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[#] Tue Jun 08 2021 10:38:33 EDT from Nurb432

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Actually, its the only job i actually was happy at.  Both the job, the business, and the people. It was the 'right place' for me. 


( until that new guy showed to kill us )

[#] Tue Jun 08 2021 20:52:32 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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The business isn't always the thing the company is doing - sometimes it is the thing being done to the company. 


Tue Jun 08 2021 10:34:20 EDT from Nurb432

Oh, i didnt do the burn ..

Short version is we got a new CFO and his 'goal' was to bankrupt the company but not make it obvious.  Among other causalities, i was one. Another was our manufacturing maintenance people/supplies. "they are not doing anything, machines are running, get rid of them" ( this was during our annual shut down/product change over.... )

While it sounds silly to an outsider why someone would do this, we were a a joint venture between an American corporation and Japanese. They brought the tech, US brought the business. They had 51%. The ONLY reason the US company did it was to get a hold of the tech. After a few years of decent business the goal was to run it into the ground just enough so the Japanese woudl bail, leaving behind the tech.  They are far more committed than most people think and it took a total collapse to get them gone. But it went too deep, and ended up being bought by a investment firm. 


"look at me i saved all this cash... "   as the place went under 6 months after he left. Could not recover, by design. He had been there less than 6 months. 


That was also were i learned a new term: "containment". I been in the automotive manufacturing business over a decade by then but never heard that term.   Never want to hear it again. Most companies dont survive it. We did, somehow. ( before new CFO )


[#] Wed Jun 09 2021 12:16:52 EDT from LoanShark

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2021-06-07 16:31 from IGnatius T Foobar

"Something inappropriate that would get me in trouble if I said it is

included herein by reference."
-- me, just now, on a meeting call


[#] Wed Jun 09 2021 14:09:21 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Great minds think alike? Or at least the ones who want to keep their jobs?

[#] Tue Jun 15 2021 09:17:38 EDT from Nurb432

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Well, lost that battle.  We are now going to force non IT customers to figure out ITIL terms to interact with us.   "customer focused" my ass.

"How about we ask a couple of actual customers before we do that"   "well if you do that you will get several answers, we just need to do it as we want, and let them figure it out on their own"..  Without these customers we dont exist. I dont see how hard that is to understand. If our customers were not 'captive' they would not be using us.

Man i wish i could leave. Soon, but not soon enough.

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