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[#] Sun Aug 28 2022 17:12:06 EDT from darknetuser

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2022-08-28 17:07 from Nurb432
Even if you dont store for emergencies and just to reduce trips to
the store, rotation is a good idea.

Yes, but when you have fuel reserves for a whole year, it gets more important (because fuel eventually goes bad). If you have boxed cereals for the week, it is less important to have a rotation policy because the expiration date is so far away in comparison with the time it takes you to eat the cereals away.

[#] Sun Aug 28 2022 17:50:48 EDT from Nurb432

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I used to have stock for about a month.  Not so much prepping, but just so if i needed something non perishable i had it without driving out to the store.

Now its 6 months worth. 

[#] Sun Aug 28 2022 19:21:34 EDT from darknetuser

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2022-08-28 17:50 from Nurb432
I used to have stock for about a month.  Not so much prepping, but

just so if i needed something non perishable i had it without driving

out to the store.

Now its 6 months worth. 

I find myself doing much more self-production these days. With current inflation here, it won't be long before certain basics become outright unaffordable.

I have nice stashes of the basics because it is not rare for my house to be cut off from the rest of the world due to the weather. It is good to know you can make it through, let's say, the winter. However, I have been expanding my hobby farming gradually into something capable of producing food for the year.

The problem is that it is yet another thing that takes a whole lot of time, which is scarce these days. I am solving a lot of the issues with the raw power of technology, but sustaining that technology may prove problematic if things go really down under.

[#] Sun Aug 28 2022 19:24:21 EDT from Nurb432

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Unfortunately i have limited space for farming, and being in Midwest, limited by weather too

[#] Sat Sep 10 2022 11:23:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If you can't do farming, consider framing. You only have to transpose two letters, and you get to build walls.

[#] Sat Sep 10 2022 11:40:21 EDT from Nurb432

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Have to watch that here. If you build something to big they make you tear it down.  They also ban 'farm animals' ( even when we were still a rural community, before the concrete mixers came in and destroyed everything that grows )

Man i wish i had moved out where i originally planned on and not here.  im sort of stuck, too old to take on another mortgage. 

Sat Sep 10 2022 11:23:04 AM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
If you can't do farming, consider framing. You only have to transpose two letters, and you get to build walls.


[#] Sat Sep 10 2022 13:02:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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In other news ... and I had a hard time deciding where to post this ...

Over in India they are now charging Bill Hitler Gates over vaccine-related deaths. ]

Billionaire Bill Gates has been issued with a notice from the Bombay High Court over a case that alleges the Microsoft co-founder is responsible for deaths related to COVID-19 vaccines.

It's about time someone held this dude responsible.  According to the article:

The petitioner, Dilip Lunawat, is seeking Rs 1,000 crore ($125,451,200) compensation after his daughter, Dr. Snehal Lunawat, died after receiving the Covishield vaccine.

Yes, it's his fault.  Why?  Among other reasons, according to the article:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also helped the Indian pharmaceutical company rush the vaccine into production.

Lunwat says his daughter was compelled to take the anti-Covid vaccine at her college in Nashik on January 28 last year

I agree, of course.  Bill Gates should be extradited to India, convicted, sentenced, and executed for his many crimes against humanity.

[#] Wed Nov 09 2022 13:51:50 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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While travelling across the US with my Nephew from Prague, we both ended up catching Covid. 

We're of similar health, habits, lifestyle, age and weight. 

I've been jabbed and boosted, then boosted twice more. 

He has never had the jab. 

We holed up in Sacramento and isolated. I went on Paxlovid, he did not. 

We both smoked, and actually drank, while sick. 

The symptoms and course of the illness was nearly identical for both of us, and was actually not as bad as a moderate cold. 

[#] Fri Dec 02 2022 11:38:59 EST from Nurb432

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bleh. f-ed up my foot again.  another 2 weeks of barely being able to walk and constant pain.

[#] Tue Dec 13 2022 18:31:58 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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[TMI] Cleaning out for my very first preventative colonoscopy tomorrow.


I wonder if they'll let me take home a copy of the video.

[#] Tue Dec 13 2022 19:22:47 EST from Nurb432

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I had one at 50.   My doctor gave me something that i only had to take a couple of hours before. Not an all nigher of misery. 

Entire thing went well, other than after i woke up, was still blinking awake and getting my bearings since i was in a different room  " here drink this "  "im not ready.." "drink it now"  so i did, and threw up on her.

[#] Wed Dec 14 2022 11:32:15 EST from fandarel

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i haven't been down that road yet. Just turned 48 last week, and I think the doc is waiting for the magic 50. My Dad has had them though, he said the prep was way worse than the actual procedure. Good times.
In other news, 48 year old clumsy jerk managed to slip off a curb on Sunday while carrying 2 laundry baskets and down he went. Damage: 1 laundry basket, 2 skinned knees, and an ankle tweaked up good. Fortunately I can just work from home and keep the thing elevated. Better today but probably another 2 weeks before I can do anything substantial on it.

[#] Wed Dec 14 2022 11:35:27 EST from Nurb432

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Yes the procedure is trivial. You lay down, they put you to sleep, you wake up later and its done.


Last 2 times i fell, broke a rib on one latest, and eradicated a radius bone on previous ( both due to dogs ).  I try to avoid falling now :) 

[#] Fri Dec 23 2022 14:39:18 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Everyone agrees, the "whole bowel irrigation" prep is unpleasant, but the procedure itself is just a nap. I still find it interesting how fast the anesthesia goes to work. I always expect to experience a drifting off to sleep but it's more or less an immediate thing. For all of my ankle surgeries I was on my back, but for the scope I was on my side, face to face with the anesthesiologist, so after a quick conversation I saw him push the plunger on the syringe, and after a couple of seconds I said "oooh, I can feel a little tingle in the back of my neck" and the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room.

What I *don't* know is how long they sit there waiting for you to wake up.

But I can proudly tell everyone here that I have an absolutely perfect :colon: . Not a single polyp to be found anywhere, so I don't have to go back for another 10 years.

[#] Fri Dec 23 2022 14:52:39 EST from Nurb432

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Its good they did not find anything.

I guess my prep was not normal, since it was just a 2 hour thing just before i went. I had heard stories, but doc:  " we do it a bit different, it wont be as bad"

I have been put out more than once for things, and ya, its "a we are going to st...."   Then you wake up in another room. Its really disorienting, even tho you are expecting it. 

[#] Sat Jan 28 2023 15:00:41 EST from Nurb432

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yay another eye infection, so heavy duty antibiotics, hoping to avoid surgery this time. ( related to the meibomian glands ).   next day.. flu.. in bed 3 days now..


[#] Fri Mar 31 2023 15:14:02 EDT from Nurb432

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I hate specialists and tests. f-them. its a racket. one that i will no longer participate in. 

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