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[#] Wed Jun 19 2024 16:52:39 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Backup database culling

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I'm trying to use the "cull" sendcommand but when it runs it gets a
error about the command not being found. Any ideas on this?

Hmm, that documentation might be out of date. The CULL command no longer functions.

The best strategy here is to let the server automatically delete committed database logs. Put it on a filesystem that allows snapshots (btrfs, zfs, etc) and back up a snapshot every night.

[#] Thu Jun 20 2024 04:56:42 EDT from cjonline

Subject: Re: spamassassin - debian

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I see.. however, every message I get (including all messages I would class as spam, ie fishing emails etc) they dont seem to be getting caught.

Wed Jun 19 2024 16:50:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar Subject: Re: spamassassin - debian
<> X-Spam-Level: *** X-Spam-Status: False,
score=3.0 required=5.0     # Set the threshold at which a message
is considered spam (default: 5.0) # # required_score 5.0  

In your example, the message has a spam score of 3.0, but it needs a score of at least 5.0 to be considered spam.

That's why it set "X-Spam-Status: False".

If you have Citadel configured to "Flag spam instead of rejecting it" you'll still receive that message, but you can configure it to be redirected or rejected in your inbox rules. But it's not going to do anything for a message that isn't considered spam.


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