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[#] Fri Mar 01 2024 17:18:56 EST from Nurb432

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eat ( image attached )




[#] Sat Mar 30 2024 20:01:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Earlier this week I was tasked with making lamb stew for a "first century dinner" that I was attending. Lamb is not something I normally cook. And now I know why. That shit smells STANK when it's uncooked. I found it unpleasant to work with. My wife spent the day feeling like she wanted to vomit. Even after cooking it for six hours I didn't even want to taste it.

A friend helped me rescue the dish by suggesting that I add a red wine reduction simmered with rosemary. That helped, and several people at the table liked it enough to have second helpings. I didn't. And as an Italian grandmother I find nothing more problematic than failing at feeding people.

I won't be volunteering for this thing again next year. Eeewwww. ("...and I thought they smelled bad on the outside!")

[#] Mon Jul 22 2024 17:07:37 EDT from Nurb432

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So i dont eat it often, but was at the grocery last night and thought "hey, i want some ice cream"   After wandering around and finding the isle ( they re-modeled, everyone is sill lost ) the area was almost empty. Even the cheap house brand, was mostly gone and only stupid flavors.

Blue bell had a couple, they still sell actual 1/2 gallon containers.    Had to look twice  **10 freaking dollars** for a 1/2 gallon..  

This is nuts.. when did this happen?



Time do dig out my ice cream machine from the garage.

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