, representatives of nine German-occupied countries meet in London to declare that all those found guilty of war crimes would be punished after the war ended. Among the signatories to the declaration were Polish Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski and French Gen. Charles de Gaulle. The core of the ...

[#] Wed Oct 28 2009 12:25:34 EDT from rss

Subject: Battle of Wadi

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In an attempt to relieve their compatriots under heavy siege by Turkish forces at Kut-al Amara in Mesopotamia, British forces under the command of Lieutenant General Fenton Aylmer launch an attack against Turkish defensive positions on the banks of the Wadi River. British forces under Sir Charles ...

[#] Wed Jul 21 2010 11:49:26 EDT from rss

Subject: George Wallace inaugurated as Alabama governor

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On January 14, 1963, George Wallace is inaugurated as the governor of Alabama, promising his followers, “Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” His inauguration speech was written by Ku Klux Klan leader Asa Carter, who later reformed his white supremacist beliefs and wrote The ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:31:18 EST from rss

Subject: The first colonial constitution

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In Hartford, Connecticut, the first constitution in the American colonies, the “Fundamental Orders,” is adopted by representatives of Wethersfield, Windsor, and Hartford. The Dutch discovered the Connecticut River in 1614, but English Puritans from Massachusetts largely accomplished European ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:26:26 EST from rss

Subject: Gold prices soar

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After being released from government control, gold reaches a new record price on January 14, 1980, exceeding $800 an ounce. Gold is scattered sparsely throughout the earth’s crust and since ancient times has been treasured for both its scarcity and metallurgic properties. Before the 19th century, ...

[#] Tue Nov 24 2009 13:02:56 EST from rss

Subject: Albert Schweitzer born

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The theologian, musician, philosopher and Nobel Prize-winning physician Albert Schweitzer is born on this day in 1875 in Upper-Alsace, Germany (now Haut-Rhin, France). The son and grandson of ministers, Schweitzer studied theology and philosophy at the universities of Strasbourg, Paris and Berlin. ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 06:17:42 EST from rss

Subject: South African troops occupy Swakopmund in German Southwest Africa

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As part of an attempt to display its loyalty to the British empire and, perhaps more importantly, enlarge its own sphere of influence on the African continent, South Africa sends troops to occupy Swakopmund, a seaside town in German-occupied Southwest Africa (modern-day Namibia). When war broke ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:59:08 EST from rss

Subject: Westmoreland appointed as Harkins

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Lt. Gen. William Westmoreland is appointed deputy to Gen. Paul Harkins, chief of U.S. Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV). It was generally accepted that Westmoreland would soon replace Harkins, whose insistently optimistic views on the progress of the war had increasingly come under ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:56:52 EST from rss

Subject: Operation Niagara launched

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U.S. joint-service Operation Niagara is launched to support the U.S. Marine base at Khe Sanh. The Khe Sanh base was the westernmost anchor of a series of combat bases and strongholds that stretched from the Cua Viet River on the coast of the South China Sea westward along Route 9 to the Laotian ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:39:22 EST from rss

Subject: Undefeated Dolphins beat Redskins in Super Bowl VII

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On January 14, 1973, the Miami Dolphins defeat the Washington Redskins 14-7 at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Super Bowl VII, becoming the first team in National Football League (NFL) history to finish with an undefeated season. Despite their perfect regular season record, Coach Don Shula’s Dolphins ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:33:08 EST from rss

Subject: Roosevelt ushers in Japanese-American internment

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On this day in 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issues Presidential Proclamation No. 2537, requiring aliens from World War II-enemy countries–Italy, Germany and Japan–to register with the United States Department of Justice. Registered persons were then issued a Certificate of Identification ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:31:17 EST from rss

Subject: FDR becomes first president to travel by airplane on U.S. official business

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On this day in 1943, Franklin Roosevelt becomes the first president to travel on official business by airplane. Crossing the Atlantic by air, Roosevelt flew in a Boeing 314 Flying Boat dubbed the Dixie Clipper to a World War II strategy meeting with Winston Churchill at Casablanca in North Africa. ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:30:45 EST from rss

Subject: Adams, Jefferson and Madison help to ratify the Treaty of Paris

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On this day in 1784, at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, the Continental Congress ratifies the Treaty of Paris. The document, negotiated in part by future President John Adams, contained terms for ending the Revolutionary War and established the United States as a sovereign nation. The ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:16:58 EST from rss

Subject: General Miles reports on Sioux

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General Nelson Miles, commander of the U.S. Army troops in South Dakota, reports that the rebellious Sioux are finally returning to their reservation following the bloody massacre at Wounded Knee. Since the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, Miles fought to force resistant Indians all across the ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 04:42:42 EST from rss

Subject: Diana Ross and the Supremes perform their final concert

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They were the most successful American pop group of the 1960s—a group whose 12 #1 hits in the first full decade of the rock and roll era places them behind only Elvis and the Beatles in terms of chart dominance. They helped define the very sound of the 60s, but like fellow icons the Beatles and ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 12:18:05 EST from rss

Subject: Joseph Conrad returns to London

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On this day in 1894, Joseph Conrad returns to London to settle down after a long career at sea. There, he begins rewriting a story he had been working on during his travels, which becomes his first novel, Almayer’s Folly. Conrad was born in Poland, as Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, the son of a ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:57:21 EST from rss

Subject: Marilyn Monroe marries Joe DiMaggio

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It was the ultimate All-American romance: the tall, handsome hero of the country’s national pastime captures the heart of the beautiful, glamorous Hollywood star. But the brief, volatile marriage of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio–the couple wed on this day in 1954–barely got past the honeymoon ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:42:55 EST from rss

Subject: Explosion rocks USS Enterprise

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An explosion aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise kills 27 people in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on this day in 1969. A rocket accidentally detonated, destroying 15 planes and injuring more than 300 people. The Enterprise was the first-ever nuclear-powered aircraft carrier when it was launched in ...

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