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[#] Wed Apr 18 2018 16:54:50 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm amused that this is still around:

(If y'all click on the link, IGopolis will get larger.)

[#] Thu Apr 19 2018 08:37:07 EDT from delfiler

Subject: site status

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so i noticed this week that the site was not in the best of shapes as links were broken en all but i was curious about how it was doing currently cause i still find a few links (rarely mind you) that are broken or give a blank page, like the getting started guide which i think is kinda needed for the software to be 'run' properly.


i am asking as i forgot a few things which i know are in the guide i mentioned


hope to have a response soon

[#] Thu Apr 19 2018 08:38:18 EDT from delfiler

Subject: Re: site status

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ummmm sorry? cause i didn't mean to post this here

[#] Thu Apr 19 2018 09:49:19 EDT from fleeb

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"Your flash player is outdated."


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