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[#] Mon Dec 19 2011 16:49:20 EST from wizard of aahz

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Uhm.. Animal's organ is electric???

Nevermind. I dunno wanna know.

[#] Mon Dec 19 2011 23:54:48 EST from fleeb

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Very interesting.

[#] Tue Dec 20 2011 01:31:04 EST from Animal

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Welder that works on all my sled parts does special effects and stunts.
He pointed me to this video he shot in town a while ago. "Uncle Jack".
Shot using Pentax's K7 DSLR. I LOL'd. :)

[#] Wed Dec 21 2011 10:58:44 EST from athos-mn

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That was really fun - thanks!

[#] Wed Dec 21 2011 11:14:34 EST from skpacman

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@Animal - that was actually quite impressive. i like the very end. :D

[#] Mon Jan 09 2012 14:31:35 EST from skpacman

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(wasn't sure where to post this)

So, I've recently found the power of Dropbox.

I used to backup my web server's lampp ( xampp for linux) installation to a ftp mapped curlftpfs directory that went to my other tower in the house and thought twice about that.

A couple days ago, I was experimenting with Dropbox. I found they have a Linux release (.deb or .rpm) that works superbly well on Ubuntu 10.04.03 LTS SE.

I now have my entire /opt/lampp/* folder mapped to dropbox (via symlinks), and every night my server makes a .tgz backup of the whole installation.

I can now edit files on-the-fly between my 4 main workstations (at work, home, and mobile) whenever I need to without ssh, remote desktops, or any other special protocols. It's pretty slick.

I used to not see the point of Dropbox. As long as I kept backups wherever I needed, it didn't really seem necessary to keep a copy on some remote service.

Now that I see the power of this software, I can see its true potential. Of course the way I'm using it has a few security risks, but everything does.

I've extensively used it to rebuild my friend's record label website ( and plan to use it to build all of the other sites I have on that server.


[#] Mon Jan 09 2012 22:57:18 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yes, you can do all of this yourself using existing components, but eventually you get to the point where it's easier to just use something that's already there.

Eventually someone will release a dropbox-alike as a software appliance and it'll be usable by people who don't trust a third party service.

[#] Tue Jan 10 2012 22:09:59 EST from Sig

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I have a link to a how-to article where someone demonstrated how to build their own, but it is on another computer... =)

[#] Wed Jan 11 2012 04:47:00 EST from triLcat

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You could be looking for something like MyDitto.

[#] Wed Jan 11 2012 13:57:38 EST from Nite*Star

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In other news, Hostess, maker of Twinkies, files for bankruptcy:

[#] Wed Jan 11 2012 19:31:20 EST from Ladyhawke

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That's ok...the ones already made will survive Iran.

[#] Tue Jan 17 2012 16:08:57 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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If I start reading this site I'll be stuck at the computer for days.

They've scanned in nearly every catalog from 1940 to 2003.

[#] Tue Jan 17 2012 17:09:24 EST from fleeb

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Gads. Don't do it, IG. Keep away.

[#] Wed Jan 18 2012 09:44:06 EST from zooer

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Any mention of free batteries?

[#] Wed Jan 18 2012 11:45:21 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Of course. And the CueCat, too. :)

[#] Thu Jan 19 2012 23:56:52 EST from ax25

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Thanks IG.  I looked up the 3 channel CB radio (portable) that I had as a kid.  Love the fact that I spent 20 minutes looking up something that I spent months saving up for.

Lots of re-living my childhood.


[#] Fri Jan 20 2012 09:44:10 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ooh, I remember those -- the handheld CB? One of my childhood friends had a pair of them. It was so cool that we could talk to anyone who had a CB in the car or home.

CB radio ... one more thing killed by computers and the Internet. :(

[#] Fri Jan 20 2012 09:58:49 EST from ax25

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Yes, a whopping 3 channel one as I remember.  Had to buy crystal pairs for each channel (transmit and receive).

[#] Fri Jan 20 2012 22:49:30 EST from zooer

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I think the cell phone killed the CB radio.  The Internet reduced the popularity of ham radio.  When I was in Florida I would hear commercials trying to get people interested in HAM radio.  They focused on trying to convince the public they would be heroes during an emergency.

[#] Fri Jan 20 2012 23:14:54 EST from Animal

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CB radio's still alive... tune to Ch19 on a highway. it's *almost*
worth having one in the truck. Almost.

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