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Advocacy, and the gentle art of persuasion.

In the wake of the recent facebook/Cambridge Analytica data mining story, i hope to get some of my

friends and famiy,  interested enough to have a serious conversation ( in an ideal world: #deletefacebook )

about their online privacy, and the gory details of how, facebook, google et al... have taken over most people's digital life.

My first step, is to write an article/open letter - addressed to my family and friends, advocating personal privacy online, and gently introducing (most of) them, to FOSS/decentralised communications and social networking. I aim to create, a handful of compelling reasons, to be interested, and will post up my  first article/essay here and in other places on the net, for possible peer review, before letting my facebook circle read my piece.

All comments and suggestions, are very much welcome.



Posted by mo on Tue Apr 10 2018 12:25:21 EDT
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