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[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 10:44:03 EDT from zooer

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Loanshark, are you still voting for me?  

I am going to get some more campaign promises.  I will deport anyone named Clinton or Bush.  However as an exception I will allow the family that owns the Bush beans to stay.  I will deport anyone named Reagan, those kids are a pain in the ass and rude children.  Because of her age Nancy can stay but she will be confined to the ranch.  All Kennedys are deported as well.
The deportations are to take votes away from Trump because his supporters like deportations. 

Everyone must try a coney dog and not the NYC Coney Island type.  A white hot.

[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 11:12:30 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Nancy Reagan died in March.

And the Reagan's adpoted son Michael is a great guy.

[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 11:13:25 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Debt is fascinating. But it depends on growth....

[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 11:20:46 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Anyway, you can take on enormous amounts of debt and run huge deficits when you're growing at a good clip.

And our system is rigged in a way. We borrow money from ourselves mostly.
We print our own money - so we can inflate away our debts too.

But that can't go on forever.

Our debt to GDP ratio is screwed now. We're over the 100% mark.... Proabably closer to 120%. It's the point of no return for most economies.... Look at Japan, which is now at 400% debt to GDP..... But still somehow continues to survive, but in no way thrive.

We need balanced budgets. And we really need to look carefully at automatic increases in many programs - our unfunded liabilities in the future are over $100 trillion dollars. Where the hell is that money coming from?

I don't think anyone is capable of changing it at this point.

One of the few things I like about Trump is that he's clearly the only guy who understands what's happening with foreign currency manipulation and how it affects the US. That includes how our debt gets handled.......

[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 13:42:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 15:50:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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And the Reagan's adpoted son Michael is a great guy.

Most of the non-Ronalds in the Reagan family are douchebags, including Ron Jr and especially Nancy. She's the one who started the perpetual unwinnable "war on drugs."

[#] Thu Aug 04 2016 18:13:11 EDT from zooer

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Thu Aug 04 2016 11:12:30 AM EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored
Nancy Reagan died in March.

And the Reagan's adopted son Michael is a great guy.

Crap, I forgot she passed. I will revise my statement, Nancy will be allowed to leave the ranch but only for the funeral.  Michael can stay on a technicality, he isn't really a Reagan.

[#] Fri Aug 05 2016 14:47:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Hmmm... [see attached image]

[#] Fri Aug 05 2016 17:44:18 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Most of the non-Ronalds in the Reagan family are douchebags, including

Ron Jr and especially Nancy. She's the one who started the perpetual

unwinnable "war on drugs."

I believe you're thinking about Nixon.

[#] Fri Aug 05 2016 18:29:43 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I believe you're thinking about Nixon.

The guy who said "What did Hillary Clinton know and when did she know it?"

[#] Sat Aug 06 2016 04:28:04 EDT from LoanShark

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Google that phrase and you are presented with site after site of
Hitler-equivalents like Vox and Mother Jones who are parsing it
literally, which is absurd. And we both know you're smarter than that.

Right, it's not meant to be taken literally, it applies to all vendors of cheese products.

Trump's pessimism is pervasive, consistent, and utterly without reason.

[#] Sat Aug 06 2016 22:01:29 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Trump's pessimism is based in reality.  He's the only one who is willing to speak out loud about our actual problems.  Trade imbalances, terrorism, unchecked illegal immigration ... all destroying our country.  What does Cuntbag think our biggest problem is right now?  Climate change?  Pfft.

[#] Sun Aug 07 2016 19:10:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Hmm. It seems that the far-left ultra liberal "National Review" has removed the comment section from their web site.

I guess they got tired of dealing with the hordes of actual conservatives who kept calling them out on their hate speech.

[#] Mon Aug 08 2016 14:27:11 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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I guess Trump is so into his alma mater Wharton that he's trying to destroy what's left of modern Conservatism, since Buckley came out of Yale.

[#] Mon Aug 08 2016 14:35:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Buckey's NR is long gone. It was taken over by ultra-liberal haters of Lincoln/Reagan/Trump a long time ago.

[#] Tue Aug 09 2016 01:32:50 EDT from LoanShark

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If anyone here still doesn't think Trump is creepy, scary, disturbing, a white nationalist and not even in disguise... all it takes to create a fascist regime is the perception that certain kinds of violence will have the tacit approval of the administration. I
I'm sitting over here in Maharastra reading the newspapers and I see the parallels to PM Modi. The same rhetoric. Modi's been fingered for looking the other way during ethnic rioting that may have killed up to 2000. Then, emboldening the cow-vigilantes that have committed multiple murders over here. His recent speeches after the backlash have been an about-face.

If you want to turn the US into a third-world country, vote self-fulfilling prophecy. Vote Trump.

[#] Tue Aug 09 2016 01:56:34 EDT from LoanShark

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"The undersigned individuals have all served in senior national security
and/or foreign policy positions in Republican Administrations, from
Richard Nixon to George W. Bush. We have worked directly on
national security issues with these Republican Presidents and/or their
principal advisers during wartime and other periods of crisis, through
successes and failures. We know the personal qualities required of a
President of the United States.

"None of us will vote for Donald Trump."


[#] Tue Aug 09 2016 12:52:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If they were honest, the "statement" would read like this:

"The undersigned individuals are some of the neocons who brought you the Iraq War -- twice! -- and we are running scared that an actual American patriot has secured the nomination of a major party. We do not like the prospect of a Commander-in-Chief who will either win wars or not wage them at all, instead of engaging in pussy warfare that only serves to benefit Halliburton and the Bush/Saud alliance. We oppose the idea of the Republican Party being led by a true American leader instead of a bunch of RINOs who enjoy keeping our place at the trough while pretending to be the opposition.

Hillary Clinton represents our interests as part of the Uniparty, and ... We're With Her."

(So there's really no surprise here. It isn't news that a bunch of Bush/Cruz neocons are against Trump. All are traitors who should be summarily executed for treason.)

[#] Tue Aug 09 2016 14:51:02 EDT from LoanShark

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same iraq war that trump supported

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