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[#] Mon Dec 22 2014 16:17:30 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Abuse or overload of Citadel

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But where do email attachments get stored? 

email attachments are stored in the database along with everything else.
There's no directory sitting somewhere with a file-by-file repository.

[#] Mon Dec 22 2014 16:18:43 EST from jsebean @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Upgrade Citadel suite in Debian Wheezy

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Mon Dec 22 2014 14:27:17 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored Subject: Re: Upgrade Citadel suite in Debian Wheezy


Mon Dec 22 2014 10:04:07 EST from jsebean @ Uncensored Subject: Upgrade Citadel suite in Debian Wheezy

Hey folks,

Is it possible to update Citadel to it's latest version in Debian Wheezy without pinning the package from Testing or something with apt? It doesn't appear to be backported. Is there a repo I can use?


well, since that time citadel has added a bunch of dependencies, so you'll have to compile those dependencies.

i'd go that route how ever.

add an apt-source line of the current testing, run apt-get source for all of them dpkg-buildpackage

the required libraries (in more recent versions) are curl and c-ares.


for more details on compiling debian packages.


The nice part about grabbing already built packages is that I'm extraordinarily lazy, and if there were ever a security update or something it's usually there in the repo. One could pin the packages and it would pull down the dependencies, but I thought it might have been ported on another repo or something. I may just compile it though, atm 8.14 works. Is there much difference between versions or reason to upgrade?

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