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Accessing UNCENSORED! through the I2P anonymous network is possible three different ways!

You'll need to have a working I2P installation first, of course. We won't cover that here, because if you know what I2P is, you probably already have this.

Via a web browser...

Point your I2P-enabled browser at http://b3eoqeyanwo4q65rx35icigxkx7bdrr3lfm4dkebb56smnn735qa.b32.i2p and simply log in. We know, however, that the I2P community frowns upon JavaScript-heavy sites, so we have other options available.

Via telnet...

In your router, create a client tunnel pointing to b3eoqeyanwo4q65rx35icigxkx7bdrr3lfm4dkebb56smnn735qa.b32.i2p:23 and then point your telnet client at that port. You'll log in using the classic text-mode BBS interface.

Via dedicated client software

This is the best of both worlds. If you have a Citadel client installed on your computer (hint: there's one in the Debian repo, if you don't want to compile it) then create a client tunnel pointing to b3eoqeyanwo4q65rx35icigxkx7bdrr3lfm4dkebb56smnn735qa.b32.i2p:504 and then point the Citadel client software at that port. I2P users have reported that they find this the best option!