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[#] Wed Mar 06 2024 07:21:21 EST from Nurb432

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Turns it it wasn't just them...   (  i started that thread in lobby )

Wed Mar 06 2024 04:18:18 EST from darknetuser
There was a mention on the radio about it. Apparently so many Facebook/Meta services have faced bad long downtime.

Fuck them.


[#] Mon Mar 25 2024 22:03:56 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It would be a Good Thing if the major cloud providers had more mega-outages.  There isn't enough diversity (no, not the Didn't Earn It kind) in web hosting today.  Seems like if one of the big AWS or Azure regions has an outage, half the Internet goes dark.  This needs to happen more often so people do something about it.

[#] Sun Apr 07 2024 18:46:31 EDT from Nurb432

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Oh boy my 'item' sold on OpenSea and i get 0.7WETH!  I just need to validate my wallet!


um.. item? WETH? OpenSea?  Lol.     Sad part is people fall for this crap. Else it would stop. 

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