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[#] Thu Jun 30 2022 13:26:48 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Citadel and groupware usage

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Development has ended on WebCit "classic" and all effort is going into WebCit-NG.
It is intended to have a more modern user interface and hopefully the people looking for something a bit more ... conventional? ... will like it.

That having been said, only the Forums (message boards) module has been completed, and we still have to implement Email, Calendar, Contacts, Blogs, and Wikis.
I can't tell you when it's going to be completed, and I realize that it is "perpetually in a state of almost there" but it's being actively developed.

And you're right -- they probably won't like it in its current state. WebCit "classic" was a mapping of the Citadel BBS "rooms" model onto a web browser.
After a couple of decades we've finally realized that this isn't really optimal for most sites and it's probably holding back adoption of the Citadel system.
Therefore, the rooms model will strictly become the domain of the text-based BBS client (and possibly a minimalist, non-javascript, non-dynamic web client that looks like the text client). The user interface of WebCit-NG will look more like those "my cloud" programs that have different modules for different applications.

Again, I regret that it's taking so long, but we're taking the time to make it an excellent quality experience.

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