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[#] Sat Sep 14 2019 12:47:36 EDT from Spektre @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: [Citadel Support] Outlook

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Sat Sep 14 2019 02:38:42 EDT from "Dirk Heinrichs" <> Subject: Re: [Citadel Support] Outlook
Am 14.09.19 um 04:21 schrieb Citadel Support:

Hmm, this appears to be an issue with authentication.  I can connect
to the POP3 server on the plain text port 110, but not on SSL port
995.  As SMTP does have a plain text port, I'm having no luck there.
Did you try a standards compliant MUA first, like Thunderbird or Claws Mail?



Dirk Heinrichs <>
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No.   We use Outlook (specifically 2010) in house.  Is it possible to disable encryption to confirm this is the issue?

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[#] Sun Sep 15 2019 06:01:41 EDT from arvinddev @ Uncensored

Subject: Unable to install using Easy Install- libical error

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I am unable to install Citadel using the Easy Install Script.

It gives this error and terminates-

configure: error: libical/ical.h was not found and is required.  More info:

I checked both the libical downloaded by Easy Install, and the master version and v3.0 branches-> at GitHub- both do not have any src/libical/ical.h in their code. 

How can the error be resolved? I repeated the install on a VPS and the same error as above occurred.






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