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[#] Thu Feb 02 2023 08:10:04 EST from demo-90

Subject: Citadel webcit UI listening on TCP6

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Hello i just installed citadel mail server on Ubuntu 22.04 with easy-support(script) method. During installation process of Webcit asked me to enter HTTP and HTTPS ports so i provided 8080 and 8443 because on default ports already  apache web server running. Citadel is installed but when doing netstat -nlp | grep webcit strange all other services are listening on TCP4 except webcit and they're listening on TCP6. I only found so long old blogs to change ports in /etc/default/websit file but no file is there. Please help me out.

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[#] Thu Feb 02 2023 08:28:44 EST from tregubova

Subject: OpenId authorization via Keycloak

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Hi everyone! Can someone help me? I'm running citadel in a docker container, trying to set up user authorization via Keycloak. But when I click OpenId in the registration window and enter the url of my keycloaK, an error appears - "There is no OpenID identity provider at this location". 

What do I need to do or what am I doing wrong?

In my Keycloak, I created a client with my citadel url.

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