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[#] Wed Oct 26 2022 14:03:11 EDT from darknetuser

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2022-10-24 14:41 from Nurb432
Ouch. yes. its good he cared enough about his people to warn you
all.  Could he assist in the search? i'm sure he has built up
contacts in your industry...

I think he warned because I had just fixed his coffee maker. I think he has told nobody else beyond his wife (who is a co-owner of the company).

I should take the chance and pick a job in some Tenesse horse ranch or something.

I am sure this guy would be willing help me find another job but I doubt he could get me anything. The job market is kind of crappy here. I have some freelance contracts with foreign firms to keep me going but this is certainly not the way I intend to manage my career.

[#] Wed Oct 26 2022 14:11:44 EDT from darknetuser

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2022-10-24 17:08 from zelgomer
Or why not retire and hand the keys to someone else? Why does the shop

have to close?

Hard to expain without blowing my cover, but here it goes: this is a small family firm which acts as the only direct competitor to a big badass company worth many $$$$$$. It only survives because $boss is very good at his job and at picking service employees, so a number of customers want only to deal with us. The issue is if he goes away, I see nobody in the vecinity capable of keeping up with the current quality of service, which is the only thing generating us big money and keeping us from oblivion.

If it went into sale, I doubt anybody would want to pick it up because it would mean competing with Big Corp $$$$$$. Big Corp is a Microsoft-like Mafia and the only reason why this firm exists is because they bullied off everybody else. I have heard the boss talk about selling the firm many times but there is just nobody interested. I think it is likely he will just break it up in sellable assets and sell equipment and the building instead.

[#] Wed Oct 26 2022 17:59:18 EDT from Nurb432

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its also hard to give your "life" to someone else. 

[#] Wed Oct 26 2022 18:38:03 EDT from darknetuser

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2022-10-26 17:59 from Nurb432
its also hard to give your "life" to someone else. 

Pretty much this. I just think nobody else around here has what it takes to take control of this firm and keeping it working half as good.

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