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[#] Wed Dec 01 2021 03:47:06 EST from y2ksw

Subject: Re: Citadel Walk-Through needed

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Unfortunately I can't find it ... do you have a copy to read or download somewhere?

Mon Nov 22 2021 21:36:50 EST from ParanoidDelusions Subject: Re: Citadel Walk-Through needed

I had written up a pretty straight forward walkthrough a couple of years ago. I don't know where it is. I'll see if I can find it and publish it again. It might be here. 



Mon Nov 22 2021 04:06:12 EST from y2ksw Subject: Citadel Walk-Through needed

Hello, is there any very simple, basic, walk-through for bloody Citadel noobs?

I am coming from postfix and dovecot based systems and have a hard time to understand how to setup a working mail server.

By now, I got 2 mailboxes working, but I struggle to get SSL working with 2 different domains on the same server. For all additional features, for which I installed the software in the first place, I have any time available, but mailing is a feature I can't procrastinate.



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