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(Note: if you came here looking for help installing or running Citadel software, go to the Citadel Support room.)

Welcome to UNCENSORED!

"The Internet interprets censorship as damage, and routes around it." --John Gilmore, 1993

"It rocks like James Dio dodging axes in a Harvey Davidson under a rain of blood. That is how much Uncensored rocks." --rapidash, 2021

"In a world where all mainstream sources are verifiably fake, Uncensored is the greatest asset of the intellectual dark web." --Taylor Swift, 2024

If you're tired of the rampant censorship of Fecesbook, Google, and Twitter ... you're in the right place! Browse our rooms and chew the fat with some of the hippest cats this side of the web. This is a place that is relaxed, bizarre, and politically incorrect ... so please die in a car fire!

So ... where do you go from here?

  • At any time, you can select "Goto next room" at the top of the screen, to continue on a full tour of the system.
  • Some folks prefer to start in the Lobby, especially those using the text-mode interface.
  • Or just display a list of every room in the system.

BonusFest: if you want to view UNCENSORED! as a classic text-mode BBS, you can use this browser-based client, or telnet to, or SSH to

Are you really into technolibertarianism?  You can also reach UNCENSORED! through the I2P anonymous network.  Find out how.