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[#] Fri Jan 25 2019 10:09:51 EST from fleeb

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It's just C... maybe just modify the scripts to use clang instead of gcc?

[#] Mon Jan 28 2019 10:11:45 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Can Citadel be configured to be compiled with clang? If so, you could

try using clang-address-sanitizer or clang-static-analyzer.

Clang clang clang goes the trolley? I don't think we used any gcc-specific constructs in the code, and if any are found I would be happy to fix that problem.

Citadel has a fairly good security history. Not perfect, but good. Some of that is of course related to the fact that Citadel isn't as widely deployed as some other software. But there *are* people paying attention, and we've done well most of the time.

[#] Tue Mar 26 2019 11:24:16 EDT from zooer

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In the web version when you displayed the online users you could edit your room and your host, was that feature removed?

[#] Tue Mar 26 2019 22:23:47 EDT from wizard of aahz

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It was working a couple of months ago, but seems to not be working now.

[#] Wed Mar 27 2019 21:22:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's been removed. This is an intermediate step. We're going to replace it with a true "status" field in which you can put any arbitrary shenanigans.
It's more consistent with what people expect, and we'll be able to integrate with things like StatusNet and OStatus.

[#] Mon Apr 01 2019 13:22:06 EDT from fleeb

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Yeah, I noticed it didn't work anymore from the text client. I figured change was afoot.

Oh, maybe Arabella had the inside scoop!

[#] Thu Apr 04 2019 15:47:11 EDT from arabella

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I remain enigmatically silent on the subject.

[#] Mon Apr 08 2019 11:50:15 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Change was afoot?

<Drops a quarter on my foot>


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