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[#] Sat Feb 10 2024 09:25:45 EST from Nurb432

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Silly question, still researching but thought id ask anyway.

New MB i just popped in a case this weekend. its got a couple of  PCIe X1 ports.  Thought about getting a USB C card, but wondering if it will work with Linux at all for starters, and if so, would it work with a USBC hub that has ports like HDMI, etc.. or just USBC data and that is it. If that is all it does, it makes it sort of pointless i think, unless you have no USB2/3 ports to use ( or need more ), and even then you can get a x1 card with tons of usb on it for cheaper )

So far i keep seeing 'includes drivers for windows x' but that is about it.

[#] Sat Feb 10 2024 17:51:15 EST from Nurb432

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More cleaning. Out goes the 10m switches..  WiFi G routers.. gone gone gone!

And lots of disks..  windows server 2008 licenses, ghost enterprise ( 25 year old )   and wow, they still sell ghost.. surprised... figured it would have been retired and replaced with Altiris suite when they bought them. ( and jack up the price )

[#] Sat Feb 10 2024 18:06:15 EST from Nurb432

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ooo old apple time machine too ( 15 years + old ). i thought i have gave that away already. 


For a short period of time i used it as a router + backup, had some Linux tool that could manage it.  That ended up breaking so it went into the closet.  Same for my gen 3 ipod.. Linux tool to manage it... that quit.. so in the trash the device went.

[#] Sun Feb 11 2024 10:28:22 EST from Nurb432

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Grrrr M.2 in my AI server. Decided to die this morning. 

[#] Fri Feb 16 2024 13:01:53 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: My weird backplane

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So here's something weird.  The mITX case I bought has a 2.5" drive cage with a very odd backplane.  Through a lot of exploring I've come to understand that it is from a company called AIC and it's some sort of "dual port adapter".  The side that the disk plugs into appears to be a SAS/SATA compatible socket:

But the back has TWO SATA PORTS per drive:

I've never seen this before.  You can see that it accepts SAS disks because in the middle of the socket is the big gap and the small 7-pin receiver that attaches to the second channel of a dual-port SAS drive.  It looks like the side of the slot that is common to both SAS and SATA is wired to the first SATA port, and the SAS-specific part of the slot is wired to the second SATA port.

I've never seen anything like this before.  I'm wondering if the manufacturer's intention is for the system builder to use an SFF-to-quad-SATA cable like this one:

Again, I've never seen the second channel of a SAS disk broken out onto a SATA connector like that.  But if I choose a controller that supports both SAS and SATA, I'm wondering if it would work?  Might it even see both channels in a multipath configuration?  I am a data center veteran so I know all about multipath I/O and how to make it work on Linux.

No guesses please!  Answer if you know.

[#] Fri Feb 16 2024 13:44:13 EST from Nurb432

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No guesses..  I have never seen that before either. 

[#] Sat Feb 24 2024 11:51:47 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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The reason I find it interesting is because I may have a source for some "gently used" SAS SSDs.  If I can get them, and the backplane supports them, it would be worth buying a controller to get them running.

In case you haven't figured it out, I think about this project every day, but I am not buying the parts until after my truck is paid off in about three months, so it's a bit frustrating...

[#] Sun Feb 25 2024 19:10:50 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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And I'm wondering how big a power supply I "really" need. My PicoPSU is 120 watts. I could squeeze more power out of it by bypassing it for the P4 connector and using a bigger brick. What does a modern computer do if the power supply can't deliver enough watts? Does it just slow down or does it go into Mr. Bonkers mode?

[#] Sun Feb 25 2024 19:21:58 EST from Nurb432

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Last one i had that was low on power, it just shut down.  ( my fault, i put too big of a CPU in it.. was just a tad more than the PS could supply )

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