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[#] Thu Feb 02 2023 20:15:56 EST from Nurb432

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I ate a cookie today..  does that count?

i dont think i ate yesterday.  I cant remember now.  its all a blur.    I did notice my glass became empty at one point, had to put some more cola in it. 

Thu Feb 02 2023 06:58:32 PM EST from IGnatius T Foobar

It's barbecue hack day!


[#] Tue Feb 07 2023 09:41:28 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Cookies do not count at the bbq pit.  I suppose you could smoke them or something.

And somehow my three pork butts, even though similar in weight within half a pound (0.22 kg) by late afternoon had established a 40°F difference (20-20-20) in temperature and ended up being done at all different times.  This was quite problematic because I had to bring two of them to the event to feed the homeless at a specific time.  Even though I wrapped the third one and put it in the oven for us to eat at home later in the evening, it still didn't cook as much as I wanted it to and it didn't quite pull right.

Oh well.  Chopped is almost as good as pulled ... but it was better the next day when I toasted up a bunch of it in a pan and served it as Carnitas.  Yum.

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