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[#] Wed Jul 21 2010 11:22:41 EDT from rss

Subject: Separation of Charles and Diana announced

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British Prime Minister John Major announces the formal separation of Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, and his wife, Princess Diana. Major explained that the royal couple were separating “amicably.” The report came after several years of speculation by the tabloid press that ...

[#] Thu Apr 01 2010 08:13:59 EDT from rss

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Nothing in her professional credentials suggested the Australian pop singer Helen Reddy as a feminist icon prior to 1972. She’d made her way to the United States from her native Australia on her own to pursue stardom, and she’d paid her dues working on the periphery of the music business for a ...

[#] Thu Mar 04 2010 04:09:58 EST from rss

Subject: John Birch Society founded

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In Indianapolis, retired Boston candy manufacturer Robert H.W. Welch, Jr., establishes the John Birch Society, a right-wing organization dedicated to fighting what it perceives to be the extensive infiltration of communism into American society. Welch named the society in honor of John Birch, ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:31:46 EST from rss

Subject: Walesa elected president of Poland

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In Poland, Lech Walesa, founder of the Solidarity trade union, wins a landslide election victory, becoming the first directly elected Polish leader. Walesa, born in 1943, was an electrician at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk when he was fired for union agitation in 1976. When protests broke out in ...

[#] Tue Feb 09 2010 07:28:08 EST from rss

Subject: Intifada begins on Gaza Strip

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In the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip, the first riots of the Palestinian intifada, or “shaking off” in Arabic, begin one day after an Israeli truck crashed into a station wagon carrying Palestinian workers in the Jabalya refugee district of Gaza, killing four and wounding 10. Gaza Palestinians saw ...

[#] Tue Nov 24 2009 13:05:00 EST from rss

Subject: U.S Marines storm Mogadishu, Somalia

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On this day in 1992, 1,800 United States Marines arrive in Mogadishu, Somalia, to spearhead a multinational force aimed at restoring order in the conflict-ridden country. Following centuries of colonial rule by countries including Portugal, Britain and Italy, Mogadishu became the capital of an ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:57:00 EST from rss

Subject: Paris peace talks break down

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For the first time since the Paris peace talks began in May 1968, both sides refuse to set another meeting date for continuation of the negotiations. The refusal to continue came during the 138th session of the peace talks. U.S. delegate William Porter angered the communist negotiators by asking ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:56:03 EST from rss

Subject: Newspaper reports on bombing over North Vietnam

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An article in the New York Times asserts that the U.S. bombing campaign has neither destabilized North Vietnam’s economy nor appreciably reduced the flow of its forces into South Vietnam. These observations were strikingly similar to an earlier Defense Intelligence Agency analysis, which concluded ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:38:49 EST from rss

Subject: Reds trade Frank Robinson to Orioles

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On this day in 1965, the Cincinnati Reds trade outfielder Frank Robinson to the Baltimore Orioles, in exchange for the pitchers Milt Pappas and Jack Baldschun and the outfielder Dick Simpson. The trade is widely regarded as one of the worst in major league baseball history. In 1956, Robinson made ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:32:18 EST from rss

Subject: Johnson discusses daughters

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On this day in 1967, CBS broadcasts an interview with President Lyndon Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, in which they spoke candidly about their daughters. The same day, their daughter Lynda Johnson was married at the White House. In the interview, recorded on December 8, Johnson, who was commonly ...

[#] Mon Nov 16 2009 05:18:14 EST from rss

Subject: The Texan Army captures San Antonio

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Inspired by the spirited leadership of Benjamin Rush Milam, the newly created Texan Army takes possession of the city of San Antonio, an important victory for the Republic of Texas in its war for independence from Mexico. Milam was born in 1788 in Frankfort, Kentucky. He became a citizen and ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 12:19:12 EST from rss

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On this day, The Examiner prints Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” which commemorates the courage of 600 British soldiers charging a heavily defended position during the Battle of Balaklava, in the Crimea, just six weeks earlier. Tennyson had been named poet laureate in ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:57:34 EST from rss

Subject: Pacino stars in Scarface

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The actor Al Pacino stars as a Cuban refugee who becomes a Miami crime boss in Scarface, which opens in theaters on this day in 1983. In Scarface, Pacino played Tony Montana, who arrives in Florida from Cuba in 1980 and eventually becomes wealthy from his involvement in the booming cocaine ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:42:28 EST from rss

Subject: Cold spell leads to tragedy in Iran

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Unseasonably low temperatures in Tehran, Iran, lead to the deaths of at least 40 people on this day in 2003. Rarely do such large groups die at the same time. In general, death from freezing occurs when the body’s core temperature reaches 77 degrees Fahrenheit, a fact discovered by Nazi doctors ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:29:14 EST from rss

Subject: Policeman Daniel Faulkner found dead

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Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner is found dead on the street with Mumia Abu-Jamal, a well-known activist and freelance journalist, lying severely wounded nearby. In 1982, Abu-Jamal was tried for and convicted of Faulkner’s murder, but because of the murky circumstances surrounding the ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 11:01:06 EST from rss

Subject: Harry Gold sent to prison for his role in atomic espionage

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Harry Gold–who had confessed to serving as a courier between Klaus Fuchs, a British scientist who stole top-secret information on the atomic bomb, and Soviet agents–is sentenced to 30 years in jail for his crime. Gold’s arrest and confession led to the arrest of David Greenglass, who then ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:46:46 EST from rss

Subject: Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War created

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On this day in 1861, Congress creates the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War in an effort to monitor both military progress and President Abraham Lincoln’s administration. The War Committee, as it was called, was established in the aftermath of the disastrous Battle of Ball’s Bluff, ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:45:12 EST from rss

Subject: GM engineers discover that leaded gas reduces

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On this day, a young engineer at General Motors named Thomas Midgeley Jr. discovers that when he adds a compound called tetraethyl lead (TEL) to gasoline, he eliminates the unpleasant noises (known as “knock” or “pinging”) that internal-combustion engines make when they run. Midgeley could scarcely ...

[#] Fri Nov 13 2009 10:29:56 EST from rss

Subject: Patriots gain control of Virginia

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The Virginia and North Carolina militias defeat 800 slaves and 200 redcoats serving John Murray, earl of Dunmore and governor of Virginia, at Great Bridge outside Norfolk, ending British royal control of Virginia. The Tory survivors retreated first to Norfolk then to Dunmore’s ship, the Otter, ...

[#] Thu Nov 05 2009 06:35:02 EST from rss

Subject: Jerusalem surrenders to British troops

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On the morning of this day in 1917, after Turkish troops move out of the region after only a single day s fighting, officials of the Holy City of Jerusalem offer the keys to the city to encroaching British troops. The British, led by General Edmund Allenby, who had arrived from the Western Front ...

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