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[#] Sat Nov 12 2011 11:34:07 EST from triLcat

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indeed, but it's awesome to try.

[#] Sun Nov 13 2011 16:56:11 EST from skpacman

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What's really fun: when playing "First Person Tetris"... hold the spacebar and get ready for the ride of your life lol :D

[#] Sun Dec 04 2011 00:09:04 EST from ax25

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Mon Sep 19 2011 12:13:08 PM EDT from dothebart

since its dead plastic music, its most probably next as undead as kraftwerk.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Pocket calculator.  If you have not been annoyed by Kraftwerk "Pocket Calculator" in years, you need to go back and take a listen (or two - it is an acquired taste).

But then again, I, am an old fart.

[#] Sun Dec 04 2011 06:10:11 EST from the_mgt

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I like Kraftwerk's stuff, but what really blew me away was a version of The Model that played at some coffee shop I was sitting at. At first I didn't recognize it (it was not the version with David Byrne, but the instrumental one. Which is crappy on youtube), but then I had to ask the waitress who the performers were. Here it is, the Balanescu Quartet performing The Model:

I hope the embedd code works this time... 

The also have a version of Pcket Calculator which sounds really bad here, but it was recorded on some mobile phone I guess:

I only know three of their albums, Posessed is the Kraftwerk cover song album, Luminitza is a very good ambient style album. But to me their masterpiece is the Maria T abum, check out Wine is so good:

[#] Sun Dec 04 2011 16:51:50 EST from ax25

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Nice finds.  My son just started playing the cello, and likes them now.

[#] Mon Dec 05 2011 01:57:28 EST from the_mgt

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There is also this strange band from ex-GDR:

They are not using any guitars for their music, only classical string instruments. 

[#] Mon Dec 05 2011 08:45:14 EST from ax25

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I tlet the boy listen to it and his reply to that was to listen for a bit and then say, "Play, nyan cat", you will get a laugh about that.  His judegment might be suspect.

[#] Wed Dec 07 2011 10:47:32 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I think it's time to retire Snopes. seems to be a much better site for checking out urban myths. Snopes seems too eager to reach conclusions, sometimes with a bit of editorial bias. TruthOrFiction simply gives you the facts and lets you reach your own conclusion.

[#] Thu Dec 08 2011 10:54:28 EST from zooer

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I have noticed that Snopes has some "editoral bias".

[#] Mon Dec 12 2011 14:34:30 EST from Ladyhawke

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That was amusing!


[#] Fri Dec 16 2011 14:23:40 EST from Ladyhawke

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Flame wars after the 12/21/2012 Magnetic Pulse wipes out the internet.


[#] Sun Dec 18 2011 21:33:41 EST from Animal

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I can't believe how cheap electric organs go for on craigslist. :D

[#] Mon Dec 19 2011 16:49:20 EST from wizard of aahz

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Uhm.. Animal's organ is electric???

Nevermind. I dunno wanna know.

[#] Mon Dec 19 2011 23:54:48 EST from fleeb

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Very interesting.

[#] Tue Dec 20 2011 01:31:04 EST from Animal

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Welder that works on all my sled parts does special effects and stunts.
He pointed me to this video he shot in town a while ago. "Uncle Jack".
Shot using Pentax's K7 DSLR. I LOL'd. :)

[#] Wed Dec 21 2011 10:58:44 EST from athos-mn

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That was really fun - thanks!

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